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Hardcore Softball
This week's update by: Marie LeClare     Last week's feature Sneeze
Hardcore Softball
by Marie LeClare

It was a lovely day when I was driving in Western Canada, until my car decided to quit outside of this small town, in the mountains. As the wrecker was towing me in I noticed that the sign said, population 18,500.

At the garage, the mechanic Hank informed me that it would be at least the next day for the part they needed, and directed me to a nearby motel. As I was checking in I asked if they was anything to do in this town for nightlife, and the girl at the desk said the women's softball team was playing tonight. Noticing that she was very attractive, I asked her if she was playing, thinking this might be fun way to past the night with her, but she wasn't.

After freshening up I decided I might as well checkout the softball, but I always thought the women were too butchie for me, but maybe there might be a cute tomboy.

Sitting in the front row of the bleachers I realized I should have dressed in jeans instead of wearing my micro mini, with no panties, from the looks I was getting, but it was too late now.

As I was watching, a few of the woman got up to play and my suspicions were confirmed. All dang butches I thought. It was then that I saw her, as she walked to the pitchers mound. She was slim, but not thin, and with the cutest tomboyish figure. As she pitched the ball to her glove to warm up, I caught her glimpsing over to where I was sitting, but as soon as I smiled back, she turned her head.

I was wondering how I could tell if she liked women and whether she was just shy or not interested. Everytime she got up to pitch I noticed that she looked over to me and I smiled back, but this was getting me nowhere.

It was the 6th inning that I saw her heading to the ladies and I made my way over there, but just as I was entering she was leaving, and all I could do was to say Hi.

Returning to my seat I decided that this was going to take drastic measures, if I was going to bed this beauty.

After she struck the first batter out and looked over in my direction, I parted my legs so she could see I wasn't wearing panties. As she threw wild I knew she was interested. As she looked at my pussy then back to my face I licked my lips, and smiled. She smiled back, and I knew this night was going to be memorable.

After the game, when we were all starting to walk away from the field I went up to her, and said you play good. I explained about my car and asked her if she'd like to come back to my motel for a drink. She quickly accepted.

Entering my room she took my hand and spun me around and crushed her lips to mine. After breaking the kiss, I asked her, with a smile, "Do you always kiss strange women?" "Only women who flash me", she replied, as she kissed me again and started to undress me.

"Do anything you want, just make love to me", I moaned through her kisses.

After she laid me back on the bed, she opened her sports bag and withdrew handcuffs. Cuffing me to the four corners of the bed she withdrew a long ostrich feather from her bag and slowly drew it across my aching breasts, only to draw it down to my soaking pussy.

Whispering, she said, "Are you mine?"

"Oh yes I am", I replied.

Dropping the feather she quickly disrobed to reveal a lovely figure, then climbed up over my face, her shaved pussy just inches from my mouth. Trying to get closer to her pussy to taste her was impossible because of the cuffs, As much as I raised my head and stuck out my tongue, I couldn't quite reach her secret spot. Seeing my frustration, she said, "then show me", as she ground her hot pussy to my mouth. As she arched her back, and cupped her breasts, I licked her delicate folds.

"My ass, lick my ass", she moaned, and my tongue explored the crack of her ass. Lapping her little asshole, and trying to enter her ass with my tongue. Licking then returning to her pussy and plunging my tongue deep in her hot pussy. Tongue fucking her as she picked up the feather and started to pat my clit.

Whipping my pussy to a frenzy with the feather, as my tongue probed her pussy walls, and I swirled my tongue over her hood and clit. Sucking hard on her hood I was rewarded with her clit swelling in my mouth. Dragging my teeth on her clit lightly I could tell she was close, very close.

"I'm on the edge", she moaned as I plunged my tongue deep, and moments later she gushed. Filling my mouth and covering my face with her sweet honey. Taking only moments to recover she switched positions to clamp her mouth on my throbbing pussy. As she licked my hot wet pussy, she took her middle finger and plunged it deep in my hot asshole, and her thumb in my pussy. Squeezing them together she finger fucked me as she sucked on my clit like a straw.

Licking her pussy as she licked and finger fucked me was ecstasy, and I had the most mind-blowing orgasms. They wouldn't stop, and I kept cumming and cumming, having multiples.

As she prepared to leave, I said, "I don't even know your name". "It's Annissa, but my friends call me Nissa", she said.

"Well Nissa", I said, "You and I are going to be together forever".

And we will be together forever.

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