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May 26, 2004
Suicide Ain't Painless
This week's update by: doc
Last week's feature RatherGate
This week re-examines suicide, and why you probably shouldn't do it. Its damn dangerous. If you don't believe us, take a gander at these here images. WARNING: These images are pretty darn graphic and grotesque and they may burn an image on your psyche that will haunt your dreams and nightmares until you are driven insane or take your own life or both. With that said, enjoy!!

Hanging #1
Hanging #2
Hanging #3
Hanging #4
Hanging #5
Hanging #6
Hanging #7
Hanging #8
Hanging #9
Pressure from chair
Anne Green, c. 1650
Hanging #10
Hanging #11
Noose knots
Ligature: neck
Ligature: back of neck
Toy telephone cord
Strangulation (tracheotomy hole)

Discoloration of face
Strangulation #2

Blunt force trauma
Crush injury, bus tire
Crush injury, tank
Crush injury, train
Whole-body trauma
Whole-body trauma

Cuts and stabs
Bandsaw cut, suicide
Self-inflicted cuts
Decapitation by train
Stab wounds, suicide
Stab wounds, homicide
"The Victim"
"The Suspect"
Throat cut #1
Throat cut #2
Throat cut #3
Throat cut #4
Wrist cuts, fatal
Wrist cuts, fatal2
Wrist cuts, survived

Drowning 7 days later

Drugs and chemicals
C02 poisoning
Ingestion of lye

High Voltage Burns
Arm #2
Full body
Amputating Arm
Suicidal Electrocution


Contact gunshot wound to head
Contact gunshot wound to head, 2
Contact gunshot wound showing pattern of gun barrel
Contact gunshot wound to the head, showing unburned gunpowder
Distribution of sites of suicidal gunshot wounds to the head in Seattle [Eisele, 1981]
Gunshot to head from high-powered pistol
High-powered rifle bullet to the head
Initial surgical reconstruction following shotgun wound to the head, suicide attempt
Multiple-entrance gunshot wounds
Pinch marks on hand of suicide that cleared her boyfriend of murder indictment
"Blowout" shotgun wound, suicide
Shotgun wound to the head, suicide attempt
Shotgun wound to the head, suicide attempt, 2 Shotgun wound, entrance under chin
Shotgun wound, entrance under chin, 2.
Shotgun wound to the head, homicide
Shotgun wound to the head, suicide
Shotgun wound to the head
Two shotgun wounds to the head, suicide
Gunshot suicide
Gunshot to head, suicide
Gunshot to head, suicide, 2
Gunshot to mouth, suicide
Gunshot to mouth
Gunshot to head
Gunshot to head, 2

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