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Halloween 2004
This week's update by: Marie LeClare
Last week's feature Florida Early Voting Horror
It's Halloween and brings you a ghoulishly scary story to haunt your night. If you have any demonic comments, use the Doc Weasel Forum

Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields entered the park and took a seat on her favorite park bench, facing the swings, setting down her knitting in her lap and her bag at her feet.

Christine really couldn't understand how the young girls had given her that name, because she had never been married and was in fact a confirmed lesbian, but when she sat on the park bench all she could think about was how arousing the young girls looked on the swings.

When the new girl arrived at the swings, the other young girls kind of ignored her, and didn't want to be friends, Christine noted, so after playing on the swings for awhile and after the other girls left the park the new girl walked over and plopped down on the grass in front of Christine.

"I know who you are" the girl said to Christine, "you're Mrs. Fields, the lady with the cookies".

Christine just smiled and said "You can call me Christine but who are you?" "I'm Angel. I just moved her with my Mom" the girl said.

"I noticed that the other girls don't seem to care for you Angel. Is there a reason?" Christine asked with a smile as her eyes took in the beautiful mature figure before her, all the while wondering how old Angel was.

With that Angel started to pull her top up to show Christine her breasts, and said "it's cuz the other girls think I pad my bra but you can see I don't."

Christine stopped her just before Angels breasts came into view by saying "Oh don't do that, some people might think that we're some kind of perverts. I'll tell you what. I only live a block away and you could come over and show me and I'll show you mine, so I can tell the other girls that you're all real."

Angel agreed and off they went, to which Christine thought would be as memorable for Angel as it would be for her.

When they had finally got seated on the couch, Christine's favorite makeout spot, Christine said, "Ok do you want me to go first?" with a smile and Angel nodded in agreement.

With that Christine lifted her top and bra and showed Angel her 34C breasts, to which Angel said, "oh wow they're beautiful", and Christine asked her "do you want to touch them" with a smile and Angel just nodded and put her hand on Christine's breast. "Mmm that feels good", Christine said, "and now may I see yours?"

Without hesitation Angel lifted her top and bra and showed Christine her perky breasts, proudly arching her back so her breasts would push out.

By now Christine had a dry mouth and took a sip of her ice tea, before saying, "Oh my they're beautiful. Do you mind if I touch them?" Angel just nodded that it was alright to touch her breasts.

So with almost shaky hands Christine weighed them in her hands, allowing her thumb to gently caress her little nipples. Feeling them stiffen under her fingers.

It was a beautiful sight with Angel touching Christine's breasts and Christine touching Angels breasts. Rubbing her soft thumb on the girls nipples before rolling them gently between her fingers.

Angel was the first to speak, and said "doing that makes me feel funny". Then Christine asked "A bad funny or a good funny, and where does it make you feel funny?"

Angel pointed to her lap and said "down there it makes me feel funny and oh no it's not a bad funny".

"Well if you can keep a secret I'll show you how to make it feel really great down there" Christine said, "but first we need to get undressed, and you need to keep this a secret or I could get into trouble for showing you how women make themselves feel really good".

As they were getting undressed Angel noticed that Christine had a shave pussy, and said "wow cool, you shaved it. Can I feel it?" as she was taking her jeans and white cotton panties off, showing her little patch of fur to Christine.

Christine agreed and felt Angels hand on her hot wet pussy, saying "oh that feels so good", and reached to touch Angels pussy, only to discover it was hot and wet.

While Christine rubbed Angels little hood and clit with her middle finger she asked if Angel liked it and Angel nodded with a smile.

"You're pussy is so beautiful I think I'm just going to kiss it", Christine said as she knelt in front of Angels parted legs and touched her tongue to her hot wet pussy.

Licking her delicate folds, and pulling her delicate pussy lips with her lips, Christine tantalized the young girl and got her so aroused that the girl started moaning.

Angel didn't know what was happening only that she liked whatever it was, and instinctively knew there would be more of this good feeling.

Christine wanted so bad to masturbate as she licked Angels young pussy, but was afraid she might scare the girl, and felt her pussy juice dripping down her inner thigh.

By now Angel was squirming and shaking on the couch not knowing what was happening but knew that it was going to be spectacular, when all of a sudden it hit her like a freight train. Her very first orgasm at the hands of an older woman, and Christine licked up her sweet pussy honey.

"Holy Moley, what was that?" Angel said after she had recovered, and Christine just smiled and asked her if she liked it. "Boy did I ever" Angel said, and listened as Christine explained that she had her first orgasm.

"Can I do that for you?" Angel asked Christine. "Sure honey if you really want to but it isn't necessary I'm just happy that you enjoyed it" Christine said.

As Christine watched Angel slipped down on the floor between her legs and put her hands on her inner thighs, with her eyes glued to Christine's pussy. After a few moments to get up her nerve Christine thought, Angel tentatively touched her tongue to Christine's pussy, and started licking.

When Christine first felt her little tongue licking her pussy she equated it to a kitten licking, and although Angel wasn't perfect it was doing the job, as Christine played with Angels ears.

Angel stopped for a moment, looked up, and asked "Am I doing it right?" "Oh yes honey don't stop it's so good" Christine said, and Angel went back to licking Christine's pussy furiously.

Time stood still when Christine went over the edge and the floodgates opened with Angel drinking her pussy honey, and loving it.

After Christine managed to get Angel freshened up and dressed, they made plans to see each other every day after school.

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