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Net Sex Roles
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You'd think that with the ambiguity of the Internet, sexual issues that trouble real life interaction would find little "breeding" ground in the 'net. In this dream world of cyberspace people are asexual, everyone gets along, no one has a strong opinion about anything, and everyone respects one another. This gleaming utopia, which is equally improbable in real life, naturally can't exist on the Internet.

Like most animals humans place a lot of importance on our differences, the biggest being physical ones, which is the first impression we make on a person (unless they are blind of course). The influence of the individual being male or female depends on the culture and what norms have been established for sexual roles. For this article, lets use the cultural norms of Western Society, and more directly, the United States and American attitudes.

Posting nude pictures of yourself is a well-accepted form of feminine behavior on the net. The Madonna/Whore complex tilts toward the whore here, where guys like their girls nice and slutty.

Let’s take for instance interaction on a forum board, examining various females and males and how their peers can dictate their behavior. The internet is a mostly male dominated community (as is much of the world). It's taken on the “boys club” factor; porn, crude joking, boosting, and other “male” sport is common and acceptable. When females are introduced into this equation, either the female assumes a role that is acceptable to the males of the society, or the female bucks the system and crams her personality forcefully down their collective throats.

Young=good, younger=better when it comes to naked women on the net. This usually results in the Internet Age Quotient: every year over 24 a woman will subtract .5 years from her age, for every year under 18 they will add 2 years.

With the first type of female, the male model is clear. The person should be sweet, preferably pretty, demure but naughty enough to “show ur tits.” They will stroke the males ego and generally be a butt kiss to every male in the group. This will naturally gain her acceptance in the group. The males will protect the female, lavish affection on her, and in general treat her like their goddess. This is the preferable role for a female to assume in an Internet community. From this positon though careful manipulation she can rule the males under her with nothing her then a sad smiley and a pretty please.

A valuable talent on the net is the ability to type with one hand while describing intimate, experimental and acrobatic sex acts. Every woman should cultivate this talent to maximize attractiveness.

The second type of female is the complete opposite of the “Princess Dominatrix” She is a tough minded, cynical, rude, opinionated woman. She does not seem to care what the males of the board want or need from her interaction with them. If she does not agree she says so, if she thinks you’re talking shit, she says so. This type of female seems to horrify males. Here is a female who acts nothing like their ideal. Instead, she is male. We can call this female either “Uber Bitch” or “Uber Dyke.” Just as loud and obnoxious as her male counterparts she scares the more demure females and infuriates male forum members with her unwillingness to comply with their dream fantasy; free boobies.

Anal retentiveness seems to be a dominant theme on the net, where images of anal sex outnumber those you usually see in everyday life about 100,000-1.

When a female engages in any other language other then a witty, happy, or joyful remark she accused of overreacting, or engaging in unacceptable behavior. How dare this girl have any opinion other then the communal norm? How dare she express it? We can observe in the above link as male after male points a finger at this female and almost screams “FREAK!!!” She has bucked the social norm by not acting “right” she has switched sides, and is acting outside her accepted sexual boundaries.

Men seem to prefer educated women, especially those in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms schooled up to about junior high. College girls in wet T-shirts and flashing at Mardi Gras are also given a great deal of respect and attention.

It is interesting to note that at times the more submissive female is allowed to give her opinion, and have it accepted but only if she is backed by a male member, and only if she first gives engages in an acceptable behavior. Also, the“Uber Bitch” can be accepted, but only after a male member is willing to get his head out of his ass and thing with his mind instead of his dick.

To further enhance the youthful slut look, many net amateurs prefer the "shaved fish" look. There is also a place in the world for hairy women as well (see missing link porn).

In the opinion of the author the “Uber Bitch” will continue to grow in numbers. Females in the years to come with throw off their confining shackles, running males out of cyberspace and into the kitchen where they belong. A strong female should not be feared but welcomed, she is an asset to the community because of her mental strength and stamina. That and she has handcuffs, whips, chains, and other fun toys to tie you up with.

When the cyber war comes, who do you want by your side, a complacent ninny, or a fierce valkyrie.
(Ed. note: hmm, depends on how big her tits are.)


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