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Natalie Reid :: Paris Hilton nude look a like
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Last week's feature: Melinda Teen
This week's feature babe: Natalie Reid, Paris Hilton naked look-a-like

Actually, what is the attraction about seeing someone who looks a little like Paris Hilton (you can see dozens of skanks adopting her persona at any rave club) posing in pretty tame nude shots where you can't even get a decent look at her vulva? Especially when a full-length video is readily available for free all over BitTorrent type sites, with extended vignettes of her sniz being porked up close, as well as an expert dick-sucking clinic being put on by the wealthy Hilton heiress herself? Hell if I know. Hell if I know why Paris didn't do a spread herself and make a few more mils, since her snootch is all over the 'net anyway. But people are going nuts for this stuff, so here it is. Far be it for docweasel.com to miss out on a Google-whoring bonanaza.

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