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History of Nudity
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So many of our articles are frivolous, inane things. This week we present a little erudition and learning for a change. Read and click and enjoy our in-depth analysis of the history of the world. Its done in festive colors and lavishly illustrated, so if you have any young ones in the house, bid them gather 'round and read aloud, for its enjoyable for the entire family.
Doc Weasel's: The History Of Nudity
Photos by some photographer guy

To study this thesis in greater detail, click on the photos

Prehistoric Cavemen were naked all the time. They were hairy, smelly bow-legged brutes with big, hunkering brows, near ancestors to the apes. Notice how the species has developed.
In Ancient Mesopotamia (2040-1786 BC), the human body was frequently represented in its natural state. These representations were usually crude stone carvings. Notice the sharper details of nudity possible through photography. This is Candi. Candi says she's too young to tie herself down with just one man. Her hobby is roller-ballet.
In medieval Europe, people were almost never seen nude. In fact, they seldom took off their clothes to bathe. Here is Debbie and Diane nude. They bathe frequently. Together. Think about that for a minute.
When Columbus discovered the New World, he saw naked savages with feather headdresses. Here is a naked babe with a snake and a dragon tattoo.
The ancient Greeks celebrated nudity in their sculpture and art. This naked girl, Kimber, likes it "greek" style. The ancients have much to share with us.
The ancient Japanese possessed a mixture of complex traditional and mystic ideas concerning the disrobed female form. Sally, for instance, enjoys Japanese game shows and Nintendo. Once again, history repeats itself.
Roman art frequently depicted gods and mortals nude. The Imperial Romans used nudity to keep from having to carve clothing on statues. In modern times, Sean uses nudity to emphasis her vulva.
Nakedness was probably very important during the T'ang Dynasty of China (AD 618-906). Dotty is also naked, and has probably seen the movie "Chinatown". She wasn't even born until 1983. We have so much in common with the Orient.
During the 1600's the Puritans were very much against dancing, singing, and especially nudity. They believed it was evil. View this photo and decide for yourself.
During Victorian times no one ever got completely undressed. If this were a Victorian girl, her husband may live with her for many years and never see her naked in the light. Things aren't like that today, thank god, and we can easily view perfect strangers nude for the price of an internet porno site.
Nowadays nudity is pretty much taken for granted. It can be used as high art, to entertain, to educate or to boost the career of a fading starlet. Here's a gratuitous example of nudity used to tittilate and excite. If you are feeling the urge, go ahead, do what comes natural. Get Nude. But only if you are a young, attractive female. If not, do us all a favor and put some britches on.

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