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History of Lesbianism
This week's update by: doc     Last week's feature History of Nudity
Last week we studied the mysteries of the human form. This week we enter the psyche of women, that mystique of Sappho and its history and evolution, through fossil evidence of strap-ons and prehistoric dykes with cigs rolled up in their t-shirt sleeves. Once again, call in the kids and read this feature to them to explain.
Doc Weasel's: The History Of Lesbianism
Photos by some photographer guy

To study this thesis in greater detail, click on the photos

Sappho's famed girls' school flourishes on the Isle of Lesbos. These two young girls go to a modern girls' school. They go to Mr. Shallow's school on the island of Manhatten. Island girls have always been well known for their lovely sphincters.
Boudicca (or, Boadiciea,) Lesbian Chieftess of the Iceni of the East Anglia, leads Celtic rebellion against Roman invaders. She was finally defeated and rather than be humiliated by the Romans, she poisoned herself. Many feel her name (pronounced BOO-DEE-KA) is the origin of "bulldyke." These three lovelies are more of an example of what we call "Lipstick Lesbians".
Gregory of Nazianzus orders first burning of Sappho's poetry. These girls seem to be burning with feminine desire, their turgid breasts heaving in lust, tongues seeking the warm orifaces deep within each other's body. I could go on and on with this.
Judith, Lesbian Queen of Falasha, captures capital of Ethiopia. She rules for 40 years until her death in 977. Heidi here may have had ancestors from Switzerland. Tammy and Lacy are from Peoria.
The Orleans Legal School orders women found guilty of lesbian acts have their clitoris removed for their first offense. Second offenders further mutilated and third offenders burned at the stake. It would be a real shame to remove a clitoris as lovely as Rebecca's.
Mary Hammon and Goodwife Norman charged with "lude behavior upon a bed" in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Charges against 16 yr old Hammon are dropped and Norman is forced to make a public confession of all the juicy details. Norman is believed to be the first woman in America convicted of lesbianism. We find Nancy guilty of nippleteasing.
New Haven expands its definition of sodomy, a capital offense, to include sexual relations between women. Pandora and Tawni expand their definition of sexual relations between girls to include cunninglingus. New Haven has reported it now finds it a capital idea.
Christina, Lesbian Swedish Queen, abdicates instead of marrying. Raised as a boy, Christina was in love with Opera diva Angelica Georgini. This strap-on lez likes Backstreet Boys, but thinks k.d. lang is hot. Daria is more into trance.
Schoolgirl's mother accuses Marianne Woods and Jane Pirie, mistresses of a boarding school for girls, of "improper and criminal conduct." Lillian Hellman uses this as the plot for her "The Children's Hour" 120 years later. Adult filmmaker's still use girl's boarding schools as a basis for inspiration to this day.
France decriminalizes homosexual acts between consenting adults. It would be criminal to arrest these two dykes for acts between consenting lezbos. I hope France doesn't see this photo.
Last British execution for homosexuality, although the law remained on the books until 1861. Linda executes some expert cunninglingus on Stephanie, who remained on her hands and knees until 12:31.
Article about cross-dressing Lucy Ann Lobdell in Alienist and Neurologist medical journal is first time Lesbian is used to denote woman- loving-woman as opposed to inhabitant of Isle of Lesbos. We here at prefer the term "carpet-muncher".
Ma Rainey, openly lesbian Mother of the Blues and writer of Prove It on Me Blues is born. Open lesbian Allie was born in 1984.
Jiu Jin, Chinese revolutionary, also calling herself Qinxiong (which means "compete with men") wears men's clothes, writes feminist poetry and fights restraints against women. She is tried for treason and beheaded in 1907 by the Manchu government. Jo Sie practices ancient Chinese tongue love on Su Zee.
Two actresses kiss on the American stage. Ushers stand ready with ice water for those patrons feeling faint. We have no ushers, you will just have to take a shower when you get done with this page. And for god's sake, wash your hands.
Holland passes law prohibiting sexual contact between members of the same sex who were under 21. Sally and Kim would probably be in danger of breaking this law, were it still in force.
The German magazine Die Freudin (Girlfriend) openly discusses lesbian topics. These two Freudins openly discuss the sensitivity of the vulva.
Swiss lesbian Mammina founds Swiss Friendship Bond and publishes monthly magazine of stories, art and photography. They probably had photos like this one. With women and girls together, outrageously. Those Swiss were some wild women.
U.S. Congress enacts law banning Lesbians and Gays from entering the country. I'd like to enter one of these lesbians below the border.
Mary Young and Dawn DeBlanc are charged and convicted for "unnatural carnal copulation" in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. They both served thirty months. Leslie and Tabitha enjoy "unnatural carnal copulation" on the couch, after some fun pr0n shots. Coincidentally, Leslie's mom was born in '67. And so Lesbianism survives, even to the present day.

This week's teen lesbians:

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