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g i r l * t i p s from Ashley
This week's update by: Ashley     Last week's feature War Gossip
This week's beauty expert guides you through the path to a more enhanced you, with the help of modern science

g i r l * t i p s from Ashley

Since I was eleven I've been experimenting with makeup. I'm a hardcore makeup whore. I've tried many different styles and types of makeup and the following is what I use daily and works best for me and my warm complexion. The hairstyles may not work on everyone's hair, but I hope this gives you curly hair girls a start to making your hair straight or pinstraight hair girls a chance to get curly.

Beauty and glamour expert .
I, personally, wear dark makeup. I don't go overboard, I just prefer it. The rule for anything is: Light Eyes/Dark Mouth or Dark Eyes/Light Lips .. never both at the same time. These are a few tips/make up I swear by:

Your face should always be clean before you start to put anything on. I usually put make up on after a shower. The first thing I put on is foundation. I pat it on so it stays on longer. I have eyeshadow that is a little bit lighter than my skin color but blends in - I apply that under my eye, any red area or blemishes.

I use a q-tip to apply my eyeshadow. It stays on better than a regular eyebrow brush, but your finger is the best tool. The colors I always wear are tan-black (including browns). Most of the time, I take a light brown and brush that on my eyelid, then take a darker brown and brush that on the crease of my eye. I apply a white color from the crease to my brow (all eyeshadow is from Avon. I use a black pencil eyeliner (NYC or Covergirl) and run a line as close to my eye as possible on my bottom lid. (I only put blackliner on my top lid if I am using tan/brown eyeshadow). My mascara that I swear by is Covergirl WonderCurl in Very Black (for girls that have short eyelashses, use this - you'll see a big difference.) I apply two coats on top lid and gently apply one coat on my bottom lashes.

//lips & cheeks
For my cheeks I use Neutrogena Blush in Peach. I apply it from the apples of my cheeks to my ears, and light brush it against my forehead/nose/chin so my face looks natural and not clown-ish. I barely wear anything on my lips and when I do it's some sort of light pink lipstick, beige (love Jane lipstick in Pineapple - yum) or Bath and Body Works lip balm.

I use to have really short hair in a pixie cut, now it is 1/4 down my back (hoping to grow it to lowerback). So these styles are usually for girls with chin length hair or longer

You will mostly catch me with my hair down and straight - it's the easiest thing for me to do. My hair is naturally very thick and wavy so it takes a lot for it to get it thin and pinstraight. After showering I airdry my hair for about 30 minutes then I blow dry my hair with my head flipped, only blowdrying where my hairbrush is located. After my hair is dry I brush it to get some of the frizz down.

Get a straightener, it will be the best 20-30 bucks you ever spent in your life. I clamp my hair in my straightener holding it down for a good 3 seconds then sliding it down keeping a good grip on it. I take Bath and Body Works hand lotion rub it on my hands then run my fingertips through my hair getting down some of my frizz, then I straighten again. Lastly, I put the lotion on the end of my hair so it doesn't curl.

This takes 5 minutes and the quickest thing to do in the morning when you are tired. I do not know what to tell you girls with pin straight hair, your best bet is a curling iron or curl your hair the night before. This is for girls with some wave to their hair. Get out of the shower and wrap your hair in a towel for atleast 5 minutes. Use GEL- NO mousse. Gel makes your hair curlier while mousse will just weigh it down. Flip your hair upside down, Put some gel in your hands then take the ends of your hair grabbing them gently and moving your hands up (scrunching it basically). With your hair still flipped, blow dry your hair in random sections while still scrunching it. If your hair gets dry, place more gel in your hair and keep blow drying. Only put gel in your hair 1 or 2 times, more times will result in greasy looking hair. Mousse is only used for frizz, don't put as much mousse in your hair as you put in gel.

//hair treatment
If you want to spend 20-30 dollars on shampoo I recommend Nexus shampoo and conditioner, but if you don't feel like it - the cheaper alternatives are: Herbal Essences (but it's still $6 for a bottle), Suave (while it's cheap - it is damaging for some hair). The best one I have tried is VO5 Tangerine for Shiny Hair. It makes your hair instantly soft, shiny and smells great. Like I mentioned before, I use hand lotion (Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secrets) to tame frizz. Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse and LA Looks (the strongest gel).

Some of the ones I use for different situations and occassions, depending on how I feel and how I'm dressed and where I'm going and who I'll be with

Liz Claiborne
Curve by Liz Claiborne
A very flirty fragrance. Summertime is when I mostly wear this since it doesn't really "feel" like winter. It's fruity, but doesn't smell like a type of fruit. It's sweet smelling. Not a strong perfume but it gives a faint scent that still attracts people.

Nautica for Women
Like the men's cologne, it is very strong. A few squirts of the perfume and the whole room smells of it. In light amounts this perfume is very sexy and catching. People will smell this before they see you. It's a noticable perfume. It's very cinnamin-ish smelling but a little spicy as well. Great for dates.

Victoria's Secret
Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
This is my favorite fragrance by far. I haven't met a person who didn't like it. It's very fruity smelling... it smells something like a fruit punch or oranges/pineapples. The body spray is a little light and it fades after a few hours. The bodywash does the same, but the lotion last a very long time. I recommend just buying the lotion and rubbing that on you than getting the spray/perfume. One of my daily scents to wear.

After using any type of makeup, wash it off before you go to bed and when using a lot of styling products use shampoo and conditioner. Remember, these tips are what I use, and may not be suitable for everyone. Keep in mind, when you look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show, you need to put the Maybelline away.

-- fashion, beauty and glamor corespondant, Ashley
ashley rose, jersey, 16, january 24, aquarius, single and looking; raggamuffin turned girlie girl; hazel eyes, darkbrown hair, semi-tan, 38d - real; italian, welsh, american; two ear peircings, tongue peircing, other peircings soon; hidden talents - singing, drawing, writing

growin' up;
family, steven and denise; half sister - melissa; twin - stephanie; lil sis - brittany; pets - daisy, cadberry, dolce, coach; religion - catholic; jersey girl; bths class of 2005

education - graduation of highschool, college; job options - english professor, english highschool teacher, psychologist, model; relationship - marriage, big wedding; 2-4 kids; no divorce

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sarah mclachlan, jewel, tori amos, mariah carey, vanessa carlton, michelle branch, leahn rhimes, marilyn monroe, early madonna, avril lavigne, alicia keys, dixie chicks, michelle branch, pink, britney spears, whitney houston, missy elliot, lil kim; bob marley, usher, john mayer; deftones, goo goo dolls, dave mathews band, silverchair, N.E.R.D.S, justin timberlake, nsync, craig david, frank sinatra, enrique iglesisas, elvis presley, sublime, evanescence, THE DISSENTERS; rent; any booty song you can dance to; 80s

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girlie girl;
makeup - brown eyeshadow, peach blush, pink lipstick, black eyeliner, black mascara; smells - love spell by victoria secrets, nautica for women, curve, pink by victoria secrets, coconut from bath and body works; excercise - step, treadmill, 3/5 lbs dumb bells; sleeping beauty fanatic; marilyn monroe wannabe

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liars, fakes, bitches, pretty girls with no brains, no common sense, overly sensitive people, no backbones, introverted people, promised phonecalls that are never called, stains on new shirts, wet jeans, wet hair, waking up at the crack of dawn, noncurvy girls, bad teeth, people who don't read books, unplucked eyebrows, uptight people, sXe, closemindedness, racists, cheaters

delightful, eye candy, strongwilled, creative, sweetheart, funny, sexy, smart, great smile, bitch, confident, openminded, witty, manipulative, trust worthy

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i have been in love, i am in love, i have fallen in love. my first love is my boyfriend Jon. we broke up and separated for 4 years but we got back together September 8, 2002. And broke up again in April. i can honestly say that my feelings for him never waivered and i still get the butterflies everytime i talk to him. that's something i want in all my relationships. i love openly, i love freely. i am not scared of getting hurt. i rather risk my whole being for once chance of love than wondering what might have been. i believe in love at first sight. and i believe that when i see "the one" i will know it.

i am roman catholic [insert priest jokes here]. no matter what scandals you may believe, or you may call us statue worshippers, i believe in my religion whole heartedly. i am not blinded by my faith nor am i a bible thumper, but it comes to decisions my faith has something to do with my choices. i do not hate gays, i do not hate this, i do not hate that - just because my religion tells me to. i form my own decisions and only believe in the core of my religion. go look up Apostle's Creed - that's the soul of Catholicism. i looked into other religions (Wicca, Budhism etc.) before recieving confirmation (confirmation name: perpetua). so being a catholic was not my parent's decision but my own. i am pro-choice, i believe in sex before marriage, i think being gay/bisexual is perfectly natural, i pray to the saints. jesus is my homie.

i think i am many things, a contradiction. i can be one thing and then the other, and i like it like that. i don't like being too open but i don't like being bottled up either. with different people i am a different person, there's only a few people i trust enough to let myself go and show them the true me. i am emotional, i mostly think with my heart, and if my heart is giving me bad signals then my head takes control. i am a daydreamer but realistic. i'm not gullible but i believe in things that most people do not (ie: tarot, astrology, god, miracles etc.) i am a good person, i am affectionate, and i'm the greatest friend you'll have.

.. .. ... .. ..
fun facts
.. .. ... .. ..

- i was named after ashley from Gone With The Wind
- i'm related to john adams
- i will tell you that most of the time i am right
- but when i'm wrong i can admit to it
- i'm a stubborn/hothead
- i will give anything a try
- i do "party" but i haven't gone crazy
- i'm opionated and i love to argue/debate
- i like keeping things drama free - so if you cause drama in my life i'll stop communicating with you
- i'm VERY on/off. i'll let you get close to me until you fuck me over, and then i'll drop your ass
- i love when people are witty/sarcastic. i like bullshitting.
- i smile/laugh constantly
- i'm not your typical teenage girl, i actually have some great thoughts

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