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CamGirl vs. CamWhore
This week's update by: Susy     Last week's feature Kill Yourself

This week features an article by the lovely and talented Susy an experienced CamGirl from LoveSusy! and a Moderator in DWF Love Shack with her extensive and educational guide to telling a CamGirl from a Camwhore.

What is the difference between a Cam Girl and a Cam Whore?
by Susy

People often mistake a Cam Girl for a Cam Whore and vice versa. A Cam Girl is simply a girl with a cam, some pictures and a blog on her website.

The most a Cam Girls picture tends to reveal is maybe some cleavage (sometimes a lot), a nice fit tummy ... etc.

For the most part, nothing too risque, but enough to get loyal visitors, and old men with credit cards flocking to their site.


kristie from
renee from
mindy from

A Cam Whore on the other hand, is a most likely someone 18+ years of age, who will do just about anything and show pretty much everything for hits? Gifts? Money? Who knows, maybe for the sheer pleasure of being on cam.


tara from
sandrine from
amber from

My problem isn't with Cam Whores although they do give Cam Girls a bad name, and my problem certainly isn't with Cam Girls, because I, myself am a Cam Girl. My problem is with the Cam Whores with NO SHAME! Cam Beasts as I like to call them, who have no problem doing whatever it takes to get hits and money ... no matter what they look like.

We all know sex sells, tits and ass equals more hits ... but some women just have no shame. I respect people who have confidence, and are proud of their bodies, but I really don't want to see it. Something about saggy breasts, flabby asses and pudgy tummies doesn't appeal to me. Some of these women have more meat on them than I have on my Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey combined.

To those women who make money off of their websites, hit the gym, work out a little, fix yourself up! I am practically blind as is, I don't need to be scared blind when I come online.


sinz from
sweetshia from
Sweet Shia
wondergirl from

I do not surf the net in hopes to see someone's vagina, breasts .. and what they do with their vagina and breasts. It is upsetting to me, when I visit a Cam Ranking Site, or Cam Portals and I unfortunately come across someone's nasty body, someone shoving a dildo up their vagina, someone licking their breasts, etc. It is unfair to me (and I'm sure to a whole lot of other people) when I surf the net and a screen pops up, flashing some chicks nasty poon. The internet is, for the most part, quite enjoyable. If I wanted to be scared, I'd rent a horror movie.

What I don't seem to understand, and would like to know is: Do these women think they are attractive, when they find themselves on cam doing these "porno" type acts? Better yet, do people actually pay to see them do this?

I would like to smack anyone who would pay to see this, and cut up their credit cards (I'd shop a little, before I cut them up!) and I would like to personally vomit on these women that sell themselves over the Internet ... standing on the street corner would be a step up, and you don't even need to have any sort of web design skills!! (An Added Bonus!)

"See exclusive high resolution galleries. Current gallery sections are 'Fantasy', 'Fetish', 'Misc', and 'Old'. Want to see me dress as a schoolgirl in high resolution? Want to see me suck my toes? Or maybe you're just curious to see me in my daily routines - here you can see me working out or having a bath (shaving included!)." Kate-Cam-Members.Net
Maybe it's just me, but I certainly wouldn't want to see someone suck their toes. I wouldn't even suck my freshly pedicured toes ... let alone watch someone suck their toes, and if their toes are half as bad as their body there would be no amount of money that could get me to watch that.

And Shaving?! I'm sorry guys, but is watching a girl shave her pubes a turn on? I must admit, a nicely groomed vagina is much more attractive than a bushy one, but is the process a girl goes through to have a neat vagina, attractive? (And if the girl is focusing on pleasing her viewers, imagine she cuts herself? Ouch. *just a random thought*)
But that's not even the worst of it; It's always a fright to see the girls with their dildos shoved in them, and their oh-so-painful-yet-pleasurable facial expressions - it literally scares me shitless. Why bother with laxatives? when the most effective way to rid yourself of constipation is only a click away!

Understand that I am not making fun of the way people look (okay, well maybe I am) I am making fun of the fact that they put themselves out there ... thinking they are some hott shit. I am not the prettiest, skinniest, girl out there, but not even I would post my nude pictures on my website- well, not until I gain 100 lbs. of unsightly flab and lose my last ounce of dignity and self-respect

All images courtesy of CamPhreaks.Com

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