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The Evils of Pornography
This week's update by: doc

I have seen firsthand the damage pornography can do, because I was a 12-wank-a-day addict for many years. Like many pornography addicts, my addiction to sexually explicit material started during adolescence, when I discovered my Dad's cache of anal and ass porn in my parents dresser drawer.

Pornography addicts will focus on their obsessions on photos like these. (click to study in more detail)

My introduction into the evil and insidious pleasures of porn began with a book depicting the adventures of RumpRider, Defiler of Anal Virgins, who revealed to me the secret knowlege that most women welcome and enjoy anal rape. Although constant use of porn throughout my teenage years gave me other important insights into the feminine mystique, as well as hours and hours of pleasure and an over-developed right biceps, it merely fed the addiction.

It took harder and harder forms of material for me to reach the same level of satisfaction. Dr. Vicky Clitter, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sexual addictions, (as well as a being really hot bitch with fantastic tits and great cock-sucking lips) has identified a four-step process by whereby a person can become addicted to pornography. According to Dr. Clitter, Step 1 includes addiction to 'phase one' porn and repeated return to it for sexual excitement (puffies, plumpers, horny housewives).

Step 2 is an escalation in the individual's need for more explicit, deviant and sexually shocking material to achieve the same level of sexual stimulation (grannies, anal exploits, midgets).

Step 3 is a desensitization toward initially shocking material so that, in time, this material becomes acceptable and desirable to the viewer (tranny, black on blonde, enema and water sports).

Finally, Step 4 is an increased tendency to start acting out sexual activities portrayed in the most revolting and obscene pornography (man/sheep love, electro-testicle stimulation, fur cock-rings, Cathy Lee Gifford fetish).

The pornography industry mercilessly exploits young women with the lure of easy money for sex. Note how these girls have been psychologically damaged.(click to study in more detail)

Pornography is not only highly addictive material but also it is chock full of lies about women and relationships. Consequently, a pornography addict may think his secret addiction is harmless when in reality it is extremely harmful for his relationships.

Even soft-core pornography portrays women as sex objects who exist only to give sexual satisfaction to men, not taking into account their value as house-keepers, cooks, and tenders of children. They are "pets" or "playmates" valued only from the neck down (except in the case of facials). Hard-core pornography teaches that women enjoy being abused or raped and that children are appropriate sexual partners, when we know this is true only about 70% of the time.

Furthermore, pornography teaches that sex is purely recreational in nature. There is no emotional intimacy in pornography—only immediate physical satisfaction. Men become accustomed to acheiving sexual release without the communication and interaction women find so important. You know, the talk, talk, talk just yammering on and on until you think your head will explode that makes a relationship so fulfilling.

With it's premium on youth, health, beauty and tits, porn models like this present an unrealistic model for today's young women, causing guilt and resentment in the minds of fat girls sitting on their ass eating Mallomars and watching Jerry Springer all day.(click to study in more detail)

Therefore, false ideas of pornography sow seeds of sexual sin and dysfunction A man cannot continuously fill his mind with degrading ideas about women and false ideas about sex and relationships without it eventually affecting his relationships with the women in his life and spicing up the variety and satisfaction of his sex life beyond what a normal man should enjoy.

I was one of those men who loved my wife and family, my mistress and my girlfriend, as well as two of my close friends' wives and our kids' babysitter but was enslaved to an addiction to pornography and sex. The fear of telling someone that I was masturbating to images that were to the normal non-bestiality loving person disgusting, and very strange.

I was afraid of rejection and that no one would love me, not even the other perverts on the other side of the XXXmovie house glory holes. This fear kept me from getting help. So for several years no one knew, not even my wife or my gay lover.

Each time my addiction to porn and sex increased requiring more graphic, more shameful, more disgusting materials to achieve the same high. I came to that crossroad where porn and sex did not do it for me any more. I began to hang around clubs, and finally took the final step and began playing golf. I knew I had hit rock bottom.

Pornography like this helps foster the mistaken belief that all lesbians are beautiful, shapely vixens with their tails in the air just waiting for a well-hung stud to fill their dripping pussy with throbbing, rock-hard manmeat, pumping them into a frenzy of orgasmic ecstasy until he fills their quivering quim to the brim with his burning love sauce.(click to study in more detail).

Although it is important to identify and understand the roots of addiction to pornography, it is also important that the addict take responsibility for his behavior. Here is where men's groups can play a critical role.

They allow men to open themselves up to the light, in safety and with confidentiality. They can discuss where they obtain their pornography, which websites are the most evil and addictive, what parts of town to avoid willing hookers who submit to every sexual fetish and deviation.

Not only do they receive love and encouragement from group members but also they are held accountable for their actions. Failing to rewind a fellow member's video, or returning a magazine with the pages stuck together are violations dealt with severely by the group. Loss of free password priveleges are just one of the ways you learn, as I have, not to abuse of porn.

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