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Lesbian Cybersex
This week's update by: AmyEliza     Last week's feature Saturday Afternoon Movies
This week presents a transcript of some steamy cybersex from 2 members of DWF

Hot Lesbian Cybersex

LilithFair (3:27:41 AM) : Hey, weird question, do you have a transcript of our cyber last night?
fionapplebutt (3:27:54 AM) : no :-(
LilithFair (3:28:13 AM) : Damn. doc thought it'd make a good front page but he'd change the names
fionapplebutt (3:28:30 AM) : ooo yeah! lets do a new one
LilithFair (3:30:04 AM) : Any excuse to get me to cyber fuck ya, huh?
fionapplebutt (3:30:15 AM) : mmm baby I want it BAD
fionapplebutt (3:34:37 AM) : this time can we do it good
LilithFair (3:34:40 AM) : Good?
LilithFair (3:34:42 AM) : How so?
fionapplebutt (3:34:49 AM) : I want to make out and you undress me and everything
fionapplebutt (3:34:51 AM) : make love to me dont just fuck me :-)
LilithFair (3:35:13 AM) : So... just make up a whole story about entering the bedroom and everything?
fionapplebutt (3:35:17 AM) : yeah!!!!
LilithFair (3:35:29 AM) : Like what, we just got back from a club or you stopped by or in a dorm room or what?
fionapplebutt (3:35:32 AM) : hang on lemme get my stuff-- I wanna take my panties off too
fionapplebutt (3:36:18 AM) : dont think Im weird but I like my buttplug in when I do this
fionapplebutt (3:36:24 AM) : I uuse conditioner for lube :P
LilithFair (3:36:33 AM) : hahah conditioner?
fionapplebutt (3:36:33 AM) : it makes my butthole smell nice too :-) nice and slippery
fionapplebutt (3:36:50 AM) : its not a giant buttplug Imstill tight :p
LilithFair (3:36:58 AM) : hehehe
fionapplebutt (3:37:08 AM) : then I play with my nipples and clit

LilithFair (3:37:42 AM) : Kind of looking in each other's eyes and knowing what we both want
fionapplebutt (3:38:12 AM) : I want your lips
LilithFair (3:38:13 AM) : I put my hand on your thigh and start to lean in closer
fionapplebutt (3:38:22 AM) : /spreads legs
fionapplebutt (3:38:26 AM) : /skirt no panties
LilithFair (3:38:37 AM) : Pressing my lips against yours while I slip my hand up your skirt
fionapplebutt (3:38:59 AM) : /sucks your tongue
LilithFair (3:39:15 AM) : I start to play with you a little as we kiss deeply, our tongues playing as our bodies move closer
fionapplebutt (3:39:41 AM) : take my little pussy sweet heart-- its wet for you
LilithFair (3:39:52 AM) : I feel your breasts brushing against mine and your hot thighs and I start to get wet
fionapplebutt (3:40:06 AM) : I want to nurse your big titties like a little baby
LilithFair (3:40:25 AM) : So we lay down on the couch as I take off my shirt and shove my breast in your face
fionapplebutt (3:40:41 AM) : /sucks like Im nursing your milk
LilithFair (3:40:53 AM) : God, it feels good as I rub up against your body
fionapplebutt (3:40:55 AM) : looking up into your eyes
LilithFair (3:41:08 AM) : I need you...
fionapplebutt (3:41:14 AM) : I need you too lover-=-- lets go to bed sweetheart!
LilithFair (3:41:35 AM) : /holds your hand on the way to the bed
fionapplebutt (3:41:52 AM) : gets on all fours tail up== molest me sweetie
LilithFair (3:42:22 AM) : I lift up your skirt and lick your puckered ass as I reach around to your clit
fionapplebutt (3:42:30 AM) : oh GOD YES you know what I like
LilithFair (3:42:48 AM) : My other hand's on my own clit, getting myself hotter for you
fionapplebutt (3:43:04 AM) : get it nice and wet I want to taste your pussyjuice
LilithFair (3:43:18 AM) : I start licking down your ass and then position myself under you so I get get my face in your sweet pussy
fionapplebutt (3:43:36 AM) : mmm bring yours closer to me honey!
LilithFair (3:43:45 AM) : I stroke your ass while I put a finger in your slit
LilithFair (3:44:00 AM) : Time to pull around and let you suck me
fionapplebutt (3:44:00 AM) : torture my clit, bite it hard!
fionapplebutt (3:44:08 AM) : god you are sweet /slurps and licks
LilithFair (3:44:39 AM) : I lick your clit like there's no tomorrow, sucking and nipping while feeling around your puckered bum hole
fionapplebutt (3:44:46 AM) : /wets a finger and pushes it into your tight little butthole

LilithFair (3:44:50 AM) : Oooh yeah
fionapplebutt (3:45:03 AM) : /licks your little pee hole
fionapplebutt (3:45:10 AM) : gimme a little taste sweet baby
LilithFair (3:45:25 AM) : /lets out some pee in your open mouth
fionapplebutt (3:45:32 AM) : mmmm sucks it up
LilithFair (3:45:40 AM) : Lick me while you finger fuck me
fionapplebutt (3:45:40 AM) : /locks my lips around your hole
fionapplebutt (3:45:44 AM) : ok give it all to me gimme a belly ful of your sweet wine
LilithFair (3:46:08 AM) : I can't take it anymore and let you have it all
fionapplebutt (3:46:21 AM) : /sucks babys pee
fionapplebutt (3:46:26 AM) : /slurp
LilithFair (3:46:28 AM) : I'm slippery and wet and you like it
fionapplebutt (3:46:34 AM) : mmmhmmmmm
LilithFair (3:46:42 AM) : I put a finger in your ass as I bite your clit
fionapplebutt (3:46:48 AM) : ahhh hyeah!!!
LilithFair (3:46:58 AM) : Then lick the length of your pussy to taste it all
fionapplebutt (3:47:03 AM) : yesssssss
LilithFair (3:47:16 AM) : I put another finger in and move it in and out
fionapplebutt (3:47:32 AM) : oh god I need you to fuck me
LilithFair (3:47:37 AM) : Making sure to keep working on your clit
fionapplebutt (3:47:39 AM) : bump clitties with me lover lets fuck!!!!
LilithFair (3:47:49 AM) : Time to turn over and grind
fionapplebutt (3:47:54 AM) : thats how I get off with my gf
fionapplebutt (3:48:13 AM) : fuck me like your my bf lover, bang my clit
LilithFair (3:48:28 AM) : God, your breasts feel great against mind as we roll around, legs spread, I bump you hard
fionapplebutt (3:48:33 AM) : /spread legs
fionapplebutt (3:48:43 AM) : /wraps her legs around baby's butt
fionapplebutt (3:48:46 AM) : hold you tight
LilithFair (3:48:52 AM) : Keeping on rubbing
fionapplebutt (3:48:56 AM) : yesss
LilithFair (3:48:57 AM) : Our clits touching
fionapplebutt (3:48:59 AM) : oh god thats the best
LilithFair (3:49:13 AM) : Rubbing not too hard at first
fionapplebutt (3:49:13 AM) : keep going im gonna jill dont stop
LilithFair (3:49:18 AM) : But working our way up
LilithFair (3:49:24 AM) : faster and faster
fionapplebutt (3:49:28 AM) : yeah rub my clit raw good, gimme kisses!
LilithFair (3:49:38 AM) : I suck on your nipples as I grind harder
fionapplebutt (3:49:42 AM) : bite my nips too !!!
fionapplebutt (3:49:51 AM) : hurt me lover
LilithFair (3:50:05 AM) : Your nipples taste so good I want to bite them, eat them, devour them
fionapplebutt (3:50:35 AM) : /holds your butt in both hands pulling you close
LilithFair (3:50:38 AM) : I lean over to give you a deep, sweet, kiss then keep grinding the fuck on your throbbing clit
fionapplebutt (3:50:50 AM) : dont stop im close
LilithFair (3:51:06 AM) : I feel us slipping together, bodies meshed
LilithFair (3:51:13 AM) : I hold on to your ass underneath me
LilithFair (3:51:28 AM) : pulling you even tighter and suck on your sweet breasts
LilithFair (3:51:44 AM) : I love when you wrap your legs around me
LilithFair (3:51:56 AM) : I go faster and faster, feeling it building up
fionapplebutt (3:52:03 AM) : mmmmmmmmmmmm
fionapplebutt (3:52:14 AM) : kiss me when you cum on my pussyhole
LilithFair (3:52:23 AM) : I lick your breasts, your stomach, your face
LilithFair (3:52:39 AM) : Then take you in my arms and deep tongue kiss you as my body shakes from the orgasm
fionapplebutt (3:53:07 AM) : mmmmmm cumcumcum kisses kisses kisses
LilithFair (3:53:25 AM) : Is there still more you want, my sweet?
fionapplebutt (3:53:29 AM) : yess
LilithFair (3:53:36 AM) : Tell me.
fionapplebutt (3:53:39 AM) : I ant to straddle each other and let the wet insides of our pussies rub together
fionapplebutt (3:53:51 AM) : I want your cum in me
LilithFair (3:54:09 AM) : Oooh yeah
fionapplebutt (3:54:14 AM) : rub our open pussies together
LilithFair (3:54:31 AM) : God, I'm wet and I feel yours too as we press our pussies together
fionapplebutt (3:54:43 AM) : like straddle crotches together
LilithFair (3:55:16 AM) : Legs spread, grinding?
fionapplebutt (3:55:47 AM) : feel your juices inside me
LilithFair (3:56:11 AM) : Well then we lay opposite each other and spread our legs wide
LilithFair (3:56:25 AM) : Inching closer to feel the cum of our juices together
fionapplebutt (3:56:37 AM) : mmmm I can cum again==== my bumhole is lonely :D

LilithFair (3:56:56 AM) : I hold your hand to bring us closer together
fionapplebutt (3:57:05 AM) : mmm sweeeet baby
LilithFair (3:57:07 AM) : Then let go to concentrate on your begging asshole
fionapplebutt (3:57:29 AM) : feel your wet pussy swallow up my clitty
LilithFair (3:57:39 AM) : I rub it softly then swirl my finger around it and dive in
fionapplebutt (3:57:39 AM) : fucking you with my hard swollen clit
LilithFair (3:57:59 AM) : I bum my clit against your pussy
LilithFair (3:58:10 AM) : as I shove another finger in your butt
LilithFair (3:58:18 AM) : followed by another as I move in and out
fionapplebutt (3:58:20 AM) : /jilling hard
LilithFair (3:58:31 AM) : Still feeling our juices flowing together
LilithFair (3:58:35 AM) : The cum mixing
LilithFair (3:58:55 AM) : My hands move in and out of your bum like I was fucking like no other
fionapplebutt (3:59:12 AM) : yes almost kiss me lover
LilithFair (3:59:44 AM) : I move back and forth on the slippery wetness then move up to kiss you, to let you know I loved it
fionapplebutt (3:59:56 AM) : cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
LilithFair (4:00:48 AM) : I hold you in my arms and tell you you're my pretty baby
fionapplebutt (4:00:55 AM) : mmm cuddle me sweetie
fionapplebutt (4:01:00 AM) : Ilove you babysweetie
LilithFair (4:01:06 AM) : pretty face baby
fionapplebutt (4:01:12 AM) : so pretty and lovey I want to be your girl :-)
LilithFair (4:01:28 AM) : hehehe
fionapplebutt (4:01:37 AM) : I do I love you I want your name tattooed on my ass
LilithFair (4:02:04 AM) : Yeah, "Baby's Bitch" hehehe
LilithFair (4:02:20 AM) : No one's in that ass but me hehehe
fionapplebutt (4:02:31 AM) : yes sweetie Im serious, I want to
fionapplebutt (4:02:38 AM) : /bares ass for the needle ;-)
LilithFair (4:02:43 AM) : really?
fionapplebutt (4:02:46 AM) : god yes Im in love
fionapplebutt (4:03:12 AM) : I'll get peirced for you too anywhere you say
LilithFair (4:03:20 AM) : You'll do it? when? I want your nipples and clit pierced and my name on your ass, right cheek, kinda big
fionapplebutt (4:03:34 AM) : yes baby I love to be your girl
fionapplebutt (4:03:53 AM) : are you going to give this transcript to doc?
LilithFair (4:04:04 AM) : yup, as soon as we are done- will you get the tattoo and piercing this weekend and show me on cam?
fionapplebutt (4:04:44 AM) : yes baby- are we going to tell everyone its us?
LilithFair (4:04:51 AM) : He's going to make up names.
fionapplebutt (4:05:07 AM) : Im so into you I dont care! god I came twice
LilithFair (4:05:16 AM) : Well, good
fionapplebutt (4:05:18 AM) : Ive never cum twice cybering mmmmm kisses kisses kisses! Im in love with you
fionapplebutt (4:06:20 AM) : its fun I can be your little net bitch
fionapplebutt (4:06:25 AM) : Ill do anything you say :-)
LilithFair (4:06:27 AM) : Well, our fooling around's just our secret. ;)
fionapplebutt (4:06:30 AM) : you can fuck me whenever you say
LilithFair (4:06:37 AM) : deep kisses, fingering you and getting you wet again

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