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My Stepmother and I by our new erotic story writer Marie Leclare
This week's update by: Marie Leclare    Last week's feature Net Sex Roles

I'm Kristin, 22 years old and I am working on my Master's at Georgia State University. Which is known for the Georgia Bulldogs. I live on campus, but I go and visit my dad and stepmother every other weekend and holidays. I have lived with my dad and stepmother since I was 12. My stepmother Marie, and I have always been really close. We cook together, paint together and swim together. My stepmother and I started having sexual relations when I was about sixteen.

My dad was out of town on a business trip and my stepmother, Marie, decided that we should wash my new Ford Explorer that I had received from them on my sixteenth birthday. It was now July and of course it is always steamy and hot in Georgia.

I decide to put on a white skimpy bikini bottom and a short tight white cut-off T-shirt. Marie, whom I called Mom, decided to wear a skimpy black revealing bikini.

My mom, Marie, is a very sexy woman for her age. She's 34 and has long slender legs. Her raven hair is cut in a high fashion sexy triangle cut, and it always swings towards her face. She is fair skinned and has large round voluptuous breasts. Her areolas are large and brown with nice large suckable nipples protruding from them. Her pussy is smooth and shaven.

When I was sixteen, I was very mature for my age. I was 5'6 and weighed about 114 lbs. I had long blonde hair, which I wore in pigtails most of the time. I inherited large voluptuous breasts from my dad's mothers side of the family, because my real mother did not have very large breasts.

My nipples have always been very large and protruding. Even at a young age, I would always see people staring at my shirt when they would talk to me because my nipples would always be protruding through the shirts I used to wear. I used to get embarrassed but now it turns me on. I also have dark sun kissed skin, and I have long slender legs with a perfectly round small ass.

To get on with my first sexual experience with my stepmother, Marie, we decided to wash my new car about 12 noon. I went out to the garage and got a large bucket and a two sponges to wash with, and she went to the kitchen and got the liquid soap. We met each other out in the driveway.

Since we lived in a secluded area in the woods, we decided to turn on some music before we started. Marie got the water hose and started hosing it down while I started to sponge suds onto the sides. We both worked together and it took about 30 minutes to finish washing the car.

When we were almost finished, I told her I felt smoldering hot. I asked her, jokingly, to hose me down with the hose. I walked over to her and she took the hose and began to soak me down. She sprayed my T-shirt until it was completely soaked and because I had no bra on, I noticed that my breasts were exposed and my nipples were protruding trough my tight T-shirt.

My mom laughed and I giggled. She said, "Honey you sure are well developed for your age. I'm sure every boy and girl wishes they could suck on those beautiful tits. They're almost as large as mine."

I giggled with embarrassment. "Oh mom stop be so bad," I said.

My step mom was always talking naughty in front of me but I never took it seriously, because she talked that way with everybody. She continued to hose me down and she began to soak my bikini bottoms with the hose and the pressure from the water of the hose began to make my pussy tingle. I began to giggle and twirl around and around as she kept showering me with the hose. With my back facing her she jokingly stuck the nozzle of the hose inside the back of my panties and stuck it all the way down into my bikini almost touching the entire most part of my vagina and she jokingly said, "Honey, I know your pussy must be hot too, let mommy cool it off for you."

I was in shock and couldn't believe this was happening. I knew this was morally wrong but it felt so right. She told me in a naughty sexy voice, "Honey let's go inside the house where it's cooler, and it's time that I teach you a few things that will make you feel good."

As we entered the house we went into the den. My mom said, "honey have you every been with another girl before?"

"No mom," I said embarrassingly. "I've never been with anyone, but I've thought about it before. I think about sex a lot and being with other girls but when I do, I feel naughty."

My mom said with her hand on my cheek, "Honey, it's okay to be naughty at times. Why don't we sit on the couch and talk about it some more. I always want you to feel comfortable talking to me about these things." We both sat on the couch facing one another. I was still soaked all over. My mom said, "Why don't we take off that T-shirt of yours, it is soaking wet."

I held up my arms as my mom lifted my T-shirt off of me. My boobs swung wildly as the shirt was lifted off. My mom asked if she could touch them and I said sure. As she massaged my breasts and nipples, she said, "This is what your daddy does to me. I love it when he touches me like this. Do you like it when I touch you?"

"Yes, mommy I do."

Then she asked me, "Honey do you want me to show you what else your daddy does?" I nodded yes. She began to twist and tug on my nipples. As we were both gazing into each other eyes she started licking her lips. She then leaned over and took my right nipple in her mouth and began to devour it. She sucked and licked and sucked and licked. I became lost in this fantasy with my stepmother. I could feel a warm feeling between my legs. I knew I was getting really horny. Before I knew it she had sucked both my breasts.

I said, "Oh mommy that feels so good, don't stop".

My mom said, "Lay back Honey and spread your legs wide for me." I laid back and spread my legs, I propped one foot on the back of the couch and propped the other foot on the edge of the coffee table to give my mom better access. She nuzzled down between my thighs and began to rub with two fingers over my white bikinis trying to feel my pussy through my bikini bottoms.

As I moaned, she began to talk to me, "Honey, mommy just wants to make you feel good. Is it okay if I go a little further?"

I said, "Yes, with a soft moan. Oh mommy, I feel so horny."

She took the elastic of my bikini and moved the center section to the side so she could get a good look at my pussy. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and started to lick her lips again. Her tongue licking back and forth and back and forth across her lips, and it was making me so horny. My legs were spread wide apart and my pussy lips were barely revealing my clitoris.

Then she said, "Honey mommy wants to touch you a little more but with my tongue and lips. Is that okay?"

"Oh yes mommy."

My mom took her tongue and swirled it along the outer lips of my pussy. The touch of her tongue on my pussy lips drove my crazy, but what drove me crazy even more was the way that she stared into my eyes while she licking. While my pussy lips were still closed she took her lips and mouth and began to kiss my closed pussy lips. She then took her tongue and licked my pussy lips like she was licking a ice cream on a stick. Before I knew it she took both her hands and spread my pussy lips, and she came face to face with my clitoris. She took her tongue and began to lick and suck on the shaft and hood of my clit.

I began to moan, "Oh mommy, that feels so good when you lick like that on my pussy."

She then moved her tongue all around my labia teasing me with her look. Before I knew it she had plunged her tongue deep inside me to get some more juices from deep within me. She then took her tongue and brought it back to my clit and began to lick and suck on it again.

She then said to me, "honey your pussy is so wet and juicy. Mmmmmmmmmm I could eat you all day and all night. You taste so good."

She wouldn't stop licking and sucking. I could hear the slurps of my juicy pussy throughout the room. She then told me to get up that she wanted me to sit on her face. She got on the floor and I got on my knees and straddled her face. I parted my pussy lips apart for her to get good access. I could see her tongue and lips devouring my clit as I straddled her face. I moaned and slid my pussy all around her lips.

Before I knew it, I could feel the tingle within my pussy. I knew I was about to cum. I started humping her face and she kept on licking and sucking.

I could feel myself about to cum and I screamed out, "Oh mommy yes, oh mommy yes."

I could feel my cum drip all over her face as she continued to lick and suck every last drop. I had never felt that good in all my life.

I finally got up off her face and I leaned down to kiss her. I locked lips with hers and tasted the juices from her tongue. Mmmmmmm my juices tasted so good. I told her it was my turn to make her feel good. We stood up and, following her lead, went to the dinning room table. I told her I was starved. She sat up on the shiny, mahogany table and Ireached behind her and unhooked her bikini top and as I did, I saw her beautiful breasts. They were so large and so perfect. I wanted to suck on them so badly. I leaned up to the table and started to massage and then began to kiss and suck on her tits.

Mmmmmm her nipples were so hard and I loved sucking and nibbling on them. I sucked and I licked and I sucked and I licked as my mother moaned. I knew she wanted more, and I of course wanted more. I sat down in the chair and I reached up and slipped her bikini bottoms off. She pushed her ass up to the edge of the table so I could get better access. She leaned back and propped herself on her elbows and spread her legs as wide as she could. My stepmother's pussy looked so beautiful.

She looked into my eyes and said, "Honey suck on mommy's pussy. Lick it honey."

I leaned down and nuzzled myself between her legs and took my tongue and began to lick and stroke my tongue up and down the inner walls of her pussy. I then took her clit in my mouth and began to suck it. MMmmmmmm it was delicious. I could hear her moans. My tongue entered deep into the inner parts of her pussy so I could taste and probe her pussy walls with my tongue. I then brought my tongue back to the surface and swirled it over her clit, blowing a little air between licks. Mmmmmmmm she tasted so good. Her pussy was so juicy. I sucked it and I licked it and sucked it and licked it. She began bucking her hips and I knew what was about to happen. I couldn't wait to feel her warm juice all over my lips and tongue.

She began to scream, "Honey mommy is going to cum, oh yes. Mommy is going to cum. MMMMmmmmmmm yes lick it, lick it, make me cum." Before I knew it, her pussy gushed all over my lips and tongue. Oh, she tasted so good.

Since then, we have sexual encounters on a regular basis but my dad has never found out about it. It is our little secret.

-Marie Leclare

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