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Instant Porn
This week's update by: doc     Last week's feature Osama TeeVee
Aren't you tired of surfing surfing surfing the net searching for good kinky porno stories? You know, the kind with bestiality, pedophilia, scat, perversion, excitement and celebrities? Well stop all that surfing and create a different porn story every time you need to pull the pope. It's as easy as pushing the button below.

Pr0nMaster 3000 instant porn generator

" and the "
Once upon a time and a decided they wanted to get a . So they went right on down to the and got their . The next thing you know, the went and got and then his good friend , took the , and then ran off to and they both lived happily ever after.


Ok, that's great you say, but I want to put in my own custom story elements, people I know, my favorite genitals, pet perversions and various toys and implements I use everyday. Well now you can! Just fill in the form below (we've filled in some examples for you, just hit TAB and type in your own) and click the button and your own custom porn story will pop up before your eyes:

Pr0nMaster 3000.1 custom porn generator

your 'nom de plume:
gerund ("ing" verb):
body part #1:
person #1:
person #2:
body part #2:
past tense verb:
living thing:
capitalized adjective:
capitalized noun:

This week's lesbians:

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