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All Girl's College Fun
This week's update by: get2itt    Last week's feature Savage Sex

Who doesn't love a chubby babe? Not a big fat pig with cottage cheese cellulite, but I mean, the hell with a Playboy model with fake tits and a washboard stomach, what we all really want is a cute honey with a little pooch belly and a round, firm chubby butt! Here's some chubby chicks and a chubby lesbian story to wet your whistle to. We threw some old, ugly and hairy ones in too for variety. Enjoy!

All Girls College Fun

April arrived at the all-girls college in the late afternoon. After getting everything cleared with the office and registered, she brought her luggage to the dorm she was assigned to. There was one bedroom, with 3 beds. She brought her things into the bedroom, where one of her new room mates was unpacking. She looked up and smiled at April.

"Hi! I'm Madison!" She was absolutely gorgeous. About 5'7, short blonde hair bright blue eyes with big, swollen melon shaped tits and a wide, round womanly ass. She was wearing a short white tennis skirt and a light blue top with a sweater a few shades bluer thrown over her shoulders. Her fat little tummy was bare and delicious looks and her chubby tanned legs were shown off in a pair of white platform sandles.

"I'm April," April said, returning Madison's smile.

"Well then, the only person left now is Kristine."

As if on cue, a short, voluptuous girl walked in from the bathroom. She was 5'3 tops, with long black wildly curling hair and green eyes. She had a large chest, maybe a 36D, shown off in a tight too-small tank top and some skimpy thong panties did little to hide her wide, hairy cunt with its big lips and meaty clit. She full hips and an big, firm ass with a nice wide "shelf" you could rest a beer on. April almost creamed on the spot, thinking about sharing a room with these two girls.

Kristine smiled shyly. "Hello," she said in a little girl voice.

April gazed lustily at her two sensual room mates, and imagined all the nasty fantasies she would have about the girls. She could barely contain drooling when Madison bent over to pick up a pair of panties she had dropped, revealing she was bottomless under her short skirt, and showing off her fat sensual ass, with a deep inviting crack and devilishly cute dimples at the top. April could see the peach of her pussy from behind, with wispy curls of transparent blonde pussy hairs peeping from between her butt cheeks. April was staring at Madison when she heard Kiki giggle softly. Her gaze flew to see Kiki staring at her with the same lustful look she was giving Madison.

Madison stood up and looked at them.

"Whats so funny?" She asked.

"Oh nothing." Kiki blushed.

"C'mon. Tell me." Madison demanded.

"Well, Kiki caught me staring at your adorably chubby butt while you were bending over." April blurted out. Her eyes widened and her hand flew over her mouth.

"Oh reallllly?" Madison drawled. " So you like my fat ass huh?"

"Yes. I do."

"Good cause I like yours." Madison walked over and cupped Aprils ass own full ass in both hands, squeezing it. "Hmmmm it's so firm and full. I don't like these anorexic Barbies walking around the campus, I like a woman with curves and some meat on her ass" She leaned in and kissed April full on the mouth, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth as April opened her mouth wide to accept and surrender.

"Kiki, go and lock that door. I think we have a little more getting to know each other to do." Madison said, gasping for air between wet kisses.

Madisons tongue went back into April's mouth as she deepened the kiss, and she slid a hand down April's panties and started stroking her fat slit and swollen clit. April moaned lightly. Kiki came up behind Madison and pinched both her huge nipples between her fingers, twisting and pulling them while grinding her round stomach into Madison's back and rubbing her pussy against Madison's big ass.

Madison broke her kiss with April and turned her head back to kiss Kiki, her fingers wet with April's juices, she reached under Kiki's tanktop and rubbed Kiki's nipples lightly, anointing them with pussy. She turned and raised a fat thigh up between Kiki's legs and ground herself against Kiki's panty-covered pussy.

"Ohhh, it's so hot down here. I like that." Madison reached for Kiki's thong and slid it down Kiki's legs. Kiki stepped out of them, revealing a purplish pussy with thick black hair, already glistening with juices. Madison slid a finger over her cum slickened pussy, running all the way up and down from the top of her clit all the way down to her asshole, pushing the tip of her pussy-slick middle finger into Kiki's loose puckered hole.

April was about to go wild just watching this, so she came behind Madison and pushed up her skirt, getting on her knees. She reached her hand between Madisons legs playing with her sopping wet hole. She pushed her face between Madison's fat butt cheeks and sniffed her randy asshole, then flickered out her tongue to taste its tangy puckered flavor. Madison leaned into her, spreading her legs slightly so April's tongue could invade her ass. She was obviously experienced at anal intrusion, because her hole opened easily and April pushed her entire tongue deep into her. She groaned and reached back to spread the fleshy cheeks to allow April deeper access, and April rewarded her with a deep and wet rimming, sucking her asslips and swirling her tongue around inside the loose, open hole.

"Hmmmm..." Madison murmured, delighted. " C'mon, let's go onto one of the beds."

They all went over to Madisons bed, which was the biggest. Madison pushed Kiki down on her back and stripped her of the rest of her clothes. All the girls quickly shed their few remaining clothes and began to work on each other.

Madison and Kiki turned their attention to April. April was about 5'9 with shoulder length chestnut hair with blonde highlights streaking through it and she had fat, hanging tits with a full, cute pot belly. Her ass was fat and curvaceous, but firm and tight without a hint of cellulite bubbles.

Madison climbed on top and kissed her, then turned her head back to Kiki. She kissed Kiki hard on the mouth, her hands roving up and down her fat little body, pinching her big meaty nipples and swollen brownish-purple clit.

Kiki was moaning by the time Madison decided it was time for more then kissing. She began to move slowly down Kiki's body, leaving a trail of hot kisses. She stopped at the silver dollar sized areola's with the cigarette butt sized nipples and bit them and sucked on them. Then her tongue moved down Kiki's swollen belly to her chubby pussy mound and fleshy pussy lips. Her pussy smelled strong and randy. Kiki's thick black hair crinkled under Madison's tongue as she licked the musky, sweaty hole of Kiki's fat pussy. Madison separated the thick lips with her fingers and dove deep into Kiki's pink insides. Kiki squealed with delight as Madisons tongue moved back and forth on her big juicy clit then back to her oozing pee-hole.

As Madison ate Kiki out, April lifted up Maddy's big round ass and laid on her back under Maddy, lifting her head so she could reach Madison's fat pussy with her mouth. She inserted a finger into Madison's loose asshole while she daintily licked at her swollen clit. then started getting rougher as she got into it, biting and sucking hard on the big piece of meat.

Kiki was writhing on the bed as Madison pumped her open ass hard and fast with 3 fingers and darted her tongue on her clit, licking and tasting. The better it felt for Madison, the faster she licked Kiki. April's tongue teased Madisons pussy, going hard and fast, then slowing down. She would move it down to the hole, insert it, licking the oozing peehole then move it back to the fat hot clit.

"Uh uh uh uh uh.....ohhhhh yessssssss.....Appppppprilllllll.....fuck me fuck me fuck me..... mmmmmmm....I'm...cummmmmmiiiingggggg....." Madison screamed at the same time that Kiki moaned, " Oh oh oh......(long sigh)......yessssssssss.....right there.....ohmigod-ohmigod-ohmigod...."

Kiki fell back and Madison fell on top of her, both panting and gasping. April knelt on the bed and smiled down at the two girls.

"Get over here!" Madison demanded. " Get on my face. I want that fat pussy on my face NOW!"

April scurried on top of her face and her wide soaking pussyhole was immidiately being fucked with a skilled tongue. Madison licked around the swollen pussy, sucking on the fat outer lips, then going to the loose hole and inserting her tongue. Her fingers moved back to April's chunky asscheeks and kneaded them roughly. Kiki knelt on the bed and helped her stay steady on Madisons face. She kissed her and pinched her dark nipples, making them into tight nubs big as gumballs.

April sighed and then giggled in pleasure as Madison finally found her overly large clit . Her tongue darted on it up and down, back and forth, lightly. Then Madison started getting serious. She made her tongue pointy and moved it swiftly back and forth, back and forth, back and forth on Aprils clit. Then she inserted 1..2..then 3 fingers into April's asshole and began to finger fuck her as she ate her out. April began to squirm, attempting to pull away, but then would immediately go back to Madisons mouth and fingers.

The fingers began to go faster, as did the tongue. April was soon gasping and moaning and yelling out.

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah.....mmmmm....FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!"

"Is that good baby? Do you like it when Madison fucks that sweet fat pussy? Hmmm?" Kikis orginal shyness was obviously different in the middle of dykesex.

"Oh yes. Yes yes yes!"

"Hmmmm that's right baby. Fuck her pussy really good. Make her cum. I WANNA SEE HER CUM!" Kiki was moaning just by seeing Madison eating out April.

Madison went faster and faster, and April began to tense up.

"Uhhhhhhhhh....uhhhhh.....yeeeeahhhhhh....." April pumped her big pussy onto Madisons face and threw her head back and let out a scream as she gushed in her orgasm. Kiki was moaning right along with her, as she furisouly pumped her pussy with her own fingers. April pushed her pussy onto Madisons face harder and Madison kept going, licking up the spoonfuls of cum that came from April's pussy.

April fell back after her mind blowing orgasm and moaned again.

Madison got up and giggled.

"Oh come on! You girls didn't REALLY think that we're done now do you??"

She got up and went to her bag and pulled out a thick, long, black strap on dildo and strapped it around her waist. "Get over here April. I am going to fuck your big fat ass while you and Kiki sixty-nine."

April's eyes widened. " I don't think I can take..."

"Don't you dare argue with me!" Madison said in a light, but tough voice. " Get on your knees."

Madison entered her from behind and the huge dildo filled April's streched rectum to her very core. Then Kiki slid underneith her and started to eat her out.

Madison was moving in and out of April's fat ass while Kiki licked April's large beefy clit and April licked Kiki's oozing pussy hole and tart sweaty asshole. Soon they were all moaning and the pussy and ass scent got stronger and stronger. April started screaming at all the attention that was being paid to her holes. Kiki had moved the folds that covered her clit and was sucking lightly on the delicate inner nub, nipping it with her teeth then flicking her tongue over it, while pistoning fingers in and out of her cunthole. April couldnt belive the pleasure she was feeling. Sweat poured from her body as she rammed fingers in and out of Kikis pussy and ass and sucked and licked on the delicious fat clit.

"I WANT YOU TO CUM.....NOW NOW NOW....." Madison pulled April's ponytail making her arch her back and moan got louder and louder.


April screamed and screamed and screamed as she was ass-fucked and eaten. She began to spurt uncontrollably. Minutes later Kiki began to cum for the second time that day, slurping up the pussy juice dripping from April's cunt.

April and Kiki laid panting, recovering from their climaxes, but Madison would not be denied.

"Oh no you don't, I need a good fucking now!" she demanded.

Pulling out her own strap-on, a 10-inch blue, veined monster, Kiki laced up while April took Madison's strapon and put it on. April laid back and Madison climbed onto the black dildo. There was a squishing wet slurp as her well-lubricated pussy sucked up the dildo and she slid her fat pussy all the way to the hilt. Kiki lined her blue prong up with Madison's fat ass and roughly forced it into her experienced asshole in one motion.

Madison laid down on April, fat belly to belly, fat tits rubbing fat tits, and took her full slutty face in her hands and began to kiss her aggresively as if she were a man attacking a virgin. Kiki grabbed Madison's full hips and began slamming her meaty ass and reaming her loose butthole. Madison pumped her pussy onto the dildo under her, then pulled back forcing the dildo behind her deeper, so that it alternately impaled her pussy and her ass. She was streaming cunt juice and groaning and screaming in pleasure.

Her spare-tire roll of fat felt good rubbing Madison's own fat belly and she could feel the fat rippling in her pillow-like asscheeks as Kiki slammed the dildo home up her shit-chute.

Kiki began to savagely smack Madison's chubby butt as she fucked it and twisted her big nipples from behind, the textured hilt of the strap-on rubbing her clit raw brought her to the edge of her third climax. Madison's grinding fat pussy was driving the inside ticklers of April's own strapon into her pussy, making it so sensitive April was screaming and crying for release. Madison pumped like a wild thing, forcing more up her ass and more into her cunt.

With a raging shudder the girls all screamed in unison and the combined juices from their randy cunts mixed as it ran down Madison's asscrack to April's pussy then down her ass and puddled on the bed. Madison pulled off April's strap-on and went to work on her cum-slicked pussy and ass, licking up every drop. Kiki stuck her nose up Maddy's ass and went to work on her pussy-hole, licking it clean. Then at last she lifted her ass into the air and April cleaned her ass and pussy out with her fat tongue.

Then the three fat and sweaty, cum drenched girls all cuddled together and fell asleep. During the night pairs or them would wake up and make out, lick each other off, and fall back asleep, but by morning they had come at least four more times apiece and all their cunts and asses were sore and well-fucked. It was going to be a great schoolyear, that's for sure!

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