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Lesbian Butt Spanking!
This week's update by: Marie LeClare    Last week's feature Real/Fake Lesbos

Marie LeClare
This week presents a new work of Erotic Fiction from Marie LeClare. Check out the rest of Marie's stories and photos in our Babes Section. Now, lavishly adorned with lesbian porn, presents:

by Marie LeClare

Margaret Jorgensen couldn't believe her ears. The girl sitting across from her was either an angel or a nut case kook. She just couldn't quite make out which. It all seemed too good to be true. Perhaps, it was only that she'd had such a string of bad luck lately.

Two years earlier Margaret had become aware that the bank account for her children's university education was almost depleted. Unfortunately, her oldest daughter, Megan, had demanded that she attend a prestigious and expensive school. This despite the fact that Megan's marks were not the greatest to say the least. However, Margaret wanted the best for her children, so she took an extra job to allow her daughter to attend her chosen alma mater.

In two years of University, there had been slow to no progress. Megan had poor to mediocre marks, didn't take a full load of classes, and was no closer to a major then when she started. At 21 her major interests, were parties, boys and more parties.

Then there were "the Demands". Megan needed new clothes, Megan needed an allowance, Megan needed a good apartment, and so many others. Margaret tried to reason with her daughter. She didn't need all those new clothes, she wore a school uniform to class. (Oh Mom, I need clothes at night and on the weekends too)

She didn't need such a heavy entertainment allowance, she had her own apartment (Oh really, with raised eyebrows, I have a life outside my apartment Mother). She didn't need such a big apartment, after all it was 4 bedrooms and she lived by herself and had no roommates. There had been numerous scenes and tantrums, but Margaret always gave in.

Margaret had a couple of extra keys made for the apartment (she paid the bills after all) and placed an ad in a local newspaper: FEMALE ROOM MATE WANTED. She even took a couple of days off work to come upstate and interview prospective tenants. Megan boycotted the whole thing of course. The little fresh woman let it be known in no uncertain around school that she didn't need a room mate. The word was out that "Megan Jorgensen would be VERY embarrassed and pissed off if anyone saw her kooky mother about her kooky ad".

In the end only one odd looking girl appeared, 19 year old Daphne Chetnik. She was pretty in a quirky kind of way. Daphne was short at around 5 foot 1 inch. She had a freckly red face with blue eyes and snub nose. She wore black rimmed 1960's style glasses and had a short thick neck. Her bowl cut style hair was jet black. The distraught Mother could clearly see good sized muscles underneath Daphne's track suit. She was almost square thought Margaret, and couldn't help smiling as she imagined Daphne Chetnik as some kind of female bull dog. In fact, Daphne was a Bulldog. She was the head of the University's female wrestling team, the Bulldogs. They called her "Pit Bull Chetnik".

Daphne asked as to where her room mate was. Reluctantly, Margaret told her the whole story. Strangely, it didn't make any difference to the young student.

Daphne was willing to pay the rent. However, she was clearly displeased to hear about Megan's poor school record. To correct the situation, she even offered to tutor Megan in her studies. She was a year a head of Megan already and on the Dean's list to boot. She would set a budget for the apartment and she would find at least one other room mate to help pay the rent. As if that wasn't enough, she would ensure Megan found a job to earn some of her own spending money.

At that Margaret laughed out loud. She showed her a picture of her daughter in her Cheerleaders uniform. Megan Jorgensen was a leggy, tall platinum blonde of the Scandinavian variety. She was almost 5 foot 10 with alabaster skin, pale blue eyes, and dimpled chin. In the current picture, she was clearly fit and trim with perky breasts, a slender waste, flat tummy and adorable bubble butt. Daphne was clearly interested in the girl.

Margaret: My dear girl, how to you propose to handle her?

Daphne: How did your late husband handle Megan, Mrs. Jorgensen?

Margaret blushed slightly, "Well, he uh, well, Fred, would...

Daphne: He spanked her, didn't he Mrs. Jorgensen.

Margaret: Well, yes, but of course, that was, well she was 14 at the time.

Daphne: I know all about your daughter Mrs. Jorgensen. I heard her around school today, telling people that she didn't want a room mate. But Mrs. Jorgensen, I thought she needed one, so here I am. You can trust in me.

So an agreement was reached. Daphne would move in that very night, her stuff was down stairs in her car. She pre-paid two months rent, much to Margaret's relief, and took the key. She insisted Margaret get back home and not worry herself any further. Daphne would introduce herself to her new room mate. She insisted Margaret take a spare key and come and stay any time she wanted. And with that Margaret left.

In the weeks that followed things improved for the better to say the least. Margaret suddenly began to receive weekly reports of her daughter's school tests and papers with ever improving results. Megan called her at least once a week and for once was courteous and respectful. She even stopped asking for money. And then to Margaret's amazement, Megan began sending money back to her Mother. Margaret didn't know what to think. The girl must be ill.

Finally, after 6 weeks, Margaret Jorgensen couldn't stand it any longer. She decided to take the weekend and visit the apartment. She had a key and a standing invitation after all. That Friday she left work a little early and headed out to see her daughter.

The apartment appeared deserted from the street, but she decided to head up and wait for the girls inside. She found her key and let herself in. As she entered the Apartment she noticed a change at once. The place was neat and clean quite the change from Megan's normal messy state. There was also a change in the atmosphere, she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Then, she heard a noise from somewhere in the girls flat.

"Daphne is that you? I've been a good girl. I'm ready, just like you said. I've pulled my own panties down, the hairbrush is ready, please not too hard.

Margaret: "Megan is that you?". She proceeded to the living room where the voice had originated from.

A sorry sight met Margaret Jorgensen's eyes as she entered. There in the center of the room was her daughter, Megan, waiting for a spanking. Even Margaret could see from the little scene what was going to transpire. The tall blonde stood beside a straight backed chair. A large lightly colored, wooden hairbrush rested on the seat bristles up. Under the brush was a single sheet of paper.

The girl's plaid knee high skirt was neatly folded over an arm of the nearby sofa. Megan's panties were pulled down and inside out around her knees. Her white blouse was rolled up to her belly button. This spanking outfit was complimented by a little narrow, black school tie, polished black shoes and black socks that went half way up to her knocking knees. A white Elfin bum wiggled in time with a pair of tearing eyes.

Megan: "Oh Momma, what are you doing here?"

Margaret: I came to see you. What's going? Where's Daphne?

Her daughter began to blubbering and cry. Megan was clearly in a panic and not making much sense. Her blubberings were a pathetic mix of pleading, story and apology. Margaret recognized immediately that a powerful force was at work. From what she could make out, she'd just received some poor test results in the mail. After speaking to Daphne by phone, she had prepared herself as found. Daphne was going to punish her for the poor results. From the words "blisters", "dance", "stings", amongst others it was clear that Megan did not look forward to her encounter with Daphne. After a minute or two, Margaret put an end to her daughter's little panic.

Margaret: There, there. This is quite the change from the Megan Jorgensen that I've known for the last two years. Why don't we wait to see what Daphne has to say, dear.

Megan's reaction was a quivering and quavering chin followed by a series of "pleases", and "don't let hers". These were cut short as someone else entered the apartment. Megan's eyes shot to the entrance. A little Pit Bull of a Daphne then marched into the apartment.

Daphne: Ah, Mrs. Jorgensen, I thought it was your car outside. Well I see that you've met the new Megan. What do you think?

Margaret: I can't thank you enough-for the improved school results, the money and of course the worries you've taken off my shoulders. This is not my idea of of a modern education, but you've made enormous progress. I can't thank you enough. What do you want me to do. Leave while you deal with Megan?

Daphne: Mrs. Jorgensen, please stay, its important that you stay. Our other room mate, Corey Vanderlee, is usually present for Megan's spankings, as is Megan for hers. You see, a little public humiliation is good for naughty girl getting her bottom tanned.

Anyways, if Megan hasn't already told you, her performance on her math exam was not what was promised. I think that she should get what I promised if she didn't study hard enough. What do you think?

Daphne: Hmmm, a C+. It's an improvement but I was promised a B. What did I say Megan. Perhaps you better explain to your Mother.

Megan: Momma Daphne said if I didn't get a B, she would give me a Spanking.

Daphne: And?

Megan: She said if I got a C she would leave blisters. Oh, Daphne, please, no blisters, I was close to a B.

Daphne: A B- is close. A C+ isn't. Besides you left out a whole lot Out.

Megan: I don't want a spanking.

Margaret was happy with the turn of events even if her daughter wasn't. She had never been able to win an argument with her daughter. Now she was in the presence of someone who would likely never lose one.

Daphne: Alright I'll explain if you're going to be a big baby about it. In this house what I say goes. Poor marks, sloppiness, disrespect, and overspending are all dealt with the same way. When Megan is over my knee and sees her own pulled down panties staring back at her while looking under the chair, well, she'll remember. And when my hairbrush kisses her big bare bum and sets it on fire, she'll remember she could have and should have done better on that exam.

Daphne: Mrs. Jorgensen this brush does no permanent damage, but I assure you she will think of this over the knee trip for some time to come. See the shine on the back of this maple brush. That's not varnish. That fine sheen was provided by the bum oils of two bad girls spanked right out of their behinds by yours truly. She'll kick and cry when this brush goes to work, but I assure that her bottom will shine too.

Margaret: I can't argue with results, but surely it can't always be this easy.

Daphne: No, that's true. The first few weeks were very trying with your daughter. I think the turning point came two weeks ago. On a Friday night, just like this one, she tried going out without my permission. She never made it as far as where you're standing now. I picked this "big" daughter of yours up and, You tell her Megan,

Megan: Daphne stopped me. She took me back to the chair. She pulled down my pants and panties and she spanked me on the bare bottom. I cried of course. You don't know how much that brush burns.

Daphne: I did more than that, my girl. I spanked this naughty brat so hard she kicked her own pants and panties right own. Her blue jeans actually hit the ceiling. I left blisters everywhere on that big bottom she is so proud of. Megan was grounded for the rest of the weekend. And when I say "grounded", I mean she pranced around this apartment bare assed. I had a big red bottom at my disposal until Megan's Monday classes. Any smart remarks or bad behavior on that weekend and she was back over my knee. Nothing got in my way I can assure you. If you think spanking doesn't work, she's been as good as gold for the last two weeks, until this poor test result that is.

All during Daphne's description, Megan was nervously biting her pony tail, covering her curly front, rubbing her bare seat in anticipation, and rocking heel to toe. Her pretty face and made various unhappy twitches and turns. She watched the hairbrush with horrid fascination as Daphne waved it in the air while she spoke.

Finally the moment of truth arrived. Megan was called and stumbled forward. She threw herself over Daphne's knees, pleading for leniency as she did so. Megan soon found herself staring up under the straight back chair. In her upside down world, her poor panties hung inside out around her knees. She wished she had studied harder for that Math exam.

Spank, POP, Spank, Pop, Spank, Pop

The spanking of the upturned bottom of cheerleader Megan Jorgensen began.

Megan: It burns, it BUURRRRNNNS, Not soooo , oh, awww, ahhh. harrrdd, pleeasssse, NOOOOOTTTT SOOOOOHHHHHAAAADDDD,.......

Never one to remain quiet during a spanking she quickly demonstrated that she had a full set of lungs.

Megan began kicking her legs around and tried to throw her right back hand and protect the burning backside. The wing-tip black glasses of Daphne spotted the infraction and threat to her authority immediately. She took hold of the girl's palm and applied a good dozen plus searing smacks to the violating appendage. The outraged girl tried to retrieve her hand after the second swat, but it was not until it had reached a bakers dozen that she was able the kiss it better. The hairbrush returned to the kissing of the blonde's bare asscheeks.





Daphne was clearly enjoying the experience. Not that this bothered Mother Jorgensen. Two years of back talk and disrespect had earned Megan that plus many more spankings in her book. This Daphne character was just the one to hand them out. Mother reflected on the prim and proper Megan. If only she knew that the showed off her little fur covered pussy and little asshole, she'd be so embarrassed. Margeret marvelled how Megan's little white cotton panties hugged the girls knees, no matter how hard the spanks and resulting leg kicks. They stretched and contorted in all directions, but stuck too the proud girl. They were her only friends now, except of course for the hairbrush.

Daphne also scolded and lectured the poor girl throughout the spanking:

Daphne: Here you are younger than me, SMACK, CRACK and I have to take your big girls pants down, CRACCK, SPAAANNKKK, Look at you kicking and carry on like your six years old, CRACCKKKKK, SPPPPPANNNK, not such a big girl now are we?, CRACKKKKKK, SPANNNNNKKKKKK, .....

Megan had the type of snow white alabaster skin that reddened up in a heartbeat. In record time the hairbrush seared it crimson red white and then red cross red. Still on and on Daphne spanked.

OOOHHHHH, WAHHHHHH, OOOOOO went the trashing Megan as white tears and platinum white hair flew about. The top of Megan's tight ass cheeks started to purple, the promised blisters were developing. Strangely a little white strip from tail bone to pussy could be seen between the strip. Daphne could blister even this, but reserved this for especially heinous behavior. Besides, she wanted that later for her own enjoyment.

The scene was so ridiculous reflected Margaret. It looked like a midget spanking a giant. A 5 foot nothing Slavic serf was whipping a near 6 foot tall Viking princess. Her majesty Megan was being brought down to earth or least had her little pert nose in it (of 6 inches above) and was watering the apartment floor as well.

By now Megan's protests were unrecognizable. She kicked wildly in all directions, hands and arms waved in a pointless series of bizarre patterns.

Her eyes were more or less permanently shut except for those scorching splats applied to the blistered areas on top of her summits. These made her cool blue eyes bug out of their sockets, as if someone was pocking them from behind (so to speak) At the 10 minute mark Daphne went into overdrive. For the last minute, she applied a barrage of furious spanks that raised the heat in the young Swedish-American's asscheeks and the room. In that last minute as many spanks as landed in the last three must have been let loose. The hairbrush batteries were suddenly silenced and a wailing Megan was lifted bodily onto her feet.

Daphne: Now you stay her with your hands on your head until I say to come out. And no more rubbing. Do you understand? Well do you?



Daphne and Margaret then went to the kitchen to make supper. The sounds of bawling, hiccuping and sniffling could be clearly heard, but the women went about preparing the evening dinner. After 10 minutes Megan was allowed to lower her arms and step out of her panties. After 20 minutes she was ordered to the bathroom to clean up for dinner. Daphne and Megan ate a leisurely supper at the kitchen table while a teary eyed Megan munched on hers from the fire place mantle.

Mother Jorgensen, sensing that she was not needed now, said her goodbyes to Daphne, thanking her profusely and left.

As the door closed behind Mother Jorgensen, Daphne Chetnik turned and sauntered into the kitchen. There she was confronted by the sight of a big red happy bum peering back at her from in front of a kitchen counter. Megan was bent over engrossed in her magazine. Silently Daphne snuck up behind the tempting sunset and applied a quick stinging open handed slap to a vulnerable chubb. Megan squealed and jumped turning in mid air to land face to face with the black framed eyes of Daphne.

Daphne: Alright, you're Mother has gone home. So you know what comes next. You get that little ass of yours down the hall into my bed, I'm not finished with you yet my pretty little slave.

Megan knew what was coming next, as it had so many times.

As she stood and watched Daphne strip, carefully hanging up her clothes properly, then sitting in the chair, with her legs parted, she could feel the excitement deep down in her pussy. She had never done anything like this before she met Daphne, but now loved feasting on her pussy.

Daphne: Now bitch down on your knees, and if you don't make me cum strong I'm going to use the whip on you.

Megan dropped to her knees, her hands on the inner thighs of this bulldog of a woman, briefly looking up into her eyes, before dropping her mouth to her shaved pussy.

Licking her delicate folds, nibbling on her pussy lips, Megan's tongue explored Daphne's pussy. Her thumbs parting Daphne's pussy lips so she could lick her inner lips, then plunging her tongue in deep. Probing her pussy walls and enjoying the taste. Feeling it deep within the heart of her own pussy. Her own juices were flowing. She could feel them dripping down her legs. On and on she licked and tongue fucked Daphne. Swirling her tongue over Daphne's hood and swollen clit before using her fingers to pat Daphne's clit and tongue fucking her hot pussy. The moans coming from Daphne were getting stronger, and Megan knew the tingle was building and Daphne was on the edge of a huge orgasm. All of a sudden, like a clock striking the hour, Daphne screamed YESS, and gushed her sweet honey into Megan's waiting mouth.

Taking a few moments to recover, Daphne then grabbed Megan by the hair and lifted her to her feet, taking her to the bed, not even bothering to undress her.

Going to the drawer, Daphne got out the huge dildoe, and after putting on the harness, knelt between Megan's legs. Holding the tip of the monster to Megan's wet pussy, Daphne pushed her hips so it entered deep, and started to fuck Megan. She knew it wouldn't take long for Megan to cum, and it didn't.

This went on for hours. Between each of them cumming from licking, using vibrators, and the dildoe.

Megan knew she would always be Daphne's slave, and would love every minute.

Later that Night...

Corey entered the darkened apartment. It was 12:00 and well past her curfew. Luckily the door to Daphne's room was shut and the little terror asleep. She Silently she slipped into her room, and closed the door. She undressed and got into bed. As she did so she heard the tell tale sounds of bedsprings and ass slapping. She knew from the sharp crisp slaps that a poor girls ass was being punished by an outstretched palm.

Corey knew from experience that a naked Daphne would be perched astride a certain naked cheerleader's back as she laid helpless across the bed. From that position, Daphne would slap a girls behind a bright red like she was playing the drums. It was her idea of foreplay, and these "little hand spankings" usually lasted 10 minutes or more. She liked a girl's butt spicy red hot before she went down on her. The main problem was that the little pit bull had enormous energy. A girl might find herself being rolled onto her stomach 6 or 7 times in one night with an equal number of 69 licking sessions following. These night time olympics usually followed a hairbrush spanking to boot. Corey had seen the spanking chair in the center of the living room, and knew the score. From the sounds that she heard next door during the night Daphne was heading for a new record. Megan would have one very tear soaked pillow by morning and one very very red bottom to boot. Better her than me mused Corey as she fell to sleep.

The next morning, Corey rose late and found Daphne sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee. A very rosie bottomed Megan drank hers from the kitchen counter. Corey sensed spanking in the air and imagined that Daphne's energy was not yet exhausted. As Corey went to get her own coffee, she heard Daphne calling her from the living room. She left the kitchen.

Megan heard a short blunt verbal exchange. There were accusations of a curfew not being adhered to, denials made things worse. Within a minute or two the familiar sound of brush on bottom was heard. Megan watched the spanking of her green-eyed room mate. She was a twin to Megan except for her eyes and long think lightly brown hair. She also had the curliest, thickest pussy fur that Megan had ever seen. In the next 10 minutes she saw a lot more of it. She watched with quiet satisfaction as the curvy brown ass danced down to a certain bedroom. It was 10:00 in the morning. By three o'clock, Megan had read three magazines, and listened to 5 hours of slaps, springs and squeals. As she contemplated Corey's position, she rubbed her ass. Smiling to herself, she hoped Daphne made an ARRANGEMENT with a third room mate soon.

--Marie LeClare
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