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Amateur Teen Girls Posting Pornography on the Internet: The Red-Light District Of Cyberspace
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Teen girls are exploiting their own bodies on the net- and we have the evidence! -- click to embiggen

The Concerned Women of America are waging a losing battle over an pernicious and evil influence that most people, including you, are probably blissfully aware: there is a plethora of pr0n on the internets.

And not just professional porn, with airbrushed models with perky silicone boobs in oversaturated colors indulging in unlikely sexual poses with beefy, monstrously hung studs, but nubile, barely post-pubescent teens are incorrigibly posting their own perky little cupcake hooters and lightly fuzzed trim.

And these girls are not being coerced nor exploited. Far from it. From all indications, they are taking the photos themselves and posting them independent of any organized pr0n maven. This not only hurts society, it hurts people in the pr0n industry who are trying to make a buck!

Read on to hear how pron affects and demeans us all, with plenty of examples of the terrible poison that you probably didn't even know links at the end of and innocent looking URL everywhere you surf:

Pornography on the Internet: The Red-Light District Of Cyberspace

Easy Access
In the past, pornography users had to deal with negative backlash if others discovered their secrets. Being discovered as a porn addict or distributor was at least a potential inhibitor or intimidation factor. But, with the new wave of Internet pornography, this factor is removed. Abusers can now easily access and/or distribute pornography within the privacy of their homes.

As a result of this easy access, pornography use has exploded. According to a Newsweek article, 180,000-500,000 people access the "alt.sex" group of Usenet on a monthly basis. Owned by Playboy Magazine, the website receives approximately 4.7 million visits per week.7 There has never been a time in history when such massive distribution of pornographic material has been paralleled. And sadly, because of the nebulous quality of the Internet, currently very few safeguards or age-check procedures are in place to monitor its distribution.

Because of the Internet's international nature, it is incredibly difficult to regulate. Even legislation passed in the United States to screen pornography on the Internet has either been watered down or overruled by the courts. If effective legislation ever were passed, it probably would not inhibit or impact the international pornography industry.

More Graphic Than Ever Because it is easier than ever to hide pornographic addiction, "soft porn" is only a fraction of the pornography found on the web. "Hard core" pornography use is increasing greatly. Even the most vile sex acts are now transmitted via the web with considerable anonymity.

This new generation of pornography is more graphic than ever. With the technology of virtual reality, users can control sexual situations on their computer screens, undress images of women and use simulated sex toys on them. These advances further desensitize the user to harmful and violent situations.

In his book, The Soul in Cyberspace, Douglas Groothuis writes:

"This ease of access was sadly highlighted by the pseudonymous confessions of 'the Flogmaster' in Internet Underground. This man rejoiced in the opportunities cyberspace afforded him to engage in sadomasochistic fantasies: 'After years of guilty hiding I was now part of an anonymous society openly sharing interests and secrets that could not be expressed in any other forum.' Notice the strange wording he uses: 'anonymous society' that 'shares.' This poor soul is relieved that he can freely indulge his perverse desires without guilt; yet the only 'society' in which it can be done must be anonymous. Self-deception drops to new depths, thanks to the online 'community.'"

In her newspaper column, Arianna Huffington accurately observes that the plague of pornography on the Internet goes "far beyond indecency—and descends into barbarism."9 Indecent images on the Internet include depictions of child molestation, bestiality, sadomasochism and how to find sexual enjoyment in killing children.

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