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Lesbians in Fact & Fiction
This week's update by: doc    Last week's feature Jesus Nirvana

This week takes its usual incisive, brutal, sexist and exploitative look at the discrepency between lesbians in popular culture and lesbians in real life, both in their visual images and in how they are portrayed in erotic literature and how they actually have sex. Let's look at some lesbians as portrayed on Real Lesbians sex site and a Fantasy Lesbian sex story:


Dyke Party
Heather was in a room full of women. Butches were all over the place, wide, narrow, tall, and short. Three butches for every femme, and of course the femmes loved it, and Heather told herself she ought to love it too, but she had real competition here.She had put on lipstick and a dress and heels and told herself what she needed was to be with someone tonight. Not just anyone, but someone who could make her feel good about herself again.

She spotted the woman she wanted across the room. Corky was tall, lean, strong, blonde, with full, swollen D cup breasts and a model's face and a dancer's ass. Like a Viking. Damn it, I'm wetting my pants, Heather thought. Corky seemed bathed in a golden light. Then suddenly their eyes met. As Heather stood staring at her, Corky looking across the small room and their eyes met. Corky stared back. Heather was far enough back so Corky could see all of her, and Heather blushed as she saw Corky's eyes drop down and then up again.

"Dance with me," Corky said. "I'm getting bored just standing around."

When Corky touched her, Heather felt as though an electric shock passed between them. Her hands on Heather's hips, their bodies moving to the pounding rhythm, Corky leaned closer, close enough so Heather could hear what she said.

"I'd like to spend the night with you," Corky said.

Five minutes later, they left the party and drove in Heather's car to Heather's place.

She took Heather in her arms and kissed her. "Don't be afraid of me," Corky said.

They pressed their bodies together. Heather closed her eyes when Corky's hands moved to her breasts. Corky continued kissing her, nibbling at her lips, her hands slowly undoing the buttons at the back of Heather's dress. Heather wasn't sure when it happened, but suddenly she found one of her breasts exposed and Corky bending to kiss it. A shudder passed through her body as she felt Corky's mouth on her nipple. Corky tongued the tip of the breast, gently licking it, her hand lifting it.

She was kissing Heather's exposed breast, stroking it with her tongue, making Heather sweat with desire. Heather was so turned on now, she had to make a special effort not to say something crazy or something that would break the spell. Corky finally straightened up again, her fingertip toying with Heather's stiff wet nipple. She stroked Heather's back. Her wet mouth slid over Heather's cheek and temple and earlobe. Heather shivered as she felt Corky's tongue tickling the inside of her ear. Corky's hands slid over her back and waist as her lips found Heather's again. She cupped Heather's breasts, then her arms tightened more firmly around Heather's body as she pressed her mouth against the side of Heather's neck. Her hands dropped to stroke Heather's hips before sliding around to feel the curves of Heather's ass.

Corky started kissing her legs and thighs. Heather felt as though her cunt had melted. She could feel the nylon rubbing against her clitoris, against her swollen labia. She opened her thighs a bit wider and squirmed her buttocks on the sofa cushion. She covered her breasts with her hands, her fingers pinching her nipples.

Corky finally pushed Heather's thighs further apart and went down on her. Heather groaned, lifted her legs, held them up with her hands, her head bent as she watched that marvelous blonde head between her thighs. She felt Corky's mouth sucking her juices. The wetness was everywhere, her own juices, Corky's saliva, Corky's lips working. Heather moaned. She squirmed her hips. Ecstasy came in a gush, and Corky's mouth worked even harder. Heather came and came, and it never seemed to stop.

Heather wanted Corky to see her core. She opened her legs even wider. Corky laughed and bent to kiss her again. Corky's jeans rubbed against Heather's hips as she slid her hands under Heather's body to hold her ass.

Heather lay exhausted on the bed, she suddenly realized that Corky was naked and on her face. Corky's cunt was on Heather's mouth. Heather had no idea when or how. She felt Corky's juices dripping over her lips as Corky slowly swayed her hips back and forth.

Heather loved it. Happier than she could ever remember, Heather worked her tongue again. Her face was now a mess, her lips and chin covered with Corky's juices, her lipstick washed away. Nice color too, Heather thought. Lipstick girl's lipstick all gone. She held Corky's ass as Corky continued sliding. They continued with different positions all night, then slept like spoons. It was the beginning of a very sexy relationship.

Ok, that's the popular version. Then, we have the so-called "amateur" lesbians, which are purportedly real people, not models, having actual sex. The part about not being models is believable alright, some of these girls are downright heinous, but they still don't capture the true, real-life lesbian inner truth. Its staged and stimpulated, but less-so than the pay-site and Hustler-type lesbians.


Kitty Kissing
"Mmmm, Paula," she said in a sleepy whisper, moving her hand to cup my breast. Her touch caused an instant moist itch between my legs. I brought her hand to my lips, kissing her fingertips. Those same wondrous fingers that had been inside me so many times last night still held the scent of sweet sex. Then her hand relaxed, she sighed deeply, and drifted back to sleep.

My fur was sticky and matted from hours of what Kim called kitty kissing. The words made me smile. After producing a raging river of girl-cum from one orgasm to the next, I couldn't believe I was growing moist again from just feeling her next to me. Last night, Kim and I took each other to heaven so many times I lost count.

I'm a sophomore communications major at a small New England college and share an off-campus apartment with another girl. I discovered in my early teens that I was attracted to both guys and girls, and later came to thoroughly enjoy straight sex and lez love. I started experimenting with lesbianism in high school when the latest fad was for girls to make it with other girls. I thought it was loads of fun, and after that first taste, I definitely developed a craving for pussy.

I remembered the night before, how Kim had come to my apartment in answer to an internet chat room invitation. She went right to work on me. We kissed and she led me to my own bedroom and we fell on the bed.

My pussy reminded me how bad I wanted her. Kim was now sitting up so I straddle her with my knees and sat in her lap. I cupped her chin, tilting her face up. I lightly touched my lips to hers and in my sexiest, most seductive voice I said, "I wanna fuck." Then I kissed her with the deepest, most passionate kiss of my life. It was a twelve on a ten scale, an earthmover, and Kim moaned in response.

She let me explore every inch of her mouth before sucking on my tongue. Kim's hands were running up and down my bare legs. Her touch was electric, setting off fireworks deep inside my pussy. Then her fingers were rubbing me through my wet panties and pressing the thin material against my hole.

Kim pulled my tank top over my head exposing my breasts. "I want you naked," she said kissing each nipple.

I worked fast trying to kiss, grope and undress her at the same time. It was insane. I got her top off and somehow she managed to get my mini down my hips and I stood and let her take it off. Then I was on the floor pulling her jeans down and licking my lips at the sight of her baby-bare, shaved pussy. She made me stand so she could slip my panties off. Her eyes sparkled when she smelled them. Suddenly, we were kneeling face to face and Kim pushed her small, cone-shaped breasts at me, her nipples rock-hard. I held them, kissing, biting and teasing. We laughed and moaned and yelped as our hands caressed underarms and legs and tummies and toes and hair. Then she was back on the couch pulling me on top of her. We kissed and licked and sucked, and her hands were on my ass and mine on her tits. I reached between us until I found her pussy and put two fingers inside her and she reached around my ass, found my cunt and shoved two fingers inside me. We fucked and grunted like wild animals.

And the wave built and our breathing became frantic and our bodies moved in unison and our fingers were fierce and our pussies grabbed and made squishing sounds. Our tongues licked and lapped, and our hungry mouths devoured. Then the wave roared up and crashed over us and we shook uncontrollably and our toes spread and curled and our backs arched and our teeth clinched, and the roar was deafening. Our cries were loud and primitive and our pussies quivered, and honey flooded out and coated our hands, and the roar became a rocket ship, and the room darkened and stars came out and gold dust fell around us.

"Turn around and let's do some serious kitty kissing."

"Wow, I've never heard it called that before." I giggled at the adorable way she described girls eating pussy. "That's so sweet. Kitty kissing-I love it." Slowly I got up on my hands and knees carefully turning around into a sixty-nine. I felt her hands hug my thighs and caress my hips. Kim brought her knees up and spread her legs. Her beautiful bare pussy glistened with cum-flushed and puffy from her orgasm. I wiped my face on it smearing her cum on my cheeks and chin and nose. She smelled sweet and sexy, and ready to fuck again.

Kim gently spread my outer lips with her fingers and blew warm air in my hole. My vagina quivered in anticipation of her tongue. "It's beautiful, Paula."

I gently lowered my ass to her mouth and she kissed my pussy. I returned her affection by kissing hers. Then I started tracing her slit with my tongue. I reached around her legs and pulled her open to get to those creamy sugar walls. Kim's clitoris was swollen and fully exposed, reminding me of a precious pearl in a delicious pink oyster. We buried our heads between our legs, put our tongues to work, kitty kissing our way to the next rocket ride.

I came so hard, I passed out for a few moments afterwards. Next, Kim sat on my face and flooded my mouth with her hot cum. Then we switched and I straddled her head and ground my pussy into her eager mouth until she sucked out every drop of my honey.

Our pussies needed a rest so we decided to have some anal fun. Kim got on her hands and knees, stuck her bottom in the air, and I licked her ass until she had a screaming orgasm. Then I laid on my back, pulled my legs up to my chest and let her return the favor. She pushed her finger up inside my rectum and fucked me while sucking my clit at the same time. That one was a mega come and it was my turn to scream.

I had a strap-on, so we took turns fucking with it for two more orgasms. After that, we were so exhausted we lay in each other's arms until finally falling asleep.

I pulled her on top of me, wrapped my arms around her, and we kissed and kissed and kissed. Kitty kissing.

Now we come to the actual, every-day, mullet wearing, man-hating, leftie-commie feminazi garden variety Real Lesbians. Here's some pix of lesbians in their natural habitat, with their lovers, and a story that is actual erotica written by dykes for dykes. It's not quite what popular culture would have you believe.


Julie Blue (real lesbian story)
Too restless to sleep, Cassandra got up and went into the den. She clicked on her computer and got online. There were two new E-mails, one was a memo from work but the other was a note from her college Alumni Association. Her college reunion was to take place in August. Even though Cassandra was no longer in touch with her college girl friends, she thought it would be nice to see them again. Rick would never attend a reunion, so she would have to plan on going by herself. There was a long list of E-mail addresses of her former classmates. She quickly scanned the list and one name jumped out at her. Jodi Silverman had been her closest girlfriend in college.

She called the number in the email and left a message on Jodi's machine. “Umm…hi Jodi, thanks for responding to my E-mail. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Bye.”

Cassandra yelled in frustration. She couldn’t believe she had left such a dumb message. Now Jodi would never call back. Damn! At one point she thought about leaving another message, but that would look like she was desperate. Well maybe she would send another E-mail later. The phone rang.

Jodi was on the line. “Hello?”

“Jodi…” “Hi Cassie…how are you?”

“It’s wonderful to hear your voice. Girl I have missed you so much!”

“Yeah…well it’s been almost 19 years since I’ve seen you.”

Cassandra interrupted her. “Jodi don’t hate me! I am so sorry for the way I treated you.”

“Look that was a long time ago, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve had a good life, I’m not complaining.” Anyway I can’t chat for long, I have to prepare a presentation for my company.”

“I want to see you…I want to talk to you. It’s going to be months before the reunion and I just thought maybe we could get together for coffee or something.” Cassandra pleaded.

“You can’t ever go back Cassie. Quite frankly I don’t even know why I called you. Maybe I was just curious about what you wanted. Or maybe I just wanted an explanation.”

“Jodi…it took all my courage to contact you. I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous I am right now.”

“I’m sorry Cassie…I have to go. Send me an E-mail if you want.” Jodi abruptly hung up the phone.

Well what had she expected? Cassandra had dumped Jodi for a man. If only she had stood up to her parents instead of caving in. Her whole life was one big if only. True love didn’t happen very often. Cassandra never understood her friends who drifted from lover to lover. She had learned one thing…if you find someone you love…don’t fuck it up!

Cassandra didn’t E-mail Jody. She procrastinated and made excuses about why she couldn’t write, and then she just gave up and admitted she was afraid to write. Jodi didn’t need her friendship that was obvious. Nineteen years was a long time, they had nothing in common anymore. She didn’t have anything in common with any of her classmates. And that’s when Cassandra decided not to go to her college reunion.

A few more weeks went by and she developed a routine, her morning walk, and stopping to get coffee and a bagel, then off to work. After work she went to the gym and swam laps. When it was time for bed she was so tired, she didn’t dream much. But thoughts of Jodi kept intruding into her mind. Cassandra was certain Jodi would never forgive her for the mistakes she had made in the past. Why couldn’t she just get over it and move on? It was a total shock when she actually ran into Jodi. Cassandra had finished her workout, taken a shower, and was on her way out when she bumped into a woman coming through the door. She immediately apologized, then stood and stared at the woman with her mouth open.


The woman dropped her gym bag. “Cassie is that you?”

Cassandra felt like she was having a panic attack. Her heart raced and she had trouble breathing. She struggled to sound casual. “Hi Jodi.”

“Well this is pretty strange. How long have you been coming to this gym?”

“Just a couple of weeks. Jodi, I have to ask you…do you still hate me?”

“Cassie this isn’t the time or place to go into that.” Jodi sounded exasperated.

“I want to know if we could ever be friends again.”

Jodi said through clenched teeth. “After nineteen years you have some nerve asking me that. What do you want from me?”

There was a long silence and then Cassandra cried out. “I just want to be your friend…my heart was never the same after we broke up.”

“I don’t know whether to kiss you or punch you in the nose. I must be an idiot because I still care about you.” She shook her head in disgust. “Come on let’s get out of here.”

A cold rain fell and the wind tore through their clothes. The women ran towards Jodi’s SUV. They shivered as they waited for the heater to start working. Cassandra took a good look at Jodi; she was still a very attractive woman. She was wearing a black flannel shirt, the buttons were open at the neck and Cassandra could see the gentle curve of her breast. Cassandra was intensely aware of her desire to seduce Jodi; her body craved a woman’s touch.

Jodi drove out of the parking lot. “I don’t know where I’m going. Do you want to get a drink or get something to eat?”

Cassandra glanced down at her outfit. She was wearing an old sweatshirt and her exercise pants had a hole in the knee. “Umm…I’m not exactly dressed for going out.”

“Yeah well you still look good to me. Any objections to going to my place?”

Tears fell from Cassandra’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks. “I never forgot you. No matter what you think of me…I always cared about you.”

“Then why didn’t you contact me years ago?” Jodi scolded her gently.

“I was afraid. That’s it really…I was afraid.”

Jodi nodded her head. “You and I have a lot of things to sort out. But right now I want a drink.”

She pulled up to the security gate and punched in her code. The heavy gate swung open and Jodi drove through it. She lived in a small but well designed house. A large black lab greeted the women as they walked through the door.

“This is my baby, his name is Dallas.” “Hi Dallas.” Cassandra petted the dog while Jodi got a milk bone for him.

“Look, I’m cold and wet and you must be too. I have some dry clothes that should fit you.”

Jodi rummaged through the closet in her bedroom and tossed a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to Cassandra. There was a moment of awkward silence, and then Cassandra pulled off her wet sweatshirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples stood out proudly and she shivered as she turned to face Jodi.

“Oh Cassie…you are so beautiful.” Jodi groaned. “You always did have fantastic breasts.”

Cassandra reached out and put Jodi’s hand on her breast. “They are yours if you want them.”

Jodi licked her lips nervously as she backed away. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.”

“It’s okay.” Cassandra purred. “I’m not out to hurt you. This can be a one-time thing or something more. It’s up to you.”

She touched her nipples, then slid her hands down and pulled her pants off. Cassandra lay naked on the bed. Jodi hesitated but finally gave in; she stripped off her clothes and joined Cassandra. They could feel the heat from each other’s bodies. Jodi kissed Cassandra lightly on the lips.

“This is crazy! We are just going to end up hurting each other again.”

“Jodi…I promise this time will be different.”

The sexual attraction between the women was very strong. Cassandra positively glowed with anticipation. Exploring, touching, and swirling her fingers around in the juices. Jodi pulled her hand free and licked her fingers. She enjoyed the smell and taste of her lover. It was a very potent and erotic perfume. Jodi kissed Cassandra again, their tongues met and danced around each other.

She frantically rubbed herself on Cassandra’s thigh. “Oh God…I’m sorry Cassie…I just can’t wait.”

“I love you Jodi.” Cassandra whispered into her ear. “I want to make love to you all night.”

Jodi burst into tears; the intensity of her orgasm startled her. She felt incredible emotions course throughout her body. Cassandra ran her fingers through Jodi’s long brown hair. The women turned to each other and once again made love. This time their sex was slower and more romantic. She let out a contented sigh…this was just wonderful.

She had so many things to look forward to, a new start with Jodi. Cassandra knew it was going to take hard work and complete honesty if she was going to fix the mistakes she had made in the past. She gazed upon Jodi’s sleeping form. Smiling as she kissed her soft lips. Cassandra was confident everything would be fine. She snuggled up next to Jodi and fell asleep. And dreamt of better days to come.



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