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CPU Killer
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This week docweasel.com brings you some useful applications for hacking, cracking, etc. Some are borderline illegal if used incorrectly or improperly. docweasel.com assumes no responsibility for misuse of these apps.

CPU Killer

Very hazarous exe file. CPU killer over-burns CPU, effectively destroying all circuits using extreme CPU load, causing massive heat-gain, actually melting circuits and fusing motherboard components. Also deletes all files on all harddrives, reformats with corrupt operating system, rendering all harddrives forever useless. Lastly, corrupts all programs or music on any disks in all drives. Any inboard or outboard connected hardware (cd burners, printers, scanners, cameras, etc) will also be destroyed by massive overheating. There is danger of fire in some extreme cases. Malicious use of this application is considered illegal destruction of property and is only supplied here for study and development purposes. Any illegal use of this .exe file or resulting destruction of components is solely the responsibility of the user. By downloading this file you release docweasel.com from any liability whatsoever.
cpu_killer.zip (2mg)

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