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Jan 01 2002
Sunny's Guide to Anal Sex
This week's update by: SunnySlut    Last week's feature Evil Porn

Readers Ask: How can I get my girl to try anal sex?

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Okay as far as actually getting her to try it, I don't really have any advice for you other than maybe printing out some pro-anal articles on anal sex to sort of calm her fears. I'm sure you can find some if you do a google search or something.

Pending she agrees to try this with you, the following is the easiest method of doing it for the first time, or if she hasn't done it in a long time.

I'd like to mention first, that anal sex takes a LOT of relaxation, especially if the girl is scared about doing it or is uncomfortable, which is a given if it's her first time, so don't expect the entire process to be a 20 minute deal...and don't forget to buy lube. Astroglide is pretty good and is found at most drugstores. (anal-ease is also good-Ed.)

Okay, so, lay her on her back and make out with her a bit to get her in the mood. Slowly lick and kiss down her body and then bring her to orgasm (I'm assuming I don't need to tell you how to do this)....however, when you're going down on her, try using a little more saliva than usual.

Why? Because, when she's on her back, the extra lube is going to drip down to her asshole and while she's on her way to orgasm, the muscles in that area are going to expand and contract, meaning that her asshole is going to open a little bit and then close, causing some of the extra lube to find it's way inside.

This makes it easier for you to GENTLY and SLOWLY insert your index finger inside. The best way to do this is to insert your finger to the first knuckle, then pull out half way, repeat about 3 or 4 times, but make sure you go no deeper than the first knuckle and keep licking her vagina so she's more concentrating on that than your finger.

With each finger thrust, you're adding extra lube from what's dripping down her asscrack. Keep doing this, but go a little bit deeper each time. By the time she orgasms, you should have your entire index finger inside her, thrusting slowly.

AND DO NOT EVER "double-dip", meaning once that finger is inserted in her asshole, it does NOT under ANY circumstances, go into her vagina because that can cause some REALLY nasty infections.

Okay, so after she climaxes, tell her to lay on her stomach. Climb on top of her, lightly running your cock between her ass cheeks, whisper nice things in her ear (like, "I love you" if in fact, you do love her), then kiss the back of her neck. Make this as intimate and romantic as possible because it's going to help her relax, and relaxation is the key ingredient to good anal sex.

Remember, if she has a bad experience the first time, she's never going to do it again.

Gently massage her shoulders and back, kissing as you go downwards. When you get to her ass, massage it while gently stroking her asshole with lube on your fingers. Insert the index finger again with lots of lube (you can't over-lube). Rub your cock up and down between her pussy lips and if the mood strikes you, penetrate her vagina, the extra lube in there is a good thing.

After you do that, lube up your cock and aim it at her asshole, giving a little bit of pressure, just inserting the tip, as you do this, run your fingers down her back lightly, again, so she's sort of concentrating on that and not what's going on around her butt because it'll help her relax.

Use the same method with your cock as you did with your finger, insert a little bit, then pull out, but once you get the head in, don't pull out all the way.

Once the head is in, it's usually a good idea to add a bit more lube to the shaft while you're still in her, because the skin absorbs it.

Following this method, you should expect complete penetration, with very very little pain on her part (pending she's able to relax), after about 15 minutes. (It doesn't take that long after you've both practiced with it a bit and if she's into it.)

Just remember that anal sex isn't something that can be rushed, and the asshole is different than the vagina, you can't like, pound it as hard as you can with regular sex, especially not if the anus isn't used to having things in there.

After fully penetrating the anus, thrust slowly at first and ask your girlfriend if it's okay to go faster. Encourage her to play with herself while you're fucking her if she's the kind of girl that feels comfortable doing that during regular sex. (Personally, I find masturbating during anal sex amazing.)

As for cleanup, there's not much if you use a condom. If you didn't use a condom and came in her, expect her to immediately run to the bathroom and stay there for a while. You might want to plug your ears because air gets in there. Also, it really only takes a few minutes for her to vacate what you shot in there, but she's going to still *feel* "full" even after it's all out. Tell her that's normal. It's also normal for her anal muscles to feel a bit funny for about 24 hours after the first few times, that's normal too. She's not going to get prolapsed rectum or anything.

Someone once told to do it for the first time with her on her back. I disagree with this because she's going to be more tense that way since it takes muscles to keep her legs spread wide enough for you to gain access to her anus, it takes no muscles to lay on her stomach and give you full access.

If she finds out that she didn't mind it and is willing to try it again, I'd suggest sticking with the her on her stomach method for a while until you're both more experienced with it, but eventually switch to having her on her back because it gives her easier access to her clit to play with herself or have you do it for her.

So yeah, there ya have it. Sunny's Guide to Assfucking. Have fun & no double-dipping

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