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City Life: a 1950's Lesbian Love Story
This week's update by: Marie LeClare
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This week brings you a story of girl/girl love, proving that Lesbian Chic didn't start in the '00's, by our resident Lesbian Erotic writer,Marie LeClare
City Life
by Marie LeClare

As I walked into the all night restaurant, I was dead on my feet. I had just finished my shift at one of the upscale nightclubs, where we had really been busy even for a Saturday night and I needed some hot black coffee, and quick.

Looking around the restaurant, having my coffee and enjoying a peaceful cigarette, as I waited for my order, I saw all the other waitresses and club owners from the neighborhood, trying to unwind before going home.

It was then that I noticed her. Her name was Ann, and she was one of the bar girls. Those are the ones who get customers to buy them drinks for a cut of the money from the bar owners, but Ann had been down on her luck as of late.

She was short, maybe about 5 foot 3 inches in heels, dirty blonde hair, and busty. Although she was only 18 she looked older, and I used to joke with her that when she got older she was going to need a wheelbarrow to carry her boobs.

"Hey Marie, will you buy me a cup of coffee?" Ann asked, as she plopped herself down in the chair at my table.

"Sure babes" I replied.

After she asked for a cigarette, and had a chance to light it, I asked her what had happened to her. As she was telling me about the boyfriend she had saved herself for, I couldn't help but notice what a wonderful figure she had but she desperately needed a bath. She told me how he found out that she was a b-girl and accused her of being a whore, and threw her out of the apartment they had shared until they were to get married, so now she had no place to live. I couldn't let her live on the streets, and I thought she might be fun, because it had been weeks since I had been with a woman.

As we got in my car Ann exclaimed "Wow, this is one of those new 1953 Oldsmobile Fiestas!"

I just nodded yes, with a big grin, because they were expensive.

Entering my apartment Ann said, "I'll just bunk down her,e" as she settled in on the couch.

I stopped her by saying, "No way, not until you have a nice hot bath and we wash those clothes," adding, "I have some nighties that will fit you."

As I ran the bath, Ann stripped down, piling her dirty clothes on the floor, and stepped into the hot bath, which by this time was full of bubbles.

"Here," I said as I knelt on the floor beside the tub, "I'll wash your hair for you, and I have some rollers you can use in the morning."

As I washed her hair, and watched her lying in the tub, I started to massage her neck and shoulders, wondering how far I dare go, but all she said was, "Mmmm."

My hands had a mind of their own as they drifted down to her beautiful breasts. I was either going to get slapped or I was going to get some pussy.

With my head next to her ear, and my hands touching her breasts, I whispered, "Does that feel good?"

All she did was nod yes. Not stopping with just brushing her breasts with my fingers I gently pulled and played with her nipples, which by now had stood up like tiny soldiers.

Allowing my one hand to play with her stiff nipple I allowed my other hand to caress down to her tummy, whispering "You're so beautiful, Ann."

As my hand went down further, she parted her legs to give me room to play with her hot pussy. Kissing her ear and whispering how much I liked her, my fingers had found her beautiful pussy and I started to massage it. All she did was murmur, "Mmm."

Parting her pussy lips with my fingers I started to masturbate her swollen clit as she laid back in my arms, squirming in the tub as her passion grew. Finger fucking her hot pussy had the desired effect as she had a massive orgasm from my hand, but I wanted more. I wanted to taste her.

"I think I'll join you," I said as I quickly disrobed, and climbed in the tub with her, but kind of half way behind her and lowered my head to draw her breast into my mouth.

As I sucked and nursed on her stiff nipple my breast was right in front of her face and she did the natural thing and sucked on my breast. As we nursed on each other's nipples, I had the urge to finger my pussy, to relieve some of the built up pressure in my pussy, so straddling her body I started to finger my pussy so she could watch, saying, "Masturbate with me baby."

As we fingered our hot pussys she remarked that I had such a large clitoris, and asked me to fuck her with my clit.

Lifting her hips to my knees as I knelt in front of her between her legs, I parted her pussy lips with one hand and parted my lips with the other. Then I lowered my hot pussy to her's so that our clits kissed, and started to grind in a little circle. My hips moving faster and harder grinding, she couldn't keep her hands of my breasts and clutched them. Bringing one breast to her mouth as she pulled and twisted the other nipple. I could feel the tingle building in my cunt but wanted to wait for her to cum first, which by the looks of things wasn't going to take long. The smell of the bubble bath had long been replaced by the smell of raw sex, which culminated with me feeling her body stiffen, let out a short moan, and gasped "Yes!"

Then my orgasm was right on top of hers as my hips bucked and I had a mind blowing orgasm. After we had recovered and rinsed off in the bath we both went to bed, not needing the nighties, with me holding her in my arms. As I cuddled her in my arms, my hand came to rest on her beautiful breasts, while I thew my leg over hers. My fingers gently pulling and twisting. Even running my sharp fingernail across her stiff nipple which brought a gasp of pleasure.

Moving so I could kiss her while my fingers played her breasts like a concert violinist, my tongue penetrated her sweet soft lips, and our tongue danced together, with me licking the roof of her mouth. Breaking our kiss I wanted more and kissed down to her perky breasts. Holding her breasts together with my hands as I licked her stiff nipples, before drawing one into my mouth and sucking hard.

I was pleasantly surprised when she put her hand on my head and combed her fingers through my hair while her other hand cupped my breast. Weighing it in her hand before playing with my stiff nipple. Dragging my teeth on her nipple brought squeals of pleasure from her, which made me bite down, before licking under her breasts. As I kissed and licked down her tummy, my tongue leaving a little wet trail, I was having trouble holding her still, which was fine with me.

I only moved my body to lay between her parted legs when I was tongue fucking her belly button. Before licking down further I grabbed the pillow and stuck it between my legs so I could hump it while I tasted her sweet pussy. With my hands on her inner thighs, I kissed and licked to the crease between her mound and her leg, before my mouth approached her pussy.

Looking up into her half closed eyes and watching as she cupped her breasts in her hands and rubbed her nipples with her thumbs, I breathed in her wonderful scent, until my tongue found her delicate folds. Licking and nibbling her pussy lips, made her squirm all the more, but when I parted her pussy lips and swirled my tongue over her hot wet swollen clit, she started to have little orgasms. She tasted as sweet as honey, and my tongue penetrated her pussy deep, probing her pussy walls, tongue fucking her hot wet pussy as I patted her swollen clit with my fingers.

Replacing my fingers with my tongue I allowed my two fingers to enter her hot pussy and I swirled my tongue lapping at her swollen clit. Cupping my tongue to draw her clit into my mouth and sucking like a straw. Her breath was coming faster as she tried to lift her sweet ass off the bed to get her pussy closer to my tongue and fingers, when it happened. The loudest moan I think I have ever heard, with her saying "Oh yes, oh," and her filling my mouth with her sweet nectar, as her orgasm overtook her.

Moving back up beside her to try and let her recover she said, "Now it's my turn."

I told her "You don't have to if you don't want to, it's alright."

But she said she wanted to please me.

So she moved to lay between my legs and reached up to play with my breasts, as she looked at my hot wet pussy. Then she took a deep breath and placed her mouth covering my entire pussy and her tongue licking my pussy lips. Reaching down with my hands to part my pussy lips for her she started to lick. Lapping my clit like a hungry little puppy dog.

Her tongue felt like a feather and I could have sworn that I wasn't the first woman she had been with, as she licked and finger fucked my pussy, bringing me to many small orgasms until a massive one hit me like an explosion.

I screamed "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" as I filled her sweet little mouth with my hot pussy juice.

It didn't take Ann long to get back on her feet again and get her own place, and as I understand it, she has a roommate who keeps her satisfied.

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