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Show Us Your Pussy!
This week's update by: Marie LeClare
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In its second annual future ex-co-ed essay contest invited graduating fourth-years in college to write about what they'll remember most. For anthropology major Rachel Anne Dion, the answer was easy: girls who just want to have fun.

School Superintendent

Janice Hogan had come up the hard way, from teacher all the way up to school superintendent, but she never forgot her roots, so when she had the time she always spoke with the new teachers she would pass in the halls when she was on an inspection tour.

Since Lincoln High was not in the best part of Dallas, police officers were always stationed at the school, and Janice always had a good word for Officer Nancy, a cute brunette, who's uniform hugged her figure in all the right places.

Yes Janice was a lesbian but she was closeted, and the only time she would allow herself to be with another woman was if she had to be out of town on a trip for fear that it might get back to the school.

Today was no different than any other day with the exception that Janice arrived at the school when all the kids had gone and her inspection took only a short time, so she walked down the hall and peered in on the art department and saw the new teacher Lissa, correcting some papers.

Lissa was a very attractive young woman who didn't appear to be a day over 21, and had an outstanding figure. Who looked very sexy in her starched white blouse and dark skirt, so Janice opened the door to say hello.

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"Hello dear" Janice said, which startled Lissa for a moment, who replied back "Why Ms. Hogan it's nice to see you".

After they made some small talk and Janice insisted that they do away with formalities and call her Janice, they started to talk about some of the annoying pupils who would disrupt the class.

"It makes you just want to shake them" Janice said as she clutched the collar of Lissa's blouse, to demonstrate what she was talking about, and almost instantly two things came to her mind.

One, she shouldn't have clutched Lissa's blouse and secondly, she realized that Lissa was melting into her arms and that she wanted to kiss her.

She knew it was wrong, and if the girl resisted or screamed she could be ruined, but all the pent up passion boiling inside of her had a mind of it's own, and she looked in Lissa's eyes briefly and kissed her lips so very tenderly, before penetrating her lips and kissing her with all the passion she could muster, and then slipping her leg between Lissa's.

Breaking their passionate kiss, and almost speaking in unison, they both said "I want you", and again pressed their lips together, not caring that the classroom door was unlocked. All they knew was they wanted the gentle touch of a woman, and a release of their pent up passion.

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Clutching at each others clothes in a flurry of fingers as if it was some kind of a race to see who could get the other disrobed first, Janice managed to slip off Lissa's blouse and bent her head to kiss the beautiful breasts incased in lace presented to her.

Her fingers fumbling with the hooks, Janice managed to remove Lissa's bra as Lissa slipped Janice's top off over her head, and buried her face in the valley of lust. Licking Janice's bra covered nipples, while releasing her beautiful breasts from their covering.

Finally after what seemed almost like hours to two women in lust they managed to disrobe each other and Janice, with one sweep of her hand to clear the desk, laid Lissa down on her back.

Uncomfortable? Yes, to you or me but not to two women in lust.

With Lissa lying on her back on the desk, Janice leaned to kiss and suck each of Lissa's beautiful breasts, after licking in a little circle around her already stiff nipples. Nursing like a hungry baby on her nipples then dragging her teeth softly on her nipples which brought forth moans from both women.

Still standing but moving slightly, Janice licked just under Lissa's breasts, and down her tummy. Her tongue leaving a little wet trail as far as her belly button, which she lapped and tongue fucked.

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As she was being licked Lissa had her hand rubbing Janices back until finally she couldn't wait any longer and pulled Janice closer so she could kiss and lick her breasts. Drawing one into her mouth and sucking hard.

The women had only one thing in mind at this point and that was to taste each other's pussy and the supreme pleasure it would bring.

Janice stretched Lissa out on the desk top with her legs parted wide and climbed up to assume the classical 69 position, with her knees on either side of her lusty partner's head. While putting her hands under Lissa's ass, she dropped her face and while breathing in her wonderful fragrance she licked her delicate folds.

Oblivious to everything around them, except the task at hand, they failed to notice the classroom door open, and see Officer Nancy standing there, who by now was pressing her uniform skirt towards her hot pussy, and slightly rubbing.

She had finished her shift for the day and was ready to go home with her bag over her shoulder, when she thought she would check the door, only to find it unlocked.

Clearing her throat, she said with a smile "The door was unlocked, but it's locked now and I want in on some of this", and quickly disrobed, before any objections could be voiced.

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Reaching into her bag Officer Nancy brought out the biggest black dildoe that Lissa had ever seen, and put on the harness, as she held the plastic dick to Lissa's mouth for her to get it wet.

Holding the wet dildoe to Janices tight little asshole, Nancy started to push, until the dildoe disappeared from sight, and Janice stopped moaning from the pain, and started to enjoy the pleasure of being ass fucked.

The smell of linseed disappeared from the room and was replaced by the odor of pussy, as Janice and Lissa each furiously licked each other, and Officer Nancy's hips moved faster as she fucked with the huge dildoe.

Office Nancy could feel the tingle building each time the end of her dildoe hit her swollen clit, and just hoped that the three of them could cum together, so she moved her tight ass like a machine.

When it hit it hit Lissa first, and she tensed up her body while she moaned into Janices pussy, that she was cumming.

It was like a chain reaction, because after Lissa came, Janice let out a howl, and Officer Nancy almost collapsed from the strong orgasm that had gripped her.

As they were getting dressed, Janice made them promise that this event should be kept a secret and they would repeat it again, given the opportunity.

show us your pussy!

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