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This week's update by: Marie LeClare     Last week's feature Camwhores vs. Camgirls

This week presents some Lesbian Erotica with plenty of Christmas Spirit from our resident Sapphic Siren, Marie LeClare

A Christmas Carol

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the church a hush was felt, as the choir sang.

I'm not really a church goer but since the relationship I was in had fallen apart, and I had moved and taken the job as the town's librarian, I had started to attend church.

I noticed her right away the very first time I had attended the church. She was beautiful and had a great voice. However, she was the pastor's daughter. So I couldn't very well hit on her, now could I.

I could envision the weekly newspapers headlines, "Maddy Hayes, Lesbian librarian Accosts Pastors Daughter," as a shudder went up my spine.

During his sermon I got up to use the ladies room and while I was washing my hands I heard someone behind me. When I turned around I saw it was her, the pastor's daughter.

She was extremely beautiful, long jet-black hair, a dark, almost Latin, skin color, and had the deepest brown eyes. She approached the sinks and began to wash her hands.

Then she turned to me and said, "Why do you always look at me?"

I was shocked at the question and said, "Well because I find you quite attractive."

She blushed before she leaned into me and kissed me. The kiss in itself was a shock, but I didn't hesitate as I kissed her back. Our tongues dancing on each others, and our hands soon were groping each other, as we walked backwards into a stall and locked it.

She wasted no time unzipping my dress and pushing up my bra, dropping her head to nurse on my breasts. I couldn't believe my good fortune. Here was the most beautiful girl in town sucking on my tits. Like the most experienced lesbian in the world and she couldn't have been a day over 16.

As I pushed up her peach colored sweater and unhooked her bra, it took my breath away as I gazed at her tiny breasts with her rock hard nipples. My hands cupped her breasts and I rolled her nipples with my fingers.

Realizing that we didn't have much time I hurriedly hiked up her skirt, and pushed her little white panties aside as I dropped to my knees in front of her. My prize only inches from my face.

Pressing my mouth to her beautiful curls my tongue licked her delicate folds, as my thumbs parted her pussy lips so I could lick her inner lips. Feeling her hands on my head and steering me to where she needed my tongue.

Tongue fucking her furiously and using my thumb to pat her clit, she pushed her hips to fuck my face. Knowing we didn't have much time and my pussy in great need, I slipped my finger in her pussy and finger fucked her from the back as I cupped my tongue and drew her swollen clit into my mouth. That was all that it took, and with almost a silent moan she squirted her girl juice into my mouth.

With that she stepped back and lifted me to my feet, saying, "Now it's your turn."

Parting my legs as wide as I could while I pushed aside my blue satin thong, she fell to her knees and hungrily ravished my pussy with her hot tongue.

Licking each delicate fold her tongue found my entrance and she invaded my inner being. Probing my pussy walls with her tongue as she slipped her hand between her legs and started finger fucking herself. What seemed like an instant I gushed my pussy honey filling her little mouth.

As we quickly freshened up she said, "I had better get back," and started for the door.

Before she could reach it I asked, "What's your name?"

"Carol" she replied and with that she was out the door, as the word "Maddy" was not quite out of my mouth.

As I returned to my pew I thought to myself, now that was some Christmas Carol.

Lori, Her Mother and Me

Hi, I'm Maddy, and I really like to masturbate. I was 5 when I discovered I enjoyed my teddy bear stuffed between my little legs. I didn't know why I liked it but I did. As I got older I started to grind my pussy on my teddy bear, and whenever I was nervous or uptight about something, it would be first grinding on teddy and then my fingers would take over. I never had an interest in boys, unless you could call teddy a boy. I enjoy the wet a feeling between my legs, and many times poor little teddy got soaked.

One day I was cleaning the house and I found an adult rated magazine in my roommates room. This was not you're regular Playboy, but triple XXX stuff.I started getting really hot and wet as I flipped through the pictures.

I decided to take a break from my cleaning and sat down on the couch and started to play with my pussy. It felt real good. My mind started to wander thinking about how good it would be to have a hot tongue licking me. I had forgotten that the drapes and windows were open, and I live by a heavy foot traffic area.

When I realized what I was doing, I looked up and Lori, my neighbors daughter was staring at me through the window. Lori was almost 18 and has a hard well developed body. She ran track in school so she was in good shape. I must have startled her when I looked up because, although she had her hand under her top playing with her breast, she slowly backed away. Quickly, I jumped up and ran to the door and invited her inside. She was really nervous.

I asked her if she would like to join me in some mutual fun. She just nodded. Lori is very attractive looking and you'd think she was very experienced but many guys don't asked her out simply because she is so attractive looking.

I started by kissing her on the lips. Gently pressing my lips on hers, and tracing the outline of her lips with the tip of my tongue. Slowly, ever so slowly, I allowed my tongue to enter her mouth. She was shaking from nervousness when we first started kissing, and I was careful not to go to fast and scare her. After passionately kissing for a few minutes, Lori started to loosen up and I knew this was going to be good. Lori told me that she was still a virgin, although she admitted she had lost her cherry on her bicycle. She told me that sometimes she rubs her pussy, but has never put anything in her pussy. I wasn't even sure if she had ever experienced an orgasm.

I slowly took off her top and started massaging her breasts. Cupping one then the other in my hands, as my thumb rubbed her nipples. I lightly brushed one nipple with my tongue. She gasped loudly and her nipple became instantly hard. I pulled and twisted and rolled the other nipple and I could feel its hardness on my fingers. Lori was sitting on my lap and she started moving her hips, humping my leg. I could feel her wetness on my leg.

She was really horny and hot, humping my leg faster and faster. At this point, I told her to get her shorts off so we could have more fun. She stood up and literally ripped off her shorts and underwear. She lay on the floor and started to finger fuck herself. She was writhing all over the floor, moaning and moving her hips. I sat back and as I watched her finger fuck herself, I lightly caressed my pussy. Getting down on the floor between her legs my eyes were fixed on her fingers dancing on her hot wet pussy.

I knew she was close, so I quickly put my tongue on her clit. Swirling my tongue in a little circle and licked her. She tasted so good, she was very sweet. Cupping my tongue I drew her little swollen button into my mouth and sucked like a straw, while her finger banged in and out of her pussy. As I sucked and licked she moaned, "Oh God", and made my face wet with her pussy honey as she came.

After we had recovered for a moment or two, she looked at me and said, "I've always wanted that and now I want to pleasure you that way."

As I lay back on the floor with my legs parted wide she crawled between them and kneeling on her knees, with her cute little ass up in the air, lowered her head to my dripping pussy while she put her hands under my hips. Hesitating briefly before she touched my pussy with her tongue and started to lick. Her tongue felt like velvet and as I ran my fingers through her hair, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. It was her mother at the window.

Holy fuck I thought. For sure I'm going to be in trouble. Trying to think fast and I'm sure my eyes had the look of a deer caught in the headlights, I noticed that she was playing with her breast, licking her lips and nodding that it was alright. Motioning with my head for her to come in and join us I kept a tight hold on Lori's head.

As she silently approached us she knelt down beside her daughter and let her hand brush over Lori's ass and between her legs. Feeling her daughters wet hot pussy. It was then that Lori jerked her head away from my dripping pussy and both her mother and I said, "It's ok, keep licking."

As Lori went back licking my hot wet pussy I told her mother to undress, which she did, but I was in for the shock of my life. As she hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and peeled them down, I saw what must have been the largest clit I had ever seen. It appeared to be the size of a young boys cock I guessed, not ever having anything to do with boys or men.

It was when I watched as she knelt beside us watching, with one hand playing with her daughters pussy and using her other fingers to pinch her swollen clit, that I motioned for her to fuck her daughter with it. Getting behind her daughter and somehow pushing that swollen clit in her hot tight little pussy was something to behold.

As I watched I swear Lori's eyes almost popped right out of her head as she felt that clit enter her pussy and her mother's hips started to push and fuck her. With this her first experience with woman love Lori was getting a thorough working over, and started having multiple orgasms, which in turn made me have multiples and from watching her mothers face I could tell she was having mind blowing orgasms.

Our love making continued all afternoon, but I never did get to experience that big clit as it looked to much like a dick to me and I've never been with a man, and wasn't too interested in penetration.

Maddy's Rear Window

Hi, my name is Maddy. Maddy Hayes. I was named after my mothers favorite old TV series called "Moonlighting". I'm not a lesbian, or at least I didn't think I was until recently. Oh sure at college some of my sorority sisters and I fooled around, but we didn't consider ourselves lesbians. I might tell you about those times if you're interested, but right now I want to tell you about my rear window.

I have a favorite past time that takes advantage of my apartment layout. I live on the first floor and my kitchen window over the sink looks out over the rear of the building where the parking lot and common walkway are. I love to stand at my sink as if doing dishes or something, wearing only a light robe or blouse. Otherwise I am totally naked and with everything below the sink hidden from view I totally love to be rubbing my pussy or using a toy. I don't really know how to describe myself, because I am way too shy to actually show anybody anything so I can't say that I am an exhibitionist. However, I do get very hot at the idea that I am almost showing off, or that I am almost on public view.

It's funny and exciting and embarrassing at the same time that I have a developing "relationship" with the lady who normally delivers the mail. Out my window is the building mailbox, one of those big silver things with many doors where the mail person opens the back and puts the mail in the different boxes. Our usual delivery person (Mon through Thurs) is a lady in her mid to late twenties I guess.

Starting about three weeks ago I have been making a point of playing at about 9 in the morning so I am ready when she makes her stop here at about 9:30. Because of the position of the box she kind of stands with her back to me, but a bit in profile, as she works at the box, sorting the mail and sliding it into the sections.

I have a great view of her but she can't really see me without turning to look at me, except as she walks up to the box from her truck at the beginning. It is so great to touch myself and rub myself and push a toy in or whatever as I watch her. After a week of this routine we first made eye contact as she approached the box, and we exchanged smiles. That became the norm for awhile, but on Monday something happened to cause a bit of change.

Watching her work I was really getting into the joy of the moment, so to speak, and was leaning down over the sink panting and moaning as my fingers treated me to a pussy soaking, and my orgasm was pending. As she finished her work she did something she never did before, which was to turn toward my window. She must have seen something in the look on my face because she was stunned for just a second, then smiled, turned away and walked to her truck. I was embarrassed but totally hot at the same time. On Tuesday as she approached the box I was in my usual position and this time we made eye contact and she really smiled and nodded to me, just as she turned to her work.

God, the look spoke volumes as I realized that she was aware of what I was doing. As she did her work I was going crazy with my fingers and a cucumber this time. Again, when she was finished she turned to look at my window and smiled at me before she went to her truck.

Wednesday and yesterday were repeats, except I sort of got more daring. Before she arrived I got ready in my usual position, only this time I made a point of leaving my robe open, though not really showing anything. She gave me her usual great smile, and as she worked this time I had one hand between my thighs and the other in my robe, squeezing my breast and pulling my nipple.

This was the first time I had ever done anything above the waist while at the window and I was totally hot. When she finished working she stood, turned towards me, and she could see me bent over the sink, my face in passion and my robe open with my hand on my breast. She smiled, and then ran her beautiful tongue over her lips before turning away and heading for her truck.

Then the strangest thing happened. She picked up a small box, obviously too big for the mailbox, and headed to my door. As I opened the door she said, "I could have left this at the office, but you looked like you needed help."

As she handed me the box I took her hand and pulled her to me. Kissing her before I closed the door behind us. Almost dragging her into the bedroom. As I let my robe slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor, she quickly disrobed, and we kissed as we fell on the bed.

"I'm going to fuck you silly", she said, as she laid me back and parted my legs as wide as possible.

Kneeling between my legs she lifted my hips to her knees, and with one hand parting my pussy lips, the other parting hers, she lowered her trimmed pussy to mine. Our clits kissing. Grinding her ass in a little circle and humping my pussy she kissed and licked my face. As our swollen clits rubbed and pressed against each other. Harder and faster our clits kissed until she moaned, "Cum with me," and moments later our pussys exploded in sexual ecstasy.

As we lay back to recover she asked, "What's in the box from Leather Imports?"

Hesitating briefly I said, "It's, a, umm, whip."

"Oh so you're a naughty girl huh. Let's get it out."

Retrieving the whip from the box she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs parted wide and told me to kneel in front of her and lick her pussy. As I knelt and licked her delicate folds. Pulling her pussy lips with my teeth gently I felt the whip being dragged across my ass. The excitement was making my pussy leak, dripping to the floor. As I swirled my tongue across her hood and clit, I allowed my finger to enter her dripping hot pussy, curving it up a little to try and touch her gspot. Slowly finger fucking her it was then I felt the kiss of the whip as it cracked on my ass. Finger fucking her faster and drawing her clit into my mouth sucking it like a straw, she whipped me again.

Again and again the whip made contact, the sound of the crack driving me hotter than I could have ever expected. As I kept licking and finger fucking her I attempted to put my other hand between my legs to my wanting pussy.

"No," she commanded, as she laid back, "I want you to cum without touching yourself."

Slipping a second finger next to the first I wiggled my fingers in her pussy, as I dragged my tongue from her swollen clit, to my fingers and then back to the crack of her ass, before returning it to her clit. I could feel my pussy tingle building to never before felt heights. What pushed me over the edge was her moaning, "Oh fuck yes I'm cumming," and my pussy came in a mind blowing orgasm, before I collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I will never again complain that the mail is late.

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