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Savage Sex
This week's update by: get2itt    Last week's feature Gut Vom Oct.

This week examines the phenomenon of Extreme Savage Sex, with an original Savage Sex story by our resident Erotic Story writer, get2itt, and art from Alazar, Alex Varenne, and Badia. What's the deal with Erotica containing torture, mutilation, even snuff? Maybe its misogynist, women-hating men who are humiliated by women in real life so they are aroused by seeing them degraded in some way. Maybe their Mommies didn't give them enough affection or gave them too much. Are they sick, twisted perverts or are these stories and pix part or healthy sex fantasies? Well we can go on and on with this but in the interest of prurient tittilation here is some of the stuff. Enjoy it, read it and be disgusted, or dismiss it entirely, just don't come whining to us, we didn't create this evil world, we only glorify and cash in on it.
WARNING: contains intense sexual situations and pix of mutilation, extreme bondage and submission, and snuff.

New Captives
by get2itt

The new captives were brought before the Master by the guards. They had been snatched from a suburban street outside a large American city only hours before and the young blue-eyed blonde was still dazed from the drugs that had left her unconscious and unaware she had traveled by jet over 5000 miles from her home, a home she would never see again.

She and her schoolmate, an athletic brunette with high, full firm breasts and buttocks and legs as muscular and powerful as a jungle cat, walked single file between two burly jailors, chained at the feet and hands tied behind their backs. The blonde knew she was probably to be raped and deflowered, because they were both naked and had been bathed and perfumed by female jailors just before being summoned to the Master.

So far neither her kidnappers, transporters nor guards had made so much as a lewd glance at her, but she still felt her cherry was to be sacrificed soon. In the back of her mind, stories of sexual slavery and drug induced submission fought to the surface, but she pushed them away. Perhaps they would use them and then release then. This was her only hope, anyway.

They were finally in the Master's chamber and forced to their knees. Veron, the blonde, looked up slightly through her bangs and gasped at the virile male who sat before her. The Master was clad only in a rich purple gold-trimmed robe. His heavily muscled body shone bronze in the torchlights. The most shocking feature was his exposed cock, over a foot long and thick as her wrist, easily. It was brown and veined, with a mushroom shaped head big as a lemon. She felt his power as he gazed calculatingly at their bodies.

"Why are we here? Why have you kidnapped us?" Laia raised her head and demanded angrily. A guard raised a whip and cut her savagely across the back, five quick cuts. She gasped with surprise and pain but didn't cry out. Lai was tough, confident and smart. Veron knew she would get them out of this, she just had to.

"Do not speak. Do not disobey. I tell you this in the only kindness you will receive from me," said the Master in a deep, rich voice. "You are here to service me, and to do my bidding until I tire of you. That is all you need to know."

The girls were brought to him, and he felt Veron's body over, and was well pleased that her virgin hymen was still intact. He felt her anus and her breasts and stomach, and the muscles of her thighs and arms. He took her face in his hand and brought it to his and kissed her, passionately and deeply. She thrilled with excitement and pleasure in spite of her fear. She was so frightened, disoriented and hopeless she was drawn to his strength and wished to be sheltered and taken by him. He could sense her warming to him, but he held her in distain, haughty and proud.

"You know why you are here? You may speak," he commanded rather than allowed.

"To be your servant," she said meekly, eyes downcast, looking at his cock with awe and fear, knowing it would soon be used on her.

"To give me pleasure. That is your only reason for living. If you do not give me pleasure, you will no longer have a reason to live and you will be killed. Do you understand?" he demanded harshly.

"Yes Master," she said instinctively, dropping to her knees. She had never had any sexual contact with a male in her life, but she calmly and meekly took his meaty cock in her hand, positioned it before her lips, and took as much as she could into her mouth. He guided her and moved her head, helping her take as much as 8 inches finally as his cock swelled and throbbed in her mouth, and she massaged his great hairy balls until they tensed, and and shot two quick, copious shots into her mouth. She could tell he was holding back the full force and she swallowed quietly and thanked him. She would make a good a slave as she could, her naturally submissive nature adapting to necessity. She bowed slightly and backed away.

She looked into his eyes, hungry for approval or benevolence at her eager acceptance of her fate, but saw none.

"Take them to the preparation room for their initiation. Remove their nipples and clitori, and sever the sphincter muscle. Then brand both their buttocks with my mark," he commanded, as if this were the regular treatment.

Veron gasped with horror and burst into tears. Laia cursed him and struggled against her bonds, knocking a jailor to the floor.

"Do you think you are going to get away with mutilating us as well as kidnapping and raping us? You sick bastard I swear to you, you lay a hand on us and I will kill you, I swear it-" and saw silenced by a gag from the bigger jailor. He didn't strike her, but drew her bound hands up and attached them at the back to a collar around her neck. She writhed in pain and he forced her to her knees before the Master.

"We don't need trouble from this one, I see she is strong, so take further measures. Blind her and hamstring her as well, and cut out her tongue now, I don't wish to hear her anymore."

The gag was whipped off and the smaller jailor held Laia's head while the burly jailor expertly pinched her jaws, reached a small pair of tongs into her mouth and pulled out her tongue, then before Veron's terrified eyes and before Laia could even struggle he drew a small scapel across the back of her tongue, severing it, then quickly cut the muscle under it and removed it from her mouth. She passed out from the shock and pain and the smaller jailor stitched the stub and swabbed out her mouth in less than a minute. She came to, sobbing and broken. The fight was gone out of her as she mutely and brokenly whimpered at her fate.

"Take them now. I want the small one prepared and ready for me within the month," he dismissed them.

They were taken to a stone room, clean and bare of anything but two tables with restraints. They were buckled in, with no resistance from either girl. They were resigned to their fate now, and knew they would be killed at any provocation. The surgeon came in, with two female attendants, naked eunuchs with the instruments of dissection and torture.

Veron could not but help see they were both had had their clitoris removed and their breasts were round and featureless, no nipple, no aereola, no scar, just perfect firm white orbs on the pale girl and dark brown globes of flesh on the black girl. The dark negress knelt before Veron and adjusted her legs restraints to spread them and tilted the table until her pussy was open and exposed to her lips.

Then she began to expertly bring Veron to orgasm, not once, but five times in succession by sucking, licking and biting her clitoris and playing with her lips and anus. Laia had been drugged to dull the pain in her severed tongue and was having several body wracking orgasms of her own as Veron watched. As the negress settled in for a long slow sucking of Veron's pussy released pussy juices, the surgeon began to work on Laia as her attendant tongued her asshole, bringing her off again.

He took out a gracefully balanced scapel and slowly ran it around one of Laia's nipples, while she screamed soundlessly trying to move her head in locked motionless in the head restraint. She could not even shift herself enough to disturb the girl's liplock on her pussy, drinking in the piss Laia was releasing in her agony, slurping it up with a smile, her throat moving as she swallowed.

The doctor lifted the nipple slightly with another tool and severed the milk duct, releasing it. The attendant opened her mouth as if to receive a Communion wafer and he laid it on her tongue, and she swallowed it whole, smiling in pleasure. Then she went back to Laia's urethra, washing her nipple down with more piss. The doctor closed the wound with 2 very small stitches, which would leave no scar, as the Master desired. Then he repeated the process, removing the other nipple. Laia passed out from pain but was brought back when the attendant savagely brought her front teeth together, biting all the way through Laia's clit and bringing a soundless moan from her tongueless mouth. The pale attendant again accepted Laia's nipple and leaned over to kiss her, sharing her blood and forcing the nipple into Laia's mouth. Past all resistance, she swallowed it without protest. Then the doctor moved between her legs.

Veron was transfixed with horror as she watched the attendent lift Laia's clitoris with a small clamp while the doctor ran the scapel across the very base of it, removing it completely and nearly bloodlessly. The attendant applied her mouth to the wound, sucking up the blood, and when it stopped the doctor took 4 or 5 very fine, expert stitches that would heal without a mark. He fed the severed clit to the nurse and she swallowed it gratefully without chewing it.

Next he tilted the table back further and severed Laia's sphincter muscle, causing the pucker to smooth out and her anus to open just a bit. It would now easily take the Master's cock with no lubrication or pain or force, since the muscle ring is the only tight part of the rectum, really. The cut was done so cleverly no stitching was necessary and the attendant lapped up the small amount of blood, then brought her lips to Laia's and kissed her passionately and deeply as the doctor prepared to blind her.

The attendant cooed and whispered sweet words of love to her and comforted her with a smile and deep kisses as the docter slipped the instrument up her nose behind her eyes, each in turn, severing the optic nerve while preserving her beautiful looks. The pain of her castration and nipple removal was forgotten as she sobbed in despair and hopelessness as she was blinded. Her visual last memory was of the lovely attendant, kissing her and looking into her eyes as she soothed her. A few quick nicks of her Achilles tendons and she was rendered unable to run or fight.

Utterly defeated and subdued, she was wheeled to the recovery room for a week of pampering before she was put into the Master's service. She would be branded later.

The pale attendant came to Veron's table and looked her in the face kindly.

"This will be easier if you accept it and enjoy it. We will bring you to climax and the doctor will cut you," she said smiling.

She was brought right to the edge by a finger in her ass and a mouth on her clit, when she nodded to the doctor and he swiftly removed one nipple as she came to a shattering orgasm.

"Yes! Yes my God yes!" she screamed as she watched him lift and cut off one nipple. She opened her mouth obediantly and put out her tongue and swallowed her own nipple. The black girl pistoned 3 fingers in and out of her virgin ass while the piss hungry pale attendant sucked her urine out and she came again as the other nipple was removed, swearing and spitting saliva.

The pale girl kissed her and they passed her 2nd nipple back and forth between their mouths as the doctor prepared to castrate her. She was stroked and kissed and her ass fingered roughly as she was brought to the most intense and final clitoral orgasm she would ever have.

Her bounds were removed and she held her cheeks apart so the surgeon could clip her sphincter ring, then the black girl balled up her hand and began fisting her ass while the pale girl sucked her clit into her mouth and pulled it far from her body as possible, allowing the scapel access.

"Fuck yes, oh fuck you bastard, cut my clit, cut my fucking clitty off goddammit now! Cut the fuck out of me you bastard!! Rape me with it! FUCK YES I'M CUMMING CUT ME! CUT MY CLIT OFF, PLEASE GOD NOW!!"

She shuddered with a body-wracking jolt and at the moment her clitoris sent the intense chemical climax to her brain the doctor severed her clit and the pale girl sucked it into her mouth, still throbbing and twitching like a snakes tail. She shared it with Veron, both of them sucking it between them before she allowed Veron to swallow her own clit.

Much later, after the girls had recovered physically, if not mentally, the attendants came in to give them their brands. Veron excitedly panted, looking at the red-hot iron sizzling in the coals, anticipating the searing pain while her G-spot was massaged to orgasm, and grabbed her ankles and took both the branding and the orgasm gladly. Laia was listless and resigned, and only flinched and made gutteral moans and soundless sobbings deep in her chest as the branding iron burnt her ass deeply with the Master's seal.

The attendants left them to their torment, and to meditate on the tortures and pleasures to come.

Veron had been in the Master's service for over a week now, after a week of training and conditioning. He had used her in every way possible and was bored and ready to dispatch her tonight. He has strangled Laia after a ten-hour session of sex and light torture, just as he climaxed deep into her ass, watching her eyes dull and roll back, then releasing her. Veron had watched emotionlessly as her friend gasped her last breath, then helped remove her body to the carnage room for butchering for the dogs.

The Master wanted her quickly, and planned a swift kill with the stilletto. He entered her and kissed and caressed her tenderly, for he was fond of her. As he neared completion, he placed the point of the stilletto under her left breast and put her hand on his.

"As you climax, slide it into your heart my darling," he commanded.

She moved her hips expertly, pushing her pelvic bone against his, rubbing raw the scarred mons where her clit had been. His long, thick cock hit her spot and she felt the orgasm approaching. She wanted to feel the blade before the climax ended, so just as she felt her thighs go numb she pulled his hand toward her, the knife cutting into her flesh, between her ribs and into her pumping heart. He climaxed as she did, her mouth soundlessly turned to the sky in pain and pleasure.

He put his mouth to the open wound and drank her heart's blood until she stilled, and her breathing stopped. Then he rose to enter his bath, and the new virgins removed her body.

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