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Fuck 4 Peace
This week's update by: doc     Last week's feature Ono Peace

Above: Belinda Beavers, organizer for FOHOFA.
WASHINGTON, DC--A coalition of U.S. porn starlets gathered in the Big Apple to hold a charity gala entitled "Get a Piece of Ass For Peace".

"We have come to raise awareness and spotlight that a rock hard cock is stronger than guns and missiles," said Belinda Beavers, co-chair of Fucking Our Hearts Out For America and star of CreamScape Pictures' Girl Harbor, Crouching Tiger, Kneeling Cocksucker, A. I. (Artificial Insemination) and Womb Raider. "The first event will be this weekend's 72 hour Fuckathon For Peace. We want to dedicate the first 7,000 cum-shots to Saddam Hussein's last 7,000 loyal Republican Guardsmen in a re-enactment of the their loving (charactorized by Amnesty International as 'rape') of Iraqi women."

Other events will re-enactments of past military attacks by the US Army; pre-dawn insertions and full-frontal assaults followed by the "Motherfucker of all Battles"; eighty girl on girl mudwrestling couples who will then engage in marathon cunninglingus/analingus and steamy strap-on double dildo fucking entitled "Sinking Pink Flesh Missiles, Not Laser-Guided Smart-Bombs", featuring Tina Paradise, star of Cabalero Film scat hit About Schit and mass orgy thriller GangBangs of New York.

Above: Christy Canyon, in action

"We have all been in training ever since the President began building his rock hard war machine," said FOHOFA spokeswoman Christy Canyon (star of porn classics How to Loose a Girl in 10 Days and bestiality favorite Kangaroo Jackoff ), bent over the press-conference podium. "I think we have a very innovative event called 'The Twin Towers Of Pain' planned, where two superstuds will double-fuck a lucky girl until the goal level of peace awareness and sensitivity is met for that event, or until we get four really gushing cum-shots, whichever cums first."

Monday will be named "Blowing WarMongers Off The Map", a day of meditation, contemplation and hot wet oral action intended to show solidarity against war by coordinated cocksucking, culminating in a mass orgasm to the tune of John Lennon's 'Come Together'. Over 800 "Black Power" black Muslim couples will simultaneously give the Black Power salute in a mass demonstration of anal fisting.

Judy Cum: "I am totally into this non-violence anti-war shit. Protest 'til it hurts. Harder. Fuck, yes. Unhh, unhh, unhh, unhh. Unhhhhhh. Fuck my slut pussy, god I'm Daddy's little whore-bitch, fuck your bitch, fuck me fuck me FUCK me Daddy!!"

Tuesday will be 'Plumper Day', when plus sized beauties will get into the act via a 'per pound pounding for peace. "The fatter the babe and the harder the pumping, the more awareness for peace will be raised," said Petunia Jiggle, BBW pornstarlet.

"The mainstream stars are able to raise a great deal of awareness, yes," said noted porn expert Holden McCrotch, "but we are able to reach a segment of the public who is unresponsive to traditional pacifist techniques. We feel we can best reach these individuals not only by acts of vaginal sex, but by having our volunteers repeatedly and forcefully pounded up the ass, as well."

Tiffany Minx: wants to dedicate her asshole to the peace effort.

Tiffany Mynx, FOHOHA Backdoor Co-chair and America's Anal Sweetheart, agreed. "Oooh, baby," read Mynx's press release. "I want you to slide that big, hungry dick of yours all the way up my tight asshole right now, do it for the kids. Oh God, shoot that burning cum deep in my ass. You can make a difference for peace and understanding, yeah baby, fuck that ass."

According to charitable foundation sources, the porn stars' efforts will fill a gaping void in peaceful resistance. "Virtually no one has been tapping the burgeoning wanker population," said Hymen Reams, from the Community Chest. "They spend billions on internet porn, pornographic magazines and movies. Surely they can let go of their puds for a second and write a check for supporting our efforst to 'get off' these baby-killing Iraq hawks."

Dallas Hatcher and Savannah Gash, are united in their demand to be fucked harder and deeper for in support of Stopping the War.

"The nation owes a great debt to these wet, horny bitches," said Senater Hillary Rodham-Clinton (star of BDSM classic The Whipping News (D-NY). "They represent the huge segment of our society obsessed with porn and fornication. I believe we can harness these awesome natural forces to help promote peace instead of war, as well as help some horny losers who can't meet a woman in real life get a nut off."

Gay Porn star Lance Rumpster (star of gay porn hits The Cum of All Queers and Queers of the Son promised that the gay porn industry would go "Bottoms Up" and offer their own protest event "Pack Shit, Not Munitions".

Despite some skepticism from mainstream peace organizations, the porn stars remain fully committed to their cause.

"Oh my god you fucking bastard-fuck my tight pussy." said porn star Savannah Gash during a recent independent protest gangbang she staged in her apartment with 23 well-hung fuck-studs. "Goddamn it, I said fuck me harder. And send your donations for more Peace to FOHOFA, c/o Cavelier Cinema, P.O. Box 666, Los Angeles CA. Fuck me fuck me fuck me-unh unh unh unh oh god unh unh unh unh unh unh UNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH..."

Reported by DWGazette Modern Living, Suburban Lifestyles and FuckPages editor Stiv Bators
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