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Body Modifications
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This week docweasel.com brings you some of the strange, sexy, disturbing and downright nauseating things people do to their bodies in the name of sexual fetishes. Its all here, from simple piercings and tattoos, to branding, to pumping, to mutilation, castration, amputation... you get the picture. Eunuchs, transexuals, sexual reconstruction, every bloody sight your sick and twisted little hearts can desire. These images will sear deeply into your psyche, haunt your dreams and burn themselves indelibly into the retina of your soul, and you may never have normal sexual thoughts and feelings again. Enjoy!

BME: Body Modification Ezine The leading site on body modification, with various piercing, tattooing, etc. pictures. Lots of genital piercings and extreme stuff used to be available here for free, but no more. Use the search feature for interviews with "Splitcock," "Gelding," "Fingernail," and "No Hand."
BME Free Samples Extreme pictures including a knife plunged through the perimeter of the anus, saline injections, pumping, needle play, extreme cock modifications, genital nailing, extreme constriction, castration, nipplectomy and -- penile amputation.
BME/Risks Risks of various modifications, with illustrative photos. Amputation, minor, Anal Stretching, Breast Torture, Head Splitting, Male Circumcision, Scrotal Splitting, Tongue Splitting, Urethral Relocation, Keloids, Mastitis, Penis Splitting Related Infection, and Reduced Ejaculatory Distance.
PSURG Interesting before and after pics of penis enlargements and vulva reductions.
Female Circumcision Extremely bloody and graphic photos of white women voluntarily having their inner labia removed. The strips of bloody flesh are then laid across their bellies for display.
A Enuch's Personal Pages. Tom is a married man who had his penis and testicles surgically removed. All he has between his legs is a pee hole. Includes, pictures, FAQ section, information on the surgery, etc.
Body Mod Pix A message board where people post pictures of their mods. Includes some extreme stuff like the guy who cut his nipple off and the girl who cut her tongue in half.
BDSM 24/7 Slave e is a lifestyle slave with extreme pussy piercings. She endures tremendous labia stretching, vacuum pumping, and much more.
Labia Stretching Women -- take vaginal lip elongation to the limits of the imagination! Learn about "labial origami." Step by step stretching plan.
Piercing.ru Lots of piercing pics, including some bloody ones, plus a few piercing videos.
Transexual Man Buck is a big, muscular, heavily tattooed dude with a handlebar mustache and shaved head. He looks like a mean biker. He's certainly no pussy -- but he HAS one! He's a former girl who cut off his boobs. Now that's a body mod.
Eunuch.org "A friendly website for the eunuch community." Huge archive of fiction stories involving castration.
SPC Online (dead link) Very intense pictures of meatotomy, subincision, tongue splitting, vacuum pumping, saline injections, etc. Some of the pictures are password protected but at this writing most are available.
Pussy Pierce Gallery A series of high quality bloody pictures of a woman having her outer labia pierced with three very thick needles.
Newart Forums (link dead as of 01.01.10) A bulletin board for "pumpers" who use vacuum pumps on their penis and/or balls, clit and/or labia to make them huge and engorged. Lots of pics posted by members.
Body Modification by Blair (dead link as of 01.01.10) Lots of pics including genital piercings, big brandings (ouch!), and "pearlings" (insertion of pearls under the skin of the penis).
Cosmetic Surgery of the Female Genitalia Before and after pics of floppy beef curtains snipped off to create a more petite snatch.
Vaginoplasty Results (dead link) Curious about what a transsexual's surgery-created vulva looks like? Take a look. Some are pretty realistic, others are kind of weird-looking.
Pix of SRS in Phuket, Thailand Extremely explicit pictures of male-to-female sex change surgery in progress. Includes a picture of the penis in a metal tray and the caption "goodbye and good riddance."
Sex Change Pictures Bloody pictures of male-to-female sex change surgery in progress.
Pumper's Guide Tons of pictures of huge pumped-up cocks and balls, clits the size of small penises, puffy pussies, and lots of "how to" information and pumping gear for sale.
CPumper1's Site Lots of pictures of penis and ball pumping and saline infusion, nipple stretching and other gay fetish stuff.
Nasty Fetish Everything dark and nasty including Tattoos, Piercings, Menstruation, Bondage, Sexual Freaks, Scat, Watersports, and Animalistic Sex.
Flesh Hook Gallery A pretty girl hoisted into the air by six huge metal hooks pierced through the skin of her back. [dead link]
Dutchman Here's a guy who really likes to play with himself, particularly his balls, dick and ass. Lots of pictures of Dutchman with huge quantities of saline injected into his balls, fists and huge objects (road pylons) jammed into his asshole and basically turning it inside out, pencils in the urethra, etc.
Tongue Splitting Video A short mpeg video of a man having his tongue split down the middle, complete with lots of blood and grimacing.
Mischa Mischa's page includes pics of his genital piercings, cock and ball torture, urethral probes and -- ouch, ouch, ouch! -- meatotomy.
Spook Spook is an attractive young woman who has gotten her waist down to 14 inches using corsets. These pictures will freak you out.
Primal Urge Includes a gallery of genital, facial and body piercing. Check out the "golden butterfly" female genital piercing.
Infinite Body Piercing Includes good pictures of lots of piercings, including female and male genital piercings and a few extreme male genital mods.
Rituals Lots of good thumbnailed pictures of piercing, branding and scarification. The piercing pics are all in black and white.
Harness Piercing studio's site, with smallish photos of a lot of piercings including male and female genital piercings.
Piercing Pics (dead link) Non-thumbnailed piercing pics, mostly of male genital piercings. Check the "winner's" gallery, though -- it's all women. Guess we know who's doing the voting.
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