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Antonella Barba Nude, Topless and Bottomless (but no blow-job)
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Last week's feature: Blonde Cutie
Here are some of the much awaited American Idol idiot Antonella Barba nude, topless, bottomless, panty, drunk, etc. pix. She didn't get kicked off like the fugly fat black chick, but Barba is borderline hot so it makes sense (even though she can't sing). Hey, call it weightism, sexism, whatthefuckeverism. Its life baby. If you're fat (and probably if you are really ethnically black looking) you are going to be second rate behind skinny white girls. Welcome to amerikan teeveeland.

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This week's feature babe: Antonella Barba

American Idol hottie gives her love and trust freely and poses nude for the boyfriend, and as soon as she gets her 15 minutes, he gets busy and posts them all over the web. Ain't love grand?

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