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"How could I lose to this idiot?"
This week's update by: doc
Last week's feature Naked Hippy Chicks
This week docweasel reports on how Kerry managed to get his ass kicked harder than Gore did and drag Democrat Senate and Congressional seats down with him and how the Left will lose again in 2-4-8 etc. years.

The political genius of George W. Bush Democrats have much to weigh as they look to 2008

Moderates, Not Moralists John Kerry was not defeated by the religious right. He was beaten by moderates who went for President Bush.

We weren't dumb enough to vote Kerry It wasn't the economy, stupid. It was the stupidity, stupid

Liberal judges boon to GOP Liberal judicial activism in general - and Roe in particular - is the biggest pngt the Republican Party has ever gotten

Bad News for Democrats Hollywood activists vow to keep it up

Democratic Party must be 'born again,' Carville says Democratic strategist James Carville said yesterday that the Democratic Party's losses last Tuesday were no fluke, and that they need to rethink exactly who they are and provide something more than a litany of policy proposals

Voting Without the Facts I think a case could be made that ignorance played at least as big a role in the election's outcome as values

Exiles from Main Street Many American lefties warned they would flee abroad if George Bush was re-elected. So will they honour their promises?

Kerry Advisers Point Fingers at Iraq and Social Issues "If this is an election that we couldn't win . . ." Mr. Carville said, his voice trailing off, as he sat next to Mr. Shrum and Mr. Greenberg. "The purpose of a political party is to win elections, and we're not doing that

Bush may owe S.F. Mayor Newsom big debt of gratitude San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom rejects the notion that his highly publicized issuance of marriage licenses to hundreds of same-sex couples early this year galvanized anti-gay marriage activists and led to the passage of 11 anti-gay marriage ballot measures, including one in Ohio, while adding hundreds of thousands of pro-Bush votes that secured the state

Will Democrats Just Appoint New Obstructionists? The American people spoke loud and clear on Tuesday, and the so-called mainstream media still haven't heard them

Whining doesn't win Complaints about voter fraud have been the perennial domain of losers, though people seem less shy about sounding bitter and shrill these days

Myths of the Republican Mullah-cracy You can't blame Jesus for the voters' choice

The Sore-Loser Part Understanding Smiley, Dowd, Raines, Krugman, Maher, Sarandon, et al

Election '04 epiphanies In 2000, Americans were reminded that electoral votes select presidents. In 2004, Democrats were reminded that Bruce Springsteen does not

Condescending vs. understanding Every election year, we in the commentariat come up with a story line to explain the result, and the story line has to have two features. First, it has to be completely wrong. Second, it has to reassure liberals that they are morally superior to the people who just defeated them.

Rove's Revenge Dowd just gets more bitter and sad. And she's getting older and closer to death as well

No Surrender Metrosexual Meltdown

The Red Zone Feel Dowd's pain

The Once and Future Hope? Such a person already exists and, as luck would have it, has a name: Al Gore.

George, John, and Warren (Keith Olbermann) Former sportscaster becomes Mr. Nutbar

WHAT W WON You would think that a man closing in on 60 million votes might be in a strong political position, but that's not what many influential liberals and leftists are arguing this week.

Why Democrats are tagged as the party without values The Democrat Party is no more representative of the average Democrat's values than the National Council of Churches is of the average Protestant's values. Both are far to the left of their membership.

Why Did Kerry Lose? Answer: It Wasn't "Values"

A Lingering Sense of Loss The election is over, but hereís just one Kerry supporter who is still struggling to come to terms with the outcome

THE BEST CAMPAIGN IN HISTORY You have to give enormous credit to the Bush campaign, which unquestionably was the best planned, best executed presidential campaign ever.

Chirac offers congrats to Bush France surrenders

'Fired Up' Kerry Returning to Senate One well-known Democratic operative who worked with the Kerry campaign said opposition to Bush, not excitement about Kerry, was behind the senator's fundraising success. "If he thinks he's going to capitalize on that going forward, he's in for a surprise," said the operative, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Bush's Secularist Triumph The left apologizes for religious fanatics. The president fights them.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Spreads Rumors of Voter Fraud in Ohio and Florida He wasn't even that great a sportscaster

'Talk to someone in Cincinnati? Are you crazy?'. . . and so the Democrats blew it Over the past few days Iíve talked to lots of journalists and literary types in New York. Iíve grown used to the sound of crushed, hushed voices on the end of the phone. The weight of George Bushís victory seems almost too much

How Michael Moore got Bush elected GEORGE W. BUSH received more votes in Tuesdayís election than any Presidential contender in the history of the United States, and I would like to believe Michael Moore was partly responsible.

Onward Christian soldiers The hopefuls in the Democrat camp really believed victory in the US election was within their grasp. How did they get it so wrong

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