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Moving Blues
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Moving Blues
Time: 1:30am
MP3: BOC/Don't Fear the Reaper
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Moving blows. Spend a week boxing shit up just to throw it all in the back of the pick-up and move it across the fucking street. On the bright side at least when you move into an apartment you're guaranteed running water and electricity, but as far as a phone and cable goes I hope you enjoy sitting around diddling yourself, god knows I DID for the last 3 damn days. Thank god for endlessly throwing away money on DVDs.

Nothing ever goes right, I swear to fuck, the cable guy comes, hooks shit up and leaves without testing it, we call the fucker 10 minutes after he leaves to tell him the shit isn't working and it's "We'll come fix it on friday", bullshit, flip a fucking bitch, get back here, and fix my shit you ignorant assfuck.

The phone gets turned on two days late, then they tell us we can only make outgoing calls, we'll be able to take incoming calls within 24 hours. What. THE. Fuck? I know I don't pay you jerkoffs $120 a repeatedly fuck up everything. From now on I order my cable and phone seperately.

I HATE moving. When it comes time to make the big move from VA to TX in october I plan to die, simply put. At least I managed to get the bf to give up his huge gody antique POS of a TV, it was one of those old school ones that had the wood frame and the whopping 10 buttons on the front for the different chennals. All we used it for was a table to throw shit on in the play room anyway. I have no idea why he hung on to the damn thing, we have a big flatscreen in the living room. Whatever. Guys. Go figure. Thats an entirely different rant all together, don't let me get started on THAT shit =P


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Date: May Something
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"When she went for the whip fellas' a chill went down my spine, such an innocent face with such an evil mind"

My life is horribly uneventful lately and my trip to Leslie's got moved to next month. I found a new fix, after getting bored with World of Warcraft a good friend talked me into playing EQ2 with him, which is more or less more of the same, hours of mind numbing game play, just how I like it.

I am counting down the months until I get to move out of this hellhole (I hate Chesapeake with a burning passion), and to paradise. Not really, but Florida is as close as I am getting to it, unless they open a Game Art and Design program in hawaii.

Wishful thinking.

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