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Fighting Islamofascism the docweasel way: with tits & ass (and hairy pussy)
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Last week's feature: Zoey Zane naked pics and videos
The painted or drawn nude female form has been a central focus of art for centuries, and for good reason. What better thing to paint than an attractive naked woman?

Even in the age of photography and digital imaging, a drawn or painted figure has a certain attraction all its own. Especially over digitally rendered porn, I mean wtf is that?

Does anyone really get off on those skin textured insect drone looking things with wasp-like thoraxes and what look like pendulous egg sacs hanging from their chests?

Or else eraser tipped cones that look as hard as a tin can and are about as sexy.

If you are talking painted big tit pr0n, I prefer Jarosław Kukowski, but John Currin claims to paint pussy and fucking as a way to protect our God given liberties and to poke his finger in the Ayatollahs' eyes:

Few things motivate, meanwhile, more than anger and that is what was stirred in Currin by the cartoon furore. He was infuriated first by the tirades of some Islamic clerics against the cartoon and was then doubly dismayed by what he considered the cowardly response of the West and its media.

"I found it incredibly dispiriting that The New York Times and Time magazine wouldn't publish the cartoon. After people had been killed over these things, they wouldn't show people what it was about. You could not find it anywhere." He goes on: "I am caught up in a lot in fear for Europe and fear for the West, that we will lose the war against Islam. And it is a war against Islam, I think."

At this point, I have to confess to losing Currin's thread a little. Are these paintings therefore some kind of repudiation of our political correctness? Or perhaps a celebration of our freedoms, now under threat, including the freedom to disseminate porn? Something like that, he says.

"Neither do I understand the connection, actually," Currin confesses, laughing slightly. "I was thinking of these as images of Europe. We have been hearing a lot of guilt about our warlike ways, how we don't have enough piety, the godless libertine West. I sort of imagined these as illustrations of that insecurity Ė the twilight of secular socialist democracy. It is important to me that I think of them as images of Europe."

Now, Currin admits, all this socio-political indignation he once felt has faded into the background, replaced most urgently by the need to make the paintings work and be beautiful. Meanwhile, if the reaction of some is that his turning to pornography now is silly, he won't mind.

"Often, I find myself attracted to ideas that are ill-advised and bad," he offers. "It's not because I want to shock people or show how open-minded I am, but for some reason stupidity is a theme for me in painting and I find it liberating... I don't know why, but I feel freer. But perhaps there is some need I have to redeem this silliness with something really solemn and sombre and beautiful."

Ok, so he doesn't seem super hard-core about it, or even very sincere, really, but hey, its better than bashing the US, as most artists do.

And you can't tell me anyone who paints an image like this isn't patriotic. Its like waving the flag.

Also; I'm glad he mixes them up, shaved and furry, its boring when they all look homogeneous.

via AOSHQ where Ace claims its the AOS lifestyle, but I've never seen a single tit posted there in my life.

They don't even like to link to pr0n, so any claims to advancing the cause of pussy pixels throughout the blogoverse is wild speculation and takes a leap of faith.

Not here.

Check our Pussy, pr0n, Tits and T&A categories for more. We live up our claims of depravity.

Also, there is some kind of fucked up controversy with artists slamming Currin because he uses "found pr0n" like this as models (and questioning the validity of his art).

So fucking what, I say? And as to the art value, these are the same critics who claim performance art where someone shits on an American flag is valid artistic expression, so screw that.

Its undeniable he is transforming the pix into his vision, and its well done, it has style and flair, and it has tits and ass, so this art critic approves.

(btw, I've never really been a tit man, I prefer nice legs and a cute, round butt. In the balloon tittied painting above, I find the light shear skirt laying against the girl on the right's thighs to be more attractive than the ginormous bazooms, personally.)

Here are some comparisons, what's the big deal? Using photos or models? Its not like he traced them.

Here's more from the Hairy Curves site. Sorry, we are a no pickle zone, so no penis must ever grace the docweaselblog (well, except for the one in the painting above, but paintings are different, no real penii are allowed), but there is penis at the link if you crave seeing it. We've never seen the attraction, ourselves, but then, we aren't gay:

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