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Yes, its been 6 months since the last time I begged you all for donations a new Weezile Project server, and you guessed it, the server broke down again and we need a new one. So, unless you want me to unplug the Weezileproject Forum, donate the $2.5k I need for a new server. No wait, I need $4k. Or God will call me home. And I'll pull the plug on the forum. And I'll stop updating the front page every 3 weeks. Signed Jonathon Weaselman

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Monthly DocWeezileProject Blogger Update!
This week's update by: el Weezlo     Last week's feature Marly Mall

Ok, its time for my patented El Weezlo blogger insights, humor and half-assed porn links!
WARNING: all these pron links lead to massive popups, blind links, dead ends, redirections, unclosable windows, forced registrations, auto-downloading phone progs, and other illegal spyware and trojans. Use caution.

I Just Want CyberCyberCyber! (8:50PM EST) by: El Weezlo

Video clip of HOT FUCKING BITCH moving her ass to the beat!! I wanked 3x to this one! Ass Ass2

Hey you ever get some chick on AIM and ask her to show her your tits? Man that's fucking soo fucking cool. Plus then you ask her to be a camwhore and send you some samples. ROCK!!!

Dancing Homer meets the Wolfman (8:52PM EST) by: El Weezlo

Look at the size of the TITTIES on this fucking bitch. Fucking huge no shit. Titvid

Hey you ever watch the Simpsons where Dancing Homer dances. Man thats good when you are high. HAHAHAHAH!

Cats are stupid (8:53PM EST) by: El Weezlo

Watch some of these video clips of teens getting it in the mouth, ass, ear, nose, pussy and a hole drilled in her head at the same time!! That's fucking entertainment! Fuckvid

Man you ever notice cats are fucking stupid? I mean really they are if you think about it. They are and that's a sad fucking fact so why do people have cats anyway? Its stupid.

Fat chicks:

SIGN UP FOR CAMWHORES! (I need cash for cigs) (8:56PM EST) by: El Weezlo

Fucking more kickass docWeezileProj movies and its all fucking free for YOU my brothaz!
BDSM chick | Foxy Naked Bitch | Muff Diver | Blonde gets nekkit!

Man the price of beer and cigs is fucking outrageous and its because of the taxes all the fucking government puts on them and that is fucking SHITTY. The gov sux in every conceivable way. Don't even get me started on how fucked up the gov is with its taxes and fucking rules and inefficiency. You know that you can't use food stamps for cigs or beer? Its fucking true, and what do poor people need more than cigs or beer? Outside of cable, nothing. Plus: My fucking unemployment check is late. More gov BULLSHIT.

Watching my turds spiral out of sight (8:58PM EST) by: El Weezlo

More incredible SEx sEx SeX vids::::
Zipper comes down (use your imagination) | Nothing is as sweet as CANDY (wink wink)

I was just twisting up a fat one and contemplating the universe, when a bowel movement moment came upon me. So, I headed off to the throneroom where a man is still a king, ascended the throne and sat back to enjoy one of life's simple yet unheralded pleasures; the shit. At first you go in, feeling all bloated and full and your gut aches. Then, you sit back with a magazine and just let that sphincter release. Sweet release!! Now this don't make me gay, but you have to admit there's a pleasurable feeling when a nice smooth turd comes sliding out of your ass. If you are truthful you'll admit that. Its a fact, and corn or other undigestibles add texture that just ads to the pleasure. Ok, your ass snaps shut, the payload heads for earth, and the cool kiss of toilet water anoints your hole, moistening it in a Newtonian bidet (every action = opposite reaction, remember your high school physics kids!). Then, you get up feeling all refreshed and light, ready to face the world and a big bowl of cereal while you watch cartoons while you play vid games. God my life is sweet.

Who told you that you could say something? (9:22PM EST) by: El Weezlo

Walk on the wildside! Transexuals Movie!!!!!! TS vid

Sometimes I wish people would just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

More fat chicks:

Insights on the universal truth (fuck this is some good weed) (9:33PM EST) by: El Weezlo

They don't get any younger or sweeter than this people. Wank to these babes:
Hot Baby Sex | Young Stuff | Virgin Pussy

I have come up with some really cosmic shit on weed, but the problem is when I come down later after my nap it all seems like a pile of horseshit. Now I know I can't be THAT fucking deluded when I'm stoned so the problem is obviously the lack of understanding being straight forces upon your brain. Which brings me to this: the reason I'm not a world renowned philosopher and genius is that most people are NOT stoned, therefore their puny brains can't comprehend my in-depth analysis and all of the answers to all of the questions that our plaguing our society that I ALONE possess. So the obvious answer: everyone should be stoned, at all times. Then and only then would my manifesto for World Utopia be evident to the masses. OK, but how to get all that pot out in a cheap, dependable delivery system accessable to 5 billions of peeps? I cogitated on that while I slammed some Jose Q-ervo and smoked a big one, and the cosmic truth blessed THC provides once again flooded my brain; Fuck those ingrates, why should they share my vision. They are not even worthy. Anyway I forgot about it when I came down later and woke up after passing out face down in bowl of nachos. Fucking TE-QUILLL-YAH will Kill Yah!

Having to update the page sucks ass (9:58PM EST) by: El Weezlo

Celebrity fuck vids A couple of real dolls you will recognize bump donuts | Popstar dildo action

It really does. Sometimes I just cant think of a fucking thing to blog about. I mean I feel like I really really really really need to deliver 100 words. Then I feel I've really really really done a decent blog but its really really hard to come up with 100 words of an interesting new blog. It really is. Yeah. It really is. The end. Of this weeks blog is over.

Am I fucking really that lame? (10:22PM EST) by: El Weezlo

More FREE freaky vids: Bestiality is best | Dark chocolate toned up super pussy

Ok maybe my site is filled with lame ass porn links to pay sites, popup adds, lame Camwhores in a really technically retarded system and my forum is full of the lowest scum of the net posting threads about turds and anal sex 24/7, my site is nothing but recycled images stolen from all over the net that I put my own watermark on. Ok so my blog is mostly the half-witted ramblings of a stoned slacker living in his Mom's basement masquerading as something cogent and insightful. Ok so my only REAL contact with actual women is to try to cyber them of weasel naked pix out of them using my status as one of the premiere pronsters in the universe. Ok so all that is true. Hmm, I was building to a big qualifying but, but now nothing occurs to me. See you guys next blog. /rolls another one.

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