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Leslie's Drunken Rants
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Rednecks, Bible Thumpers and Retards, oh My!

I'm so sick of North Carolina. I hate the bible belt and I hate all of these damned racist redneck hicks. If you're offended by that because you're a bible thumper and/or prejudice hick, then I believe you're at the wrong site and you can eat my ass. There's no reason those people should be allowed to contribute to the gene pool. Low IQ = close-mindedness. I have yet to meet someone like that who can intelligently back up their beliefs.

As for the religious thing... in case you weren't already aware, I'm agnostic. I don't tell anyone they're wrong for their beliefs, and I expect the same in return. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and who am I to judge and say they're wrong... just because their beliefs differ from mine?

I can't fucking STAND people preaching to me. I have developed my own principles and morals based on personal experiences. As long as you treat others the way you'd like to be treated, I see nothing wrong with having your own individual beliefs.... just don't tell me your way is right, and mine is wrong. I'll have to hurt you.

I really miss having good girlfriends around. I miss relating well with someone, hanging out and and all of that. I've made some great friends in this place, but all the good ones have since moved to other states. They are smart enough to get the fuck out of this hickville HELL. The ones remaining are fucking bitches that I mostly can't even stand. It's so hard to find good girlfriends these days.

Chicks are generally catty and VERY competitive (especially attention whores, who always have to try and make their "friends" feel inferior to them). I really miss everyone down in my hometown in Florida. They have been in my life for MANY years, and I know I can always trust them... i just never get to see them anymore, much less on a daily/weekly basis. I would be SOOOOO much happier if I could just move back there.

Drunken Rant Blog

I've managed to consume an entire bottle Merlot (myself) over the last hour... and I'm a bit toasty.

I'm not in the best of moods- to say the least. Let me start this rant by saying... I have one dog, two cats. My "boyfriend" has fucking THREE dogs... all of which I take care of (meaning walking 4 dogs 3 times a day, cleaning out the litter, etc.). I suppose the "boyfriend" feels I'm obligated to do this as part of my daily household chores, since he works a shitload of hours.

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent... The other night, my dog was STILL having a major case of diarrhea. I, of course had to clean her and her mess up at fucking 3 in the morning. I wasn't very thrilled at the idea, but I had to do what I had to do.

So I'm bathing my dog, while the BF is in the other room (brushing his teeth or something). JUST after I get her all cleaned up, I left her in the bathtub to go and get a towel. I come back, and she had defecated ALLLLLLL over the fucking bathroom; and it appeared as though she rolled around in it! NOT what I wanted to see! I proceeded to clean the bathroom and her (again) up, but the smell and everything REALLY started getting to me... and next thing you know, I vomited.

Right there in the bathtub. With my dog in it. I'm still trying to clean her up, and now get my puke cleaned up... and I fucking throw up AGAIN. It was then that my so-called boyfriend walks in. He says, "What the hell is wrong with you?". Doesn't ask if I'm ok. Doesn't bother to offer his help. Just asks me that bullshit, then walks out and goes to bed.


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