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Her Daughter Dee
This week's update by: Marie LeClare     Last week's feature Malevolent Creation

This week presents another tale of love between a Mother and her daughter by our resident Erotic Mistress, Marie LeClare.

Her Daughter Dee
by Marie LeClare

Marie moved the chair from its usual position in the corner of her bedroom so that it faced the large mirrors on the doors to her closet. Settling herself comfortably in the chair, Marie looked into the mirror. An extremely attractive brunette in a loose, red satin top just barely held up by thin spaghetti straps, and a matching pair of bikini panties stared back. Some thought Marie was narcissistic. That was true, but subject to qualifications.

Marie was beautiful! She knew it and appreciated it. But it was not the sort of blind vanity whereby Marie could not pass a mirror without pausing to check her hair or makeup. Her self-appreciation was different. Her obsession with her body and her looks were very specific and very sexual!

Marie enjoyed sex. She definitely enjoyed sex. She enjoyed thinking about sexual acts. She enjoyed participating in sexual acts. She enjoyed watching sexual acts. Marie, by any interpretation, loved sex. It was therefore very natural that Marie enjoyed looking at her own body for it oozed sexuality. Her lovers, only female, she had made that mistake once, and Deirdre, or Dee was born, had always enjoyed looking at Marie's magnificent body. Why should she be any different?

There was certainly a lot there to enjoy. Marie was stunningly proportioned 5'6". Her lush hair swept to just below her shoulders, ending just before the commencement of the swelling of her beautiful, rounded breasts. Her breasts were like the rest of her, perfectly proportioned to her form and a magnificent 'C' cup. Her waist slimmed nicely before it flared into the softly rounded hips of a woman. Her legs tapered gracefully to the ground and gave the impression of going on forever. She had enjoyed success as a model.

The only thing that Marie enjoyed more than looking at her own body was having someone else enjoy looking at it. The only thing she enjoyed more than touching herself was having someone else touch her. It didn't really matter if that someone were old or young, as long as it was a female. For you see, Marie was a confirmed lesbian.

She and Dee managed quite nicely together over the next sixteen years. While mother and daughter, they also cultivated a very special bond as two females facing the world together. While she made mistakes, Marie tried to raise Dee with love, respect, and total openness and honesty, an approach that in this case seemed to have worked wonderfully. Of course Marie had taken care over the years to avoid flaunting her love of sex in front of Dee, but neither had she cloistered herself!

Dee was out for the evening on a date so Marie had the house to herself. And she thoroughly intended to enjoy herself. The fact that she didn't have a lover for the evening in no way would prevent her from achieving the sexual pleasures she so desperately desired. Frequently Marie found pleasure as well as relief in masturbation, while fantasies of dominating another woman danced in her head. She had never considered pleasing herself to be an act of desperation, something to be undertaken only as a last resort when the absence of adult companionship had reached a breaking point.On the contrary, Marie had never been one to reject the pleasures that sex might offer, and who knew how to please her better than herself.

Marie carefully studied the image of the temptress in the mirror. Only the shimmer of her long, lustrous hair surpassed the shimmer of her satin top. Though the top hid some of the rounded contours of her breasts, her hard nipples were quite apparent. She pressed the two protruding bumps with her fingers and shivered slightly at the delightful sensations that rippled through her body and telegraphed promises of greater delights straight down to her pussy. Marie could feel the twinge of tension deep within her womanhood that commenced the familiar climb to even greater and more delicious responses.

Marie settled more comfortably in the chair and let her hands cup and cradle her breasts. With light, rhythmic motions Marie caressed her sensitive rock hard nipples. Sometimes when she masturbated she paid a great deal of attention to her breasts. Other times she almost ignored them and went directly to her pussy for her pleasure. Tonight was shaping up as a breast night.

The satin felt exquisite against her skin. Slick and cool on her soft, warm flesh. Marie marveled at how her mammary manipulation felt stimulating and soothing at the same time. The urge for flesh on flesh eventually won out. Sitting up slightly, Marie crossed her arms and slipped the top up and off. She settled back and her hands returned to cuddling her breasts. Now she could enjoy the sight, as well as the sensations, of her beautiful boobs.

Light, feathery caresses alternated with firm, intense strokes as Marie squeezed and rubbed her gorgeous girl treasures. When not playing with the full, rounded mass of her breasts, she was pinching and pulling on the hard little nipples that were standing so defiantly erect. Rhythmic contractions deep within her cunt grew stronger and faster as Marie's nips tantalizing created the desired result.

She squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples as a delightful little orgasm pulsed through her loins. The moist evidence of her arousal was soaking through the crotch of her sexy, red panties. Marie's hands left her breasts and cupped the soft bulge of her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as her hips rolled her pussy against her hands. It felt so good.

Her fingers scratched lightly over the taut strip of panty covering her pussy. The sensations transmitted through to her delicate folds were wonderful. Up and down the length of her pussy her fingers traced a line. A rich, earthy female scent filled the air. Her hips raised slightly as Marie hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slipped them down over her beautiful ass. She then wiggled that beautiful butt back into her chair and pulled her legs up towards her. Down and off her panties went. Marie moved her legs apart and studied the wondrous little spot that was her pussy.

Marie had learned so much about pleasing herself and others since her first tentative explorations of her pussy so long ago. From her earliest probing born of normal, natural curiosity about herself, Marie had been driven to push her sexual horizons. Her discoveries with Dawn, her best friend from elementary school right through high school, taught her that love and sex with girls could be wonderful. As much as Marie enjoyed learning, she enjoyed putting what she had learned to good use. She knew from long experience the best ways to create exquisite sexual delights for herself as well as others. And she didn't intend to permit an opportunity to pleasure herself to slip away in idle reminiscing.

Marie's hand slid inward over her rounded hip and tight tummy, heading relentlessly towards her lush, pouty pussy lips. Down over these protruding folds her fingers danced. Her body shivered in response as her pussy trembled under the tender tickling touch. Her fingers paused at the center of her pussy momentarily,then drove inward, parting her sex folds and plunging deep into her warm tight pussy. Marie groaned and held her hand tightly to her crotch as her wiggling fingers created new sorts of pleasures from within her body. Her free hand squeezed the firm orb of her breast and pulled and pinched her erect nipple. Her body squirmed and her hips rolled as new waves of sexual delight grew and surged.

Lost in her self-induced garden of sexual delights, Marie failed to hear the key in the frontdoor lock or the footsteps coming upstairs. Deehad terminated her date quite early and promptly when it became obvious that not only was her date a jerk, but an ignorant pig. Dee was certainly no stranger to sex and was certainly no prude, but she would be damned if she was going to have sex with someone on her first date. She heard the whimpering and throaty moans coming from her Mom's bedroom and knew those sounds could only mean one thing, sex. She was glad her Mom had found someone to please her and wondered if the woman was cute. Since Mom's door was ajar, Mom had inadvertently left her one way to find out.

Not expecting Dee back home early, Marie had neglected to close her bedroom door fully. And just as her self-induced passion had kept her from hearing Dee, it likewise prevented her from noticing the cute little teen face peeking into her room. Dee stared bug-eyed into the room. Mom wasn't with a woman. She was by herself! She was doing it to herself. And she looked like she was having a wonderful time.

Dee had often wondered about her Mom's sexuality, and had often masturbated fantasizing about being her Mom's sex slave. Dee was sure getting some questions answered now though as she watched her Mom squeeze and twist her nipples as she fingered her pussy. Unconsciously, Dee's own hand closed over her breast and squeezed it in rhythmic imitation of her mother's movements. She could not help but get turned on by the show that her mother was putting on just a few feet in front of her.

Dee had recently become aware that a schoolfriend, Kira, had the hots for her. That discovery had resulted in Dee spending considerable time of late contemplating what it would be like to go all the way with another girl. This had created a great deal of sexual tension within Dee as well as a very receptive audience for Marie's inadvertent sex show.

Very quickly Dee was brought to a significant sexual simmer. As Dee watched Marie, she gradually lost the acute awareness that this was her mother masturbating before her and began to enjoy the incredible sexual display of a beautiful woman pleasuring herself.Running her hands over her breasts and body, Dee's sexual simmer soon became a boiling point. Without taking her eyes from her Mother's writheing form, Dee pushed her top and sports bra up to release her breasts from their tight confines. Normally Dee hated her clothes in this position though she sometimes tolerated it when a date desperately wanted to get at her tits and she couldn't risk actually getting topless. Right now though the only fact that mattered was getting her tits free to her touch.

Roughly she pulled on her breasts and rolled and squeezed them, directing towards her own tits her desperate urge to run and kneel before her fantasized mistress, her mother. Dee's cunt felt hot and confined within her tight jeans. Aching with need, Dee opened her pants and pushed them down her legs.

Not wanting to break herself away from the sights before her, Dee pushed the pants and her panties down to her ankles. Now at least they were far enough down so that Dee could squat slightly, parting her pussy lips, and giving her hand freer access to her hot wet pussy. Her hand squeezed and rubbed her delicate folds.

Dee's frantic masturbation paused as Marie paused her own playing and took her hand away from her pussy. Reaching for something hidden next to her in the chair, Marie drew out a long, thick, flesh colored dildo! It was about eight inches long and perhaps an inch and a half in diameter.

Marie cradled it between her hands and lifted it to her lips. Her mouth parted and her tongue flicked out and ran upthe length of the dildo from its fat little mushroom head to the far end of its shaft. It was then that Dee noticed that this dildo had a unique feature. Near the end, a hole, maybe three-quarters of an inchin diameter, had been drilled through the base.

After licking her dildo, Marie lowered it and positioned the tip of the blunt mushroomhead against the flowering wet lips of her pussy. Slowly and gently Marie worked the dildo's tip around her hot wet pussy, opening the lips of her sex and lubricating her plastic lover. Once both her cunt and her dildo were sufficiently prepared, Marie slipped the tip of the dildo between her pussy lips and started to slide it slowly into her aching, receptive cunt.

Slowly the head of the dildo parted Marie's delicate folds, opening and spreading them for the length of shaft yet to come. Slowly the head disappeared into Marie's cunt. The full lips folded over on themselves slightly and was tugged inward by the friction being applied against them by the dildo's thickness. Inch by inch the plastic dildo wormed its way into Marie's body. When only an inch or so remained outside her, Marie grasped the base of the shaft and began to withdraw it from her depths.

After a pass or two in this manner had opened up her pussy sufficiently for the dildo, Marie revealed the purpose of the hole in the dildo's base. Instead of holding the base of the dildo with her hand,Marie stuck her middle finger into the hole. She could then pump the dildo by moving her arm,but she could keep her wrist stiff and straight. This eliminated the awkward angles that a wrist was sometimes forced into in order to direct a dildo to just the right spot. Marie had invented an amazing toy. She seemed more than satisfied with the design of her dildo and began to pump it into her pussy. Her hips and body bucked and twisted as she worked the dildo to best advantage.

Dee meanwhile got more and more turned on by the sight of her Mom fucking herself on that big, beautiful plastic cock. Her hips bucked against her probing fingers and she started to pant and moan as the excitement built within her. Unfortunately for Dee, her excitement got the better of her. She lost her balance and stumbled. With her pants down around her ankles there was no way shecould recover and she fell backward with a crash. Marie was abruptly jerked out of her passion-induced world and leapt to her feet.

Mother and daughter stared at each other somewhat stupefied. There was no way that either could hide or explain away what they had been doing. Dee lay there on the floor with her clothes half off and with her hand still glued to her cunt. Marie was totally naked, flushed with sexual arousal, and with her dildo hanging from her finger, still glistening with her sexual honey.

"Are you OK?"

A stupid question but the only one Marie could think of as she stared at her half naked daughter lying on her back in the middle of thehallway. Dee nodded dumbly as her Mom helped her to her feet. The jeans had been so wrapped about her legs that taking them off entirely had been the only way to get Dee to her feet.

Both women felt embarrassed and uncomfortable and neither quite knew what to do next. Though Marie had always felt that guilt or embarrassment had no place in sex, she had never considered the current situation. Muttering something about needing to talk, Marie took Dee's hand and led her into the room.

The two women went over to Marie's bed and for a moment just sat there looking a little sheepish. Marie finally looked up at Dee and cleared her throat.

"I hope you're not upset with me. I would never have let you see me like this if I had ever known you'd be home so early."

"Gods Mom! Upset with you? I was just hoping you weren't angry with me! After all, I was spying onyou."

The two women looked at each other and smiled.The worst was over. The love and concern that each felt for the other had over whelmed any tendency there might have been toward blame or recrimination. Each knew that she was still loved and respected in the eyes of the other. There remained though anotherand perhaps more abstract problem.

"That's the part I don't understand. Why were you spying on me? I mean I am your Mother!"

"After the first minute or two it didn't even matter that you were my Mom, and besides I have fantasized about you many times. It seemed more like you were just a very pretty, sexy woman enjoying herself. And you were getting yourself so turned on I couldn't help but get kind of turned on myself."

This, in its own way, made a great deal of senseto Marie. Dozens of times she had been aroused by the bodies of others or had used her body to arouse them. Maybe Dee was her daughter, but she was also a woman. And Marie could well understand the delights of female to female sex. She had just never thought of Dee in a sexual context before. Sure, she had often heard rhythmic squeaking coming from Dee's room late atnight so she knew that Dee masturbated, and frequently. But knowing something and actually being presented with the half-naked facts was something else.

"I'm sorry I interrupted you Mom. You really seemed to be enjoying yourself. I bet you would have had a really nice cum if I hadn't broken your mood."

"You seemed to have been enjoying yourself there too, honey. And I guess I can understand what you said about getting turned on watching someone. It's happened plenty of times to me. I guess it's just kind of a shock for me to have my own little girl being the one getting turned on by me."

"I'm not such a little girl anymore Mom. And there's plenty about you to turn someone on, and I want to be your sex slave."

While saying that, Dee's eyes were locked on Marie's firm breasts. Whether it was the fact that Marie's breast was beautiful, or whether it was Dee's realization that she had once drawn milk from that breast, in either case Dee suddenly felt an over-whelming urge drawing her.

Dee reached out and gently lay her hand on her Mother's breast. It was warm and soft and full and round. Dee just had to possess it once again. She leaned over and gently sucked Marie's nipple between her lips. Marie was at first a bit shocked. Then all the memories of Dee as a baby at that same breast flooded back to her. All the quiet hours Dee had spent suckling at that nipple. And the pleasure that she had often felt while nursing. Nursing might well be a normal, maternal function, but having your nipple sucked is still having your nipple sucked. Apart from an infant's occasional nip, having your breast sucked feels good! So good at times that Marie remembered sweet little orgasms triggered by her baby girl's sucking.

Remembering those sweet, intimate Mommy-daughter times suddenly brought an incredible serenity to Marie.

"Oh yes baby. Suck Mommy."

Marie closed her eyes and pressed her daughter's face closer to her chest. Dee kept kissing and sucking her Mother's nipple while reaching up and caressing and holding the other breast. For Dee too, the intimacy she was sharing with her Mother seemed absolutely correct. She broke her contact with her Motherand looked deeply into her Mother's eyes. Each woman could see the incredible love she felt for the other being reflected back.

Marie lay back on the bed, sliding over so that Dee would have room next to her, while Dee paused only to slip off her top and bra which were still pushed up over her breasts and which were the only items of clothing she still had on. Naked she slid into the spot Marie had left for her and into her Mother's arms. Someone observing these two beautiful women at this moment might easily, and quite justifiably, fail to identify them as mother and daughter and instead mistake them for sisters. The true age difference between them was not obvious since Marie had the body of a woman many years her junior.

Dee meanwhileappeared far more mature than most other girls her age. Accordingly, for Marie it was as close to making love to a younger version of herself that she could achieve, while for Dee it was like making love with a completely adult version of herself.

The kissing and cuddling that Marie and Dee were doing was also doing a superb job rekindling their sexual fires. Those fires had been burning fiercely within both women before their unfortunate interruption. Now the simmering embers were fast being fanned back to white-hot intensity. Fingers sought out the molten core of their womanhood. Fingers plunged into each other's hot wet pussies. Tongues flickered in and out of each other's mouth in desperate imitation of the manual stimulation taking place slightly further south.

Marie then roughly grabbed Dee's hair, and yanked her face to her molten pussy saying, "sexual slave huh, ok eat me bitch, make me cum strong".

Dee plunged hertongue deep in Marie's hot pussy. Never having done this before, she probed Marie's pussy walls, tongue fucking her mother's hot pussy. Swirling her tongue over her moms swollen clit in a little circle, then drawing it into her mouth and sucking on it like a straw. The passion was getting to Marie as she started to spank Dee's ass, feeling the tingle getting stronger she spanked harder. Moments later it happened. A thunderous, mind-blowing orgasm crashed through her body.

Not finished by a long run, Marie yanked Dee up and onto the bed, saying, "I'm going to clit fuck you slave."

Lifting Dee's hips to her knees, Marie lowered her hot wet pussy to Dee's and started to grind. Both women were thrusting and grinding their pussies together so enthusiastically that their hands were getting hurt. They grabbed each other by the ass and ground their pussies together eagerly. Both desperately sought a release of the incredible sexual energy that was building inside them.

Face to face pussy rubbing just wasn't providing the intensity of contact that either woman needed to take her over the edge. Their hips shifted slightly in opposite directions to permit each to force a leg up between her lover's thighs and press firmly against her hot wet pussy lips. With pussy hair tickling hip-bone, both Marie and Dee rolled and thrust their cunts against their lover's leg.

Their arms locked each other in embrace while their lips locked together in a desperate attempt to become one. Within milliseconds of each other, their frantic quest to please and be pleased was rewarded. Each woman buried her face in the hair and neck of the other while sounds of moans, screams and pants filled the room. Rhythmic pulses of pleasure swept through them as their bodies drained themselves of their sexual tension.

Minutes that seemed like hours passed before either woman stirred from her recovery. Even then, only tender kisses and soft caressesstirred them.

"Oh baby. That was so wonderful." Marie said, who was the first to speak.

"Oh Mommy, it was. I never dreamed that it could be so absolutely, incredibly beautiful. I never felt anything like that ever, ever before," Dee sighed. "Mommy? Was it ever like this for you before?"

Marie opened her mouth to say no and then paused. Sweet memories of a young girl's wonderful evening with a very special friend flooded back to her. In thinking about it, Marie marveled at how incredibly similar that other love session so long ago had been to this exchange shared with her own daughter.

Both had been virgin experiences in their way. One introduced her to the joys of complete lesbian love and one introduced her to magnificent delights obtained through violation of one of society's most ancient taboos. One had led to many wonderful moments with many equally wonderful women. Marie could only hope that this one would lead to equally rewarding results.

"Yes baby, it was," she said as she looked into her daughter's eyes and kissed her deeply.

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