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Meeting Marly at the Mall
This week's update by: Marie LeClare     Last week's feature General Malcontent
Saturday afternoon was busy at the mall, and as I went into store after store, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful young girls.

I must admit I have two hobbies. The second favorite is shopping, but my first is having sex with young girls.

As I walked up and down the aisles of the boutique, picking things up and examining them, then putting them back thoughts of young girls and sex took over my mind.

It was then that I saw her as she smiled at a customer. Dimples so deep you could put your finger in I thought and her smile began to warm me slightly as the now familiar feelings associated with sex crept over my body. I imagined that she worked part-time and was still attending school.

As I looked around to see if anyone was in sight, and seeing no one, I permitted my hand to slip under the top of my jeans. I touched myself, closing my eyes for just an instant. I opened them to the sound of "oh".

She was standing there looking at my hand in my pants massaging my pussy. "Oh my God, I'm sorry, please don't say anything", I pleaded. "I hope I haven't offended you. I would never do this in public but something just came over me, after seeing how beautiful you were and I couldn't help myself" I said.

This high school girl was totally amazed at seeing me masturbating in public. Although she did it at night in the comfort of her bed dreaming of women, masturbating furiously, it never dawned on her other women did it.

As I tried to explain myself to her, the girl said, "no problem, I think it's kind of neat", as she blushed. Still rubbing my pussy I asked, "what's you name?"

"Marly", she said.

"That's such a lovely name for such a beautiful girl," I said.

"Could you help me? Is there some place we can go?" I asked.

"We could go to the alterations room", Marly said in a hushed tone, as she lead the way to the back of the store, and through a doorway to the alterations section. Adding, with a slight smile, "I have the only key and it's supposed to be closed today".

As we entered the room and closed the door, I took her hand in mine, drawing her close to me so that our breasts barely touched. Looking deep into her beautiful eyes, I brushed her lips with mine. My lips barely touching hers, as she experienced her first woman's kiss.

Allowing my tongue to trace the outline of her soft sweet lips before penetrating her mouth, and kissing her deeply. She responded by moaning into my mouth as her tongue danced with mine.

As my one hand rubbed her back I permitted my other hand to cup her beautiful breast. Marly was becoming sexually aroused. She could tell from the way her nipples were reacting and from the tingling sensation between her legs.

As I weighed her breast in my hand, my other hand was fumbling in the back with the hooks of her bra, releasing her beautiful breasts from their bondage.

Lifting her top, I momentarily stopped to gaze at her beautiful breasts, before dropping my head to kiss each nipple briefly. Kissing and swirling my tongue in a little circle around her beautiful nipples, before drawing her breast into my mouth. Sucking hard as my tongue stabbed at the erect little treasures.

Hearing her moans drove me onward, knowing that she was as turned on as I was, and the danger of being caught with this teenage girl was the most erotic thing in the world.

"I want to make you cum" I said, in a hushed tone, and her only reply was to moan louder.

Undoing the button and drawing the zipper down, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her jeans, slipping them down to her ankles, before allowing her to step out of them. Then as I slipped her cotton underwear down and off, I helped her to the old chair that was sitting in the corner.

Lifting each leg over the arms of the chair I kneeled before her, admiring her beautiful pussy. As she watched my every movement I drew my face close to her hot wet pussy. Not a word was spoken as I breathed in her wonderful scent, and allowed my tongue to be the first to touch her pussy.

She gasped as I lightly licked the length of her pussy. Licking her delicate folds, and tasting her sweet honey. Allowing my lips to pull and tug at her pussy lips. With my hands on her inner thighs, I permitted my thumbs to part her pussy lips, and swirled my tongue over her hood and clit. Cupping my tongue to draw her hood and clit into my mouth, and being rewarded as her swollen clit escaped from it's protective covering to swell in the depths of my mouth.

Sucking hard then releasing it as my tongue entered her hot pussy. Probing her pussy walls as my nose touched her swollen clit.

Hearing her moans getting louder I started patting her clit with my fingers as my tongue plunged in and out of her hot pussy. Then swirling my tongue around her clit I permitted my middle finger to enter her hot tight pussy.

As I finger fucked this beautiful girl, I licked to the side of her clit knowing it would be extra sensitive.

I could tell of her urgency as she grasped my hair with both hands. I knew she was on the edge as she lifted her ass slightly off the chair. My hand moving faster like a machine finger fucking her, I started to lick furiously around her clit.

As she was squirming in the chair, I heard an "Oh oh oh", and then a sigh, as she gushed. Her pussy muscles clutching at my finger. Replacing my finger with my tongue I entered her deep to get every drop of her sweet tasting honey. Drinking and licking it all.

While she was recovering I was hoping I could get her sweet young mouth on my hot throbbing pussy, as my pussy juice was running down my ass, but it wasn't going to happen. As she said, "that was so neat, but I have to get back in case they come looking for me".

As I left the shop, I made a mental note to return next Saturday.

-- Marie LeClare
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