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Cigareets are the curse of the whole human race, a manís just a monkey with one in his face
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Iím not saying cigs canít be sexy, held in the right hands. Obviously, an attractive chick smoking right away signals: this girl has an oral habit that must be fed. This is not a bad thing to be disdained or dismissed in any way. On the contrary, it should be cherished. At least in young, attractive girls. Older chicks who smoke tend to get stretch marks around their lips. Its absolutely true, and really disgusting.

But in everyday life, cigs are usually held by some asinine fuckhead who gets his cancer stink all over your clothes and hair, ruins the taste of food and is just generally obnoxious.

And since all the oppressive smoking laws, smokers have gotten more defiant and jerkfaced. Not that they arenít a little justified, with all the really self-righteous bullshit from the punks at TRUTH etc., but still, I donít smoke and never have, so I donít give a fuck about their whiny little problems.

I donít allow anyone to smoke at my place. Well, I donít allow anyone but members of the opposite sex to smoke there. I mean, just God Bless you for being here, you can do whatever you want, especially after, you know, how are you going to deny them a smoke? And I genuinely donít mind it in that case.

But speaking in general terms, I detest smoking when not involved in me getting laid.

Outside the Beltway links approvingly to a report on taking the risk out of tobacco:

Taking the Cancer Out of ĎCancer Sticksí

Wired Science reports that Phillip Morris is using both genetic engineering and conventional breeding techniques in an attempt to eliminate carcinogens from tobacco.

Scientists have genetically modified tobacco plants to knock-out a gene that helps turns nicotine into one of the carcinogens in cured tobacco.

The Philip Morris funded North Carolina State researchers say the work could lead to less cancer-causing chewing tobacco. In large scale field trials, they compared the levels of N-nitrosonornicotine, a chemical known as NNN, between GM tobacco plants and a control group. They found a six-fold decrease in NNN and a 50 percent overall drop in a whole class of nasty substances known as tobacco-specific nitrosamines.

Not oblivious to consumer opposition to many genetically modified crops, the researchers then created a line of tobacco plants missing the same gene theyíd previously knocked-out through conventional breeding techniques. They are currently trying to introduce that mutation into commercial tobacco lines, presumably avoiding a genetically modified organism label.

Right now theyíve basically only been successful in eliminating some carcinogens, but it would be pretty cool if they could get rid of it all.

No, it would not be cool. Smoking is still disgusting and dangerous. Are they going to make all cigs smokeless, so they donít burn down houses of idiots who smoke in bed and fall asleep? (Iím always careful to stay alert and vigilant to this danger if my bedmate is drowsily smoking in a blissful post-coital reverie, contemplating her many orgasms). The smell is disgusting to those of us who donít smoke. No other habit stinks up the general area like a cig smoker imposing himself on the public.

Plus, and this irked me when I was working construction and carrying one end of a truss while a smoker one-handed it on the other end, no other habit must be fed every 15 minutes and the holder of that habit so insistent on satisfying that irritating habit on a regular basis. I used to tell my crew ďfucking smoke on break, when normal people have a Coke and a snackĒ. The only good cigarette is no cigarette. Iím hoping weíre only a generation away from cigarettes being a thing of the past. And goverment better damn well wean themselves from the tax profits.

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