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Saturday Afternoon at the Movies
This week's update by: Marie LeClare     Last week's feature Drunken College Girls

This week presents the another great work of Lesbian Erotica from our resident Sapphic Siren, Marie LeClare

Saturday Afternoon

It was almost Easter, and being a good Catholic schoolgirl, I had helped out at the school Saturday morning, before being allowed to go to the movies. I was 14 and I had started to notice boys, but I also thought of women in a sexual way, so I didn't want to wear my uniform to the movies but I had no choice.

As I was sitting watching the movie and munching on my popcorn, this older woman came and sat down next to me. This was curious because the theatre was almost empty and she could have sat anywhere she wanted.

As I watched the movie she took off her coat and laid it neatly over her lap, with part of it on my leg. I thought how rude. I looked at her and noticed that she must have been really old, at least 30, but she smiled at me and I returned the smile.

I felt her fingers touch my leg, and I had a brief thought that she was after my popcorn, which I clutched closer to my chest.

"It's a good movie, isn't it", she said, as I felt her hand on my leg.

Pushing her hand away, I replied, "yes it is". Moments later her hand was back on my leg and her fingers were softly rubbing my leg.

"I really like the kissing scene, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes I do, it really makes me feel neat" I said, as I felt her little finger rubbing softly and exploring my inner thigh. As I felt her finger touch my panties, I quickly looked around to see if anybody was looking, and was hoping she didn't notice the wet spot that was spreading on my yellow panties.

Holding my breath I felt her finger touch my holy of holies. "You like that don't you?" she whispered, as her fingers lightly brushed my pussy.

"Um, yes" I replied, as I felt my nipples getting hard as little rocks.

Moving her coat further covering my lap she whispered, "Spread your legs". As I parted my legs I felt her hand cup my pussy and press hard, rubbing my little pussy.

Taking her other hand she reached to cup my breast. I couldn't believe how good it felt as her fingers gently rubbed and gently pinched my nipple. Undoing a button on my blouse, she let her hand cup my breast through my bra, then lifted my bra up so that my breast was free for her to play with.

Slouching down in her seat she lowered her head to my breast, and for the first time I felt a mouth sucking my breast. She nursed on my nipple as her hand slipped my panties aside, and her fingers rubbed and patted my pussy.

My legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they parted wider, and I felt her middle finger enter my pussy. Feeling no obstruction, I had lost my hymen on my bicycle, she started to finger fuck me as she nibbled on my nipple.

Momentarily taking her mouth from my breast, she whispered, "cum for me", then went back to sucking and fingering my pussy. My breath was coming faster and I knew that I would do as she asked. The tickle was building and bringing my hand to my mouth to muffle any sounds, I had a mind blowing orgasm. The first with somebody and not just myself.

Taking her finger from my pussy she drew it to her mouth, and licked my pussy juice, as I had done many times when I was alone. "Um, you taste good", she whispered. Putting my own hand to my hot wet pussy I felt my wetness and I too brought it to my mouth and sucked.

"Meet me downstairs in the ladies room", she whispered, as she got up to leave her seat.

Thinking to myself as I buttoned up my blouse, should I meet this lady or not. A few minutes later I got up to head for the ladies.

Upon entering the ladies she was standing there with the biggest smile on her face, and said, "Hi, I'm Ann, what's your name?"

"Marie", I replied with a smile. "Lets go in here so we can be private", she said, as she opened the door to the handicapped stall. Sitting down she hiked up my school skirt, and pressed her face against my pussy, and licked through my panties. Using her thumbs she lowered my panties as she continued to lick and breathe in my fragrance.

Then she did the strangest thing. The brought out from her purse, two brown paper bags and told me to put my feet in them so nobody would know there was more than one person in the stall.

Standing in the paper bags I felt plumb ridiculous, but that changed to passion as I felt her swirl her tongue over my pussy. Licking my delicate folds I was getting hotter and hotter, and as I put my hands on her head I felt her finger enter my pussy again. Her other hand had hiked up her skirt and she was fingering her hairy pussy. On the edge of cumming I cupped my own breasts and squeezed as I had done many times before. Holding my breath it happened. I orgasmed in her mouth.

Not hearing the outer door to the ladies open in our passion, the candy counter girl entered, and hearing our breathing and moans opened the door to the stall which we had forgot to lock. Startling us, she said, "It's ok, I like girl fun myself". Sighing a breath of relief, she told me to bend over and taste Ann, as she entered our stall and locked the door.

As I was lowering my head to Ann's pussy, I wondered why the candy girl didn't need to stand in paper bags. With my hands on Ann's inner thighs to steady myself, I did as Ann had done. Swirling my tongue over her hairy pussy. Licking and patting her clit with my tongue. As my tongue entered Ann's pussy I felt the candy girl's hot breath on my ass. Her tongue being dragged along the crack of my ass. As her hands clutched my ass cheeks to part them she whispered for me to finger myself and Ann.

As I fingered my hot wet pussy I allowed my middle finger to enter Ann's pussy, and as I was finger fucking I felt the girls tongue tease my little asshole. As she tongue fucked my asshole I tongue fucked Ann, and finger fucked both of us.

I knew that Ann was on the edge from her breathing, and as she brought my head closer to her pussy, we both had the most amazing orgasms, with Ann moaning, "yes, yes".

It was then that the candy girl said, as she looked at her watch, "we've got to get out of here the movie is about to end".

Looking at me, the candy girl asked, "will you be here next Saturday?" "Yes", I said, with a smile "I wouldn't miss it".

"I'll be here too", Ann said, as we left the ladies room.

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