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Blogger Tales of the Mall
This week's update by: Kat photography by: Minimaul   visit Distraught Society
Last week's feature Girl Tips

This week examines the girls of the mall. Various bloggers compiled by Kat and original photography by Minimaul at Distraught Society

shopping spree

On Saturday, I suddenly had this vision of a shirt that I really wanted (I just attempted to describe it here but realized that would be fruitless and erased what little I had written). These moments of shopping impulsiveness usually come about once or twice a month and can be controlled not by medication but by immediately racing to the mall to discover that the clothes in all the stores are in fact exactly the same as they had been two weeks before at the onset of a similar attack. So as the vision of the perfect shirt enveloped my head, I jumped in the car and drove to the mall subconciously knowing that I was setting myself up for disappointment for I already knew the entire clothing selection that I would be presented with.

Here is the abridged version. I went to the mall with this vision of a shirt that I really wanted, even though I knew that I wouldnt find it there. However, when I went to Express Men (formerly Structure) I found the exact shirt i was looking for! I hadnt even seen it before and it matched perfectly with what i was thinking. The one minor setback was that it was only in white, blue, and red. So I tried on the blue one and asked the sales guy if they had made the shirt in black. As I went into the fitting room to try it on, the sales guy looked in the back for a black one. A minute later as I'm standing in the fitting room, I hear "there was one black one left, and its a Small" and then a shirt is flipped over the door! It was my lucky day indeed.

Then! I went to Guess, which is a store where I usually never find anything. However, I was looking through the jeans and found this pair that were exactly what I had been looking for two weeks before during my previous attack! And they originally cost $88 which is insane, but were on sale for $59, which is also insane. I never spend that much money on any article of clothing, but for some reason, I just bought it! hahahahhaah! I'm so impulsive! Woo-hoo! I went to the mall expecting to find nothing but disappointment and instead came away the perfect shirt and jeans! Who cares that it cost $100! hahahahahahah! The sun is now beaming on that melancholy trail of trepidation.


mall trip

So that started the mall trip. Then when the stores started to open we continued our lap around the mall marking stores that we wanted to come back to. Right off I saw an Teen Boutique and then downstairs a Hydralics and then a PacSun on the upper level. Now if I could only find a way to actually get to visit these places...

Walking through the entrance, I passed the directory without affording it even a momentary glance, as my path of successive destinations is very well known along with the degree of distress that each specific stop will generate. The Trail of Tears, as I shall call it henceforth, begins dramatically as I reach a foreboding precipice, with which with the presence of an adjacent fascimile creates an impeding Gap (degree of distress = 3). I catiously cross this obstacle as the wooden slats of the bridge rock from the changing shifts of my weight. The land before me is a vast fruit-filled expanse at best envisioned by the genius of Plato (Banana Republic, DOD = 2). Far from ripe, I escape this lemon-colored land....hmmmmm, i think this is getting a little out of hand. Its past 5, I want to go home, and writing this is beginning to hurt my head.

We ended up doing most of the shopping over at Roxy’s were we found some nice clothes in the right sizes and then proceeded to try them on for what seemed like HOURS...

Finally $120 bucks later we leave with several outfits for the girls. Now off to find some shoes and jeans for Sarah. We stopped for lunch at the food court and since it was early some of the places were not serving the lunch menus yet. Sarah ended up eating a sandwich from Subways and Maddie and Becca ate some of my Popeyes fries and the biscuit THEN had McDonalds.

After spilling the orange soda on the bench and almost drenching Madison we all managed to get fed and watered ready for the next round of shopping. We wandered about the lower level until The Bootery upstairs. We then made our way up there and proceeded to shoe fit. That was a good hour of trying on shoes and running around the store stress testing the product and our wits.

--melanie April 2, 2003 10:18 PM

the mall

i had all of my christmas shopping done lastweek. but yesterday there i was at the mall, good ol' mom – can you pick up the new linen for the spare bedroom and can you go and pick out some cologne for your brothers? (oh please, can I? pretty please??) so there i was – i caused a stir amongst the the other women shopping at the men's fragrance counter as i was shopping for two men, sheesh – get your minds out of the gutter.

actually it's an odd tradition that my mum and i have started by buying cologne for my brothers. but they really like it – as long as i do the selection.

over-heard at the mall: holy orange (yes i know, it'll wash out) do you have those exploding things ladies take into the bath (at the body shop, oh yes, we like to take little granades into the bath tub)

seen at the mall: tube tops, tight shirts revealing clevage, several inches of mid drift, mini skirts with bare legs. worst of all this was all spotted on girls 13-15 years old. hello! where are your parents and this look is just plain terrible when worn with your big winter jacket gapping open.

Posted by michelle at December 23, 2002 08:08 AM

shopping away

My roommate's birthday is coming up and we're celebrating tonight so I went out and got her a g/c to one of her favorite stores because I never know what to get for her. She usually buys the things she wants or never tells you what she wants for her birthday - "oh no, I don't need anything, just buy me a drink when we go out." - sort of thing.

I also got some flowers to tie around the g/c because she loves flowery things. She's always wearing a flower in her hair or on her somewhere. Anyways, while I was out I also went shopping for me. I haven't actually hit up the mall in awhile shopping and I must be growing up or fashions are really bad right now because I found nothing I like at express or rampage or anywhere really.

I just ended up getting a pair of shoes after hitting almost every store in the mall. Why is it when you have some money to spend you can never find anything but when you are broke you find all sorts of things you want/need?? I also blame Skits for making me pull into in & out today (where some really cute guy offered to sell me his burger for $8 while I was in the drive through.).


-- compiled by teen-blogger correspondant, Kat
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