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Hooray For Boobies! or not
This week's update by: Sunny    Last week's feature Ozzbournes Recap

The mammarian paradox, or "look a the pair o' dox on that babe!"

How do you know summer's officially here? Canadian Tire can't keep up with the demand for fans and air conditioners. Hydro bills have gone up 30%. Smog alerts. UV index reports. Humidex. Well, I suppose all of the above could be signs that summer is officially upon us, but for me, you know summer's here when you open the paper and there's a letter to the editor about how some disgruntled mother was shocked and appauled by another woman walking through the park without a shirt, in front of her kids no less. Imagine!

When guys are hot, they can just pull off their shirts and noone gives them a second glace. Why should a woman taking off her bra be any different? Would you stop and stare if I took my top off walking down the street?

Yep, it's legal for us women to bare our titties in public here in Ontario. Some whacked out feminist types decided, well, if men can take their shirts off if their hot, so can we, and the rest is a breast fetishists dream. The majority of women, no matter how bad they're sweating, keep their shirts on, but you get the odd one who exercises her right, whips off her halter top and the abuse ensues.

Theses girls were all innocently strolling in the French Quarter when they felt a little warm and decided to cool off. Why should they be subjected to the gawking stares of passers-by? Don't they deserve a little common courtesy?

Mothers glare and hide their children. Men stare and make comments. In at least one incident last summer a woman was sexually assualted, in another, two mothers beat a breast baring woman up.

In city parks, public pools, along parade routes, girls are refusing to help public pressure force them to keep the puppies covered.

How a mother can justify kicking another woman's ass as being less damaging to their young child than seeing a pair of breasts astounds me, the logic behind it is pretty twisted. However if a woman is walking around without a shirt, her tits flapping in the wind, and she doesn't expect to be harrassed in some way, well, that's just even more twisted logic.

More and more the younger generation is becoming more comfortable with public airing of the puppies, but social attitudes still stifle mammary freedoms.

We live in a society where a woman's breasts are perceived primarily as play things. We forget that boobies have an actual biological function. Tits are an accessory. Yeah they nourish the young but if you think about it, a breast probably only serves biological function maybe two or three times, for about a year or less each time, during a woman's entire life. This means that for the majority of the time, breasts are just PLAY THINGS. Of course society is going to view them as such.

Popular culture has presented an unrealistic image of the female breast some women feel they cannot live up to. This keeps many females from expressing themselves in a natural and healthy way by baring their tits. Hopefully, these attitudes are changing.

Movies, TV, advertising, the mainstream media, and now the Internet sure don't help. Think about the deluge of images of naked or scantily covered breasts you see in everyday life. Tits obviously play a big part in our economy. And of course bigger is better. Healthy young women with beautiful natural breasts feel compelled to have unnecessary surgery to augment their bodies to live up to tha artificial standards imposed upon them by Western culture.

Here is a selection of brave young blondes who courageously flout society's hang-ups and fight for sexual freedom to bare their tits as God intended.

The way I see it is if a woman decides to show her breasts in public, aside from feeding an infant, she's just asking for harrassment. I'm not saying that she's deserving of it, just that she shouldn't be surprised when it happens. Sorry ladies, but them's the breaks.


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