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Lita's First Time
This week's update by: Lita    Last week's feature Anatomy 101 True Love and Sex Stories

Lita's Story; A True Story of a Girl's First Time with Another Girl
by Lita

An incident occurred only three weeks into my college freshman career, a few months ago actually. I was still eighteen years old at the time, really stressed out trying to adapt to college life, already wanting to get away from all of it!

Just so you know, I'm a college girl, but I'm not your average type. I'm a very unique and sexy woman. Imagine a tall, dark girl, about 130 lbs., olive skin, and firm "B" cup breasts, athletic build and a tight, hard ghetto butt that turns guy's heads all the way across the quad. My eyes are so dark brown they look black, and my hair is long and silky, streaming down to the middle of my back. For my birthday in November, my friends took me to a tattoo shop and got my left eyebrow and clit pierced, making me look even sexier. I never drink, smoke, or do drugs of any kind. My one vice is, I love orgasms! Until a few months ago, the only sex I had was masturbation. Then, one night last fall, all that changed.

I got a phone call Friday afternoon. Shannan, my best friend from highschool, an unabashed lesbian and lady-lover, invited me to come visit at her campus for the weekend and go to a party thrown by her friends. At first I was a little unsure. I mean, my two best friends are a bi-sexual and a lesbian, and so are more than half of the girls I know, but for some reason I felt a hesitation at accepting. Perhaps I was afraid of my true desires! I felt a stirring between my legs, and had to admit I was a little aroused at the thought of dancing and partying with aggressive, sexy women. I have always been bi-curious anyway, so I said what the hell, packed up my stuff, and left to visit Shannan and her friends.

When I arrived, Shannan welcomed me with open arms! I had a blast getting to know all of these new people, especially one girl I was diggin' the second I laid eyes on her. Her name was Amy. She was an Alaskan girl, about 5'7", very short black hair, porcelain white skin, green eyes, a voluptuous body, and an incredibly sexy smile! She wasn't with anyone and seemed to be single. We all sat around talking, eating pizza and drinking cokes and laughing our asses off, talking about school and music and guys and of course, sex and the single girl! However, out of the corner of my eye I was constantly catching Amy staring at me, and I blushed involuntarily under her gaze. She was very outgoing, confident and personable, kidding with everyone and I could see she was well liked and a girl who laughed a lot! She seemed to sense my shyness and reserve at not really knowing the other girls, and she went out of her way to engage me in the conversation, gamely including me in whatever they were discussing. She was so different from my reserved, shy and socially awkward personality! I felt a strong sexual chemistry between us as she frankly appraised me, obviously expressing her attraction to me. I was a little intimidated, but at the same time turned on and excited at the prospect of making love to this wonderful girl before the weekend was out!

Later, as she left Shannan's room with the others, she gave me a quick kiss goodbye, squeezed my hand in hers and looked deeply into my eyes as she told me goodnight. I crashed with Shannan and her girlfriend, crowded in their king size bed. I waited until I heard them both breathing steadily in sleep before rubbing myself to a sweet climax as I thought about losing myself in Amy's green eyes.

The next night, Saturday, there was the "Bisexual Glam Jam"; a campus party where everyone shows up dressed for partying, dancing and having a blast (and maybe get laid!). I dressed in black boots, black leather pants that set off my long, shapely legs and bubble butt, and an orange tank top with no bra, my nipples plainly outlined through the shirt. I was very conscious of wanting to look hot for Amy. I sat watching the other girls get ready for the party, putting on makeup, doing their hair, when Amy asked me to help her.

She had on a tight leather micro-miniskirt, black heeled boots, and a slutty blonde wig covering her close-cropped black hair. "Lita," she said in her sultry, bedroom voice, "can you be a sweetie and help me with this top?"

"Sure," I stammered, trying not to stare at her firm breasts, jutting out at me from her body, inches from my face. She handed me a black vinyl halter, backless with straps that tied in the back. My hands trembled as I knotted it for her, and then reached under it to adjust her breasts. I slipped my warm hands into Amy's top, and I felt her nipples harden under the firm touch of my hands. I rotated my fingers on the tips of her nipples as she sharply drew her breath and grasped my wrists, forcing my hands harder against her breasts. Then for a second, our eyes locked, and we were silent except for our excited breathing. Loud laughter erupted from another room and the spell was broken. She released my wrists and I finished adjusting her top, just as Shannan stuck her head in the room.

"Hurry up you two! Our ride is here," she yelled happily and then yelped as another girl swatted her butt with a towel and Shannan ran off in pursuit. I glanced in the mirror at my flushed face and fixed my hair and make-up, looking up to see Amy behind me, staring at me in the reflection. A few minutes later we all left for the party, my heart still pounding with nervousness.

The party was hopping! Everyone was friendly and the music was throbbing the room as the dancers moved and swayed sensuously together. During the course of the night, I noticed Amy had quite a few drinks, and was still going. It was an incredible turn on watching her gyrate on the dance floor in her sexy little outfit. She flirted with half the girls at the party, and danced with everyone.

I worked my way toward her on the dance floor, willing her to notice me. As if she felt my presence, she turned and began to dance with me. She was the first girl I had ever really danced with, and I wasn't sure what to do. She took control, moving me where she wanted me, and I gladly surrendered to her touch. Locking my eyes, she approached me, put one of her thighs between mine, straddling my leg. When she moved to the music, she was literally riding my thigh. When I felt Amy's warm pussy grinding on my thigh, I really started getting into it. I could feel the little button of her clit swelling through my leathers. One of my arms wrapped around her waist, my fingertips caressing the hot skin on her bare back. The other arm around her neck, playing with her soft hair. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt her firm young breasts moving against mine. I felt her hot breath on my ear and smelled the sweet aroma of vodka as she whispered in my ear. An infatuation with her was rolling over me like a thunderstorm, leaving me weak and aching inside. She put her lips right up against my ear.

"I want you tonight, Lita," she whispered urgently, biting my earlobe and pushing her tongue into my ear, making me shiver like a wet cat. After that, we both danced with no one but each other, slow dancing with her in my arms and my mind fogged with lust, desire and heady with champagne cocktails.

Much later, the party started thinning out. Most of the girls had coupled up and retired to their dorms or a spare room in the dorm where the party was being held. Shannan had gone home with a girl she had been dancing and making out with all night, and our ride had left without us. Amy asked me to stay with her until she sobered and we could catch a ride back to the dorm, which was in walking distance in any case. Someone had turned the lights down and some Tori Amos was playing softly as Amy laid down on her back on the couch in the lounge, with her feet in my lap. I'm very well known as being an excellent masseuse, and I enjoy giving them. I removed Amy's boots and began to rub her feet with (so I've been told!) very capable hands. The host of the party gave us a smiling goodnight and told us there was an empty room we could crash in upstairs as she retired with her date. Now we were alone at last!

I felt a movement against my breast and I looked down to see her other foot playing with my nipples through my shirt. I watched them getting harder, and harder, as Amy's toes glided over the sensitive skin under my thin top. I looked up at her, and she had that fantastic grin on her face, well aware of the arousal she was causing.

I took that smile as a green light, and leaned down to lick her toes. Her breathing quickened as I started sucking and circling each toe with my tongue. I moved up her body, her calves, the sensitive skin behind her knee, planting soft kisses on the inside of her thighs, pushing her skirt above her waist and brushing my lips across her wet pussy, steaming and radiating heat under her sex-soaked panties. Slowly I kissed up her stomach and pushed up her halter and tongued her firm breasts, standing straight out even as she laid on her back. Then I reached her lips, and began kissing Amy feverishly.

We devoured each other hungrily, sucking tongues and nibbling lips, tasting her sweet hot mouth and moaning in lust and impatience to begin our lovemaking. She slid her fingers down the front of me, snaking her hand inside my panties. She expertly sought out my clit and rubbed it gently, and with the other hand undid my top and freed my breasts, caressing and rolling my nipples between thumb and forefinger. I grabbed her wrist urgently and stopped kissing her.

"I have to tell you something," I said hesitantly, "I'm a virgin, and had never been with a man-- or a woman."

"Do you want to make love with me now?" she asked. "Do you think you are ready?"

I couldn't speak, but only nodded shyly. My chest ached with dread that she might not want me, or maybe she thought I was too young or unsure for her to take advantage of. I would die if she rejected me!

She was silent, taking my chin in her hand and studying my face intently, searching my eyes for an answer. I got nervous when she didn't say any thing, and was about to break down in tears of frustration and embarrassment, when she flashed that sexy smile, and I knew everything was all right. I felt a rush of affection and kissed her again. She stopped me, took me lightly by the hand, trailing behind her as she led me to our empty dorm room.

Once in the room, she turned on a soft light and we undressed each other slowly, peeling the tight leather free from our sweating bodies. Amy allowed me to fully explore her body, standing before me as lovely as an alabaster goddess, her flawless white skin glowing in the faint light. I adored her stomach, kissing her belly button and stroking it lightly with my fingers. I licked her skin around her ribs, savoring the tart, salty taste of her, the faint hint of the perfume she wore earlier that night, the smell of her sex, musky and warm wafting up from the vee of her thighs. Then I moved to her beautiful breasts, licking around the nipples and making them stand up hard as the entire areola swelled like a plump pink strawberry in my mouth. She was driving me insane with desire as she responded to my touch. My hands cupping each breast, licking one, while rubbing and massaging the other. I kissed her nipple, sucking it into my mouth and flicking my tongue over the tip. There was a beautiful smile on Amy's face as she closed her eyes and sighed. This time I led her, as she laid back on the bed, smiling up at me in anticipation.

I had always fantasized about tasting a girl's pussy. My mouth watered as I released her breasts and slid down her body. Amy, lying on her back, knew where I wanted to explore next, and she spread her legs wider, inviting me. I placed my hands on her thighs, and kissed her neatly trimmed pussy, pulling her short pubes gently with my teeth. Her hips rose off the bed slightly as I made contact with her skin. Her thighs and pussy were wet, and I leaned in and ran my tongue up her entire slit, lightly, teasingly. I could feel her body tense under my tongue; having the power to do that to her was incredible! It urged me further, parting those sweet lips with my mouth, diving in deeper, nibbling on her clit with my teeth, then shoving my tongue down into her as deep as I could. My hand rested right above my mouth, rubbing just above her pussy as well, massaging her clit in slow circles, varying the pressure as she pushed her hips up against my hand.

Her breathing quickened, as I sucked her clit into my mouth and began tonguing it hard and fast. She started a high whine deep in the back of her throat that rose into a to scream as she began pumping her hips into my face and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. She pushed her breasts together roughly and shook her head from side to side as she began to tremble and scream out in passion.

I felt her tense and freeze, increased the pressure on her swelling clit, and then Amy came hard against my mouth. I held onto her thighs tightly, while she bucked against my face. With every moan I felt her cumming against my tongue. They built up inside her, and exploded over and over again, her clit vibrating with ecstasy. I didn't miss a beat after she came, and I continued to lick and suck around her clit. As she quieted I softly began to lap her sweet juices and push my tongue deep inside her, tasting her honey. Her clit and lips were very sensitive and she started to wiggle and giggle while I finished cleaning her up. I backed off, she sat up, took my head in her hands and kissed me deeply, tasting herself on my lips, licking the sticky cum from my chin, cheeks and lips, stroking my hair and murmuring into my mouth.

She looked into my eyes and smiled evilly. "I've got a surprise for you Lita," she said. "Lay back." She walked over to her purse, and took out something that made my eyes widen, and my chin drop to the floor. I felt an ache deep in my pussy, as if my defenseless cherry knew it was about to be plucked!

She said it was for me, a flesh-colored, veiny, ten inch strap on dildo! She must have been planning on fucking me from the get-go! Amy put it on expertly, as if she was very experienced with it, and I crawled on hands and knees to the edge of the bed toward her.

"Well baby," she cooed, "you are so good at eating pussy, let's see how you are at sucking cock."

She pushed it past my lips, then shoved it all the way down my throat, getting a little rough with me, but I liked it. Every time it hit the back of my throat, nearly gagging me, the other end ground into her pussy, where there were nubs studding the inside of the harness to stimulate her clit. Amy grabbed a handful of my hair, and forced the cock deep into my mouth, almost choking me. She fucked my face, pulling it all the way out and sliding it back into my mouth, using me as her fucktoy. I groaned on the tip, knowing she could feel the vibration on her clit on the other end. She moaned in response, and threw her head back, arching her back, her breasts heaving forward. She was so in control and dominating it was frightening, and it was driving me insane with desire! I was hornier than I had ever been in my life!!

Right when i was beginning to feel comfortable with deep-throating her cock, she pulled it away. Amy said she wanted to show me what real love making between two women could be like. She practically spun me around, then stood behind me while I fell down on all fours. She pushed my head down into the pillow. I whimpered, arched my back hard and stuck my ass high up into the air, spreading my legs so my pussy was open and vulnerable. I was completely helpless and at her mercy. My whimpers of fear seemed to make her even hornier and she swatted my sweet ass, reddening my cheeks and making me so sensitive her every touch almost took me to the edge of an orgasm.

"Are you ready for it Lita?" she purred. When I didn't answer right away she smacked my ass again, cruelly hard. "Answer your lover when she asks you a question, my naughty little girl!"

"Y-yes Amy, take me now," I sobbed.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, darling, fuck me, take my cherry, I want you to!"

Slowly, she moved into me, the cock stopping right at my cherry. I could feel the pressure of the head of the cock pushing my hymen, then as she continued to push, tearing it. I buried my face in the pillow, biting down as I screamed with pain. I felt my maidenhead rip and my warm virgin blood run down the insides my thighs. She pushed the golf-ball sized head all the way in and held it there as I cried softly, whispering in my ear to comfort me and kissing my tears away. She rocked me, shushing me as I sobbed with the pain and regret of my lost innocence. I felt her plastic prick begin to vibrate as she flicked a switch on the harness. She quieted me, then started moving again, her throbbing member now lubed with blood and my juices were beginning to flow. The discomfort gave way to pleasure almost immediately. I bit my lower lip as my pussy contracted around the thrumming dildo. She was impaled me so deep that my pussy tightened, and she could not move it in or out until I relaxed. She reached up and pinched my nipples sharply with her fingernails, making my pussy melt around the cock, and I relaxed and allowed her to ravish me like a whore.

She grabbed my hips and began to pump rhythmically, with firm, powerful, even strokes, banging my ass and reaming my inexperienced pussy. I started to pump back, grinding my butt into her groin, forcing the ticklers on the inside of the harness against her clit, making her pump even harder. I began to feel the most intense orgasm I'd ever had building deep in my womb, moving outward to my vagina, my clit, my thighs, my anus and my stomach.

Amy wet her thumb and began massaging my asshole. The feelings of the cock vibrating and pumping into my pussy, her fingers on my ass and my clit rubbing against the bed, the pounding of the passion in my head all became to intense to stand. The orgasm hit me with the force of a tornado and I kept cumming while Amy kept banging me mercilessly, my entire body shivering and trembling. She made me scream till my throat was sore, climax followed climax as she pushed a finger into my ass and I felt the whirring cock slide all the way in, entering my womb. Amy squeezed the cream-filled balls and I felt her fill my womb with warm sex cream, soothing my raw pussy and bleeding lips.

Amy pulled my hair while she rode me, forcing my neck back cruelly toward her, kissing me more powerfully and forcefully than any man ever had, crushing my lips with hers. It was a major turn on, and I totally melted with love and surrender for her as her tongue pushed deep down my throat. Amy fucked my mouth with her tongue as she came, bumping her clit against the inside of the dildo, her cream running down the cock and into my pussy and down my ass and thighs. I felt myself falling in love with this gorgeous woman who had just taken my innocence and was taking control of my heart as effortlessly as she had taken my body.

She pulled out slowly, and laid back with my head on her breast, stroking my hair and kissing my head. My entire body ached, we were both covered in sweat, and we could only lay silent, panting and drained. I felt my cum and Amy's cream oozing out of my now well-broken in pussy. I nearly fell asleep as we drowsily kissed and cuddled. Amy began suckling my breasts and rubbing my clit and I felt my passion rise again. She had her head between my legs, slurping my virgin blood mixed with my cum when I came awake completely.

I decided it was my turn to be in control. I rolled her onto her back and began kissing her eyes and lips moving between her legs and bumping her pussy with mine. Then I told her I wanted to fuck her more than I had ever wanted anything in my life!

Amy was shocked at my boldness at first, because I had been very passive and submissive in our lovemaking up to this point, then that sexy smile spread across her face and she bent to strap me up. I held her head as she sucked the dildo, looking up at me wickedly as she slurped my cock. I grew impatient and pushed her onto her back, raking my nails down her breasts and stomach, pinching her clit between my fingernails, making her purr like a cat in heat.

She spread her legs invitingly and I mounted her, lifting her ankles up over my shoulders and shoving the cock all the way to the hilt into her dripping pussy in one fast stroke. Her eyes flew open in surprise and she gasped, then grabbed my ass and began moving with me as I fucked her like a man. I was groaning deep in my chest and calling her my little slut as I pumped her pussy and bit her nipples. My already sensitized clit couldn't last long from the pressure of the studded inner harness of the strap-on cock, and I bit down hard on her swollen nipple as I came, drawing a little blood and making her scream like a cat and buck like a bronco. She squeezed her legs around my neck, her pussy contracting around the cock as she came. Her nails raked my ass and our juices mingled as we both orgasmed on the ends of our toy.

I got to pound her gorgeous lesbian pussy for the rest of the night, making her cum over and over, and in any position I could think of. Since I figured she owned me one, I took her ass cherry, drawing a piercing scream from her as she convulsed with the hardest orgasm of the night, my cock deep in her ass and three fingers up her spasming pussy. Every time she came, we would take a break and she would beg to eat my pussy and ass out. I straddled her face and sucked my own nipples while I came hard in her face.

At last we came together, lying on our sides, me lifting one of her legs for easy access to her pussy. I let he leg down and spooned her lovely ass, my cock still deep within her as I drifted off. I awoke slightly to find her unstrapping me and pulling a quilt over us both, and we cuddled together like kittens, spent and sated.

The last thing I remember was the dawn breaking, as the two of us fell into a deep sleep in each other's arms. We awoke hours later, and laid talking and lazily loving each other until Shannan came and rousted us up for brunch. We were inseparable the rest of the weekend, but I wasn't comfortable coming out as her lover in front of my other friends.

I left Monday night after the three day weekend, saying goodbye to all my new friends. When I came up to Amy, she took me in her arms and kissed me hard and passionately, right in front of all my friends. I was embarrassed at their gasps of surprise, but then thought about our lovemaking the night before, and how deeply I felt for her. She had brought me out of my shell, and allowed me to express myself in our lovemaking with an aggressiveness I had never felt before. I felt like I had left my cocoon, and bloomed under her hands. What the hell, I thought as I took her face in my hands and began kissing her back while we ground against each other. Since my secret was out, I felt relief at being released to my new sexuality.

I transferred to Amy's college the next semester and moved in with her in her dorm. I may still find more sexual expression with boys, but for now, I'm very happy with my beautiful, smart and sexy new girlfriend, a hot-blooded vixen from the cold white north, my darling lover Amy!

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