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Leslie's Blog
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Rednecks, Bible Thumpers and Retards, oh My!

Several decent things are going on for me this month, so no complaints (thus far. *knock-on-wood*). I managed to pull off making straight A's this past quarter, so that brings me to a cumulative GPA of 3.9... which is pretty good for using as leverage to get into grad school, or even for job opportunities.

I don't think I've gotten straight A's since grade school! I had to call my parents, because I don't remember being able to tell them that since the 80's. heh. I never applied myself in high school, because I was so anxious to get out. I got my GED back in '91 (my Junior year), went to a vocational school for commercial design in '92, and haven't been back to school since (until now). I'm rather surprized I was able to pull it off after such along break!

I'm finally exceited about this profession. I love doing this shit! Being head waitress... or even just a waitress is good money, but I fucking HATED it. There's nothing more demeaning than having to smile and be nice to some asshole that's snapping his/her fingers at you and running you around like mad... for a measely 15-20% tip.

I noticed the tips here in fucking hickville-backwoods-motherfucker-land were significantly less in percentage than when I worked in South Florida... by ALOT! I'd average 30% tips in FL (on really high checks, as I worked @ an Italian resturaunt with an expensive menu and wine list), and averaged 18% here in Charlotte (at higher end sushi resturaunts). Just one more reason to hate it here.

Anyway, I'd better get some stuff done around the house, as LiLi is coming to visit (not this weeekend, but hopefully the next)! =D Yay!!

Oh yeah... for those of you I normally chat with on gmail's chat (Doc Weas, William, J.-slow-hand...), I didn't realize I had signed out of chat, and was wondering why noone was ever online anymore =P. I'm signed back in now!!!

I'm Baaaaaack!

I'm back from Illinois now, and had my first day back to school today. I ended up stuck at Chicago O'Hare for almost 5 fucking hours the other day... and the worse part of it was that I was trying not to vomit from motion sickness that entire time!

The landing was so horrible due to high winds, and I seriously thought I was gonna blow chunks all over the lady next to me on the puddle jumper. I think I really scared her when I busted out the vomit bag (for the firsdt time ever in my life). Didn't have to use it afterall though. I managed to make it to the airport bathroom. It snowed the firsdt day when I landed in Bloomington, so I was a happy camper (being from the south, rarely seeing snow and all).

Just wanted to post a quick update. I'll post pics later


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