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This week docweasel.com Some lame opinion on the present state of blogging bydoc

Check this out:

from Wizbangblog.org:

It does bring up an interesting point - the domain names of wizbangblog.org and wizbangblog.net are clearly taken by a cybersquatter. I've asserted a copyright to the name Wizbang and have applied for a trademark for the name Wizbang. Why? To make sure I own what I created, and to make sure I've got my legal ducks in a row when I go after those who are unjustly trading off the Wizbang name.

If you're an IP attorney who wants to help a blogger get control of his "brand" drop me a line...

I disagree about your whole "brand-name" conceit and the practice of claiming ownership to words all over the net is bullshit.

I'm a firm believer in web-libertairianism. Why should you get to automatically scarf up all the domain names with wizbang in them just because you have a blog? I think you may have a bit of over-inflated self-importance going on there. There is a good likelihood there are older, more frequented sites with the words Wiz or Bang in them, how would you like it if they claimed you were wheezing off their juice and snarfed up your precious little domain.

I read blogs, I like blogs, but I have to say the 'blogosphere' is getting a bit full of itself. There are entities that have been around on the net a lot longer than you (we've been around since '97 ourselves) and I've never seen a coterie of interelated sites that takes itself and its importance in the world as seriously and vaingloriously as blogs are doing lately. There's one thing of which you geniuses seem unaware: blogs are mainly important to other blogs. You're not really any more important in the course of world events than the old Star Trek newsgroups, which also had nice large, commited followings and thought they were the second coming of Jesus.

A little dose of reality might do all you fuckers a world of good. This newest bit of hubris (laying claim to any word in your blog) is just a symptom of your sickness. Now excuse me, I have to go post in my blog, Insta- poli- Daily Pundit Power- whiz -line -bang -blog. net .org. com


then some idiot responded with this gem:

Docweasel...I don't know how well you follow this blog...if at all, but you DO realize, that blogs were the one that broke the story (via powerline, littlegreenfootballs, and wizbang) about the faked 'Bush' Memos that CBS tried passing off as legit? Posted by: Henry at January 3, 2005 02:51 AM

Yeah, so what? That is another manufactured legend of grand import, mostly to OTHER FUCKING BLOGS. The only reason the media is paying any attention is because you blogs talk incessantly about the media, and the media loves the attention right back!!

What effect did the entire Rather fiasco have on anything other than pumping up the legend of the blogs? Did it influence a single vote? Did it cause real changes in editorial policy? Or did it just hype up some blogs.

Listen son, this isn't my first rodeo on the net. We made our bones as a humor site spoofing the WTC disaster and got hatemail and noteriety by swirling up the mud in our own way. We got mentioned on Howard Stern and crashed our servers on a glorious day in late 2001. We thought we were big shit too. Newflash: all the crap you or I type matters only to other obsessed little net-kiddies and poli-junkies. Your views and pontifical posts are of no more great import than the billions of bytes spent over at the Harry Potter forum or one of the online RPG shrines I could link you up to.

Everyone thinks their pile of crap on the net is more important than somone else's. Which is fine until you start getting fascist- that's right I'm breaking out the Nazi trope- by laying claim to any domain that remotely sounds like yours because of what you have "created" here. You make me want to puke. Wake up and face North twink, you are nothing more than another ranter. You deserve nothing.

You are the one starting the very slippery slope stuff that will eventually stifle the net. Plus its more of the litigious crap that makes people want to kill all lawyers.

(after somone else posted about what a BEEG STOREE rathergut was I schooled him again)

Ah bullshit. You know when will someone finally step up and say "the emperor has no clothes" on this whole goddam Rathergate thing? Rather's been pulling this crap for years. No one cares. 60 minutes never convinced anyone of anything.

The ONLY reason this particular media slam is notable is because smartypants bloggers were able to pull out fonts and animated gifs and pore over their word processors and come out with the amazing bombshell that Rather & Co. do shoddy reporting and they are biased. Well kiss my grits what a scoop. If not for "Rathergate" the entire story would have vanished without a ripple, not changed a single vote and just been added to the big heap o' nasty Bush stories cranked out in 2004.

Do you really think any actual working, thinking, voting person gives 2 shits about another AWOL Bush story? Hell naw. The only people who care are these blogs. They are desperate for credibility. LOOK AT ME WRITING! they cry out. LiSTEN TO ME I'M IMPORTANT.

I predict a massive bloglash because bloggers are getting just a bit too full of themselves. Everyone is getting pretty sick of hearing just how smart and influential you guys seem to think you are. Hello. You're preaching to your little choirs. You change no minds. Its just cyber-wanking.

You know this crap reminds me of karaoke. You used to have to learn an instrument, rehearse, get a gig then lay your no-talent ass out there to annoy people. Now you just have to show up drunk and read words off a screen.

You used to have to have a smattering of coding knowledge or at least be able to work Frontpage express to get site online. Now every swinging dick with an opinion logs on blogger and starts in a'rantin' and they all link each other and its game on.

Most of what you guys post is nothing but links to other fucking blogs. I predict sooner or later every blog is going to consist of one giant daisy chain of links with no actual story at the end. Or wait maybe it already happened.

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