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Amateur Teen Cam Girls Objectifing Their Bodies By Posing Nude and Featuring Insertions
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Further photographic proof that teenage girls are posting naked photos of themselves and their friends on the internet — click images to embiggen Father seeks help: “Our daughter is very smart scholastically, but she did something very immature by posting nude photos of herself on the internet. However, it has made her very popular with the boys in her school, and she has a date almost every night. We worry about her though because almost once a week the car of her date seems to break down, run out of gas or get a flat tire and she doesn’t come home until the next morning, sometimes without her bra and panties. She’s also begun spending a lot of time in her room “camming”, whatever that is. Packages from Amazon and Victoria’s Secret, Fredrick’s of Hollywood and Rubber Creations, plus wire money transfers come for her almost every day. I’d really appreciate input on this one.”

Brenda says:

Why not deal with why she posted the nude photos? It seems she is feeling like she needs some love and attention and sending out the photos is a cry for help. It seems this is a self esteem issue and the parents need to recognize it before she gets into serious trouble. Love is always the answer.

We need to look at what’s happening inside the child.

Tara says:

Unfortunately today teenage girls are posting naked images of themselves all the time - or at least showing off their tits and pussies on thier personal MYSpace, etc. However this doesn’t discount that the child probably is looking for some kind of attention in an inappropriate way.

Jan says:

Teens will often adventure into risky behaviors, sometimes looking for attention, but also just enjoying the thrill of the risk, plus the sexual thrill of exposing your breasts and vagina and buttocks to anonymous strangers for cash and gifts. You might consider dealing directly with the issue of the behavior that brought the rift in the friendships.

Growing up is a process, just as learning to deal with mistakes and profit by them.

Nora says:

If she was my daughter I wouldn’t worry. You might consider getting her a higher resolution webcam so at least her pics are complimentary and don’t make her look bad, giving her a poor self-image.

Whatever the reason(s) your teenager posted nude pictures, she has to deal with it. Even though she is in 10th grade, she has to learn that Mom and Dad won’t always be there to bail her out. As a parent you should guide her and educate her about “proper” behaviors, but what she does is ultimately up to her. If she wants to pose naked on the internet or set up an amateur teen webcam, its her body and her choice.

Angela says:

God will help you know what course is best for you and your child. I would think that she is old enough to deal with the decision she has made, with you love and support of course. It is easy to cut your loses and run, to start over. Find out the who, what, where, how, and why of the whole thing first and go from there.

Maybe she needs to stick it out and continue camming and posting nude photos. Maybe she needed a fresh start and should consider posing for live sex pics or vids? My sister got into that and makes quite a bit of money, plus she enjoys the sex, especially the girl-on-girl. You will make the best decision you can and she will be stronger in the long run.

Carmen says:

I am a police officer, and a mother to a young daughter. I receive calls all the times from young 18-19 years old that want to do police reports because someone put their naked picture on the internet. It’s sad that as parents we have to talk to our children real young what’s out there (sex, drugs, boys trying to b.s them just to get them into bed, and then they would move on to the next girl to have sex with her, about the peer pressure of alcohol and sex, drugs), etc.

It’s so much that’s out there, and we have to protect our children. You might consider having your husband give her some private lessons in sex from someone who knows what they are doing so she doesn’t learn it on the street from some inexperienced teenager.

My husband sleeps with one of our daughters several times a week and we’ve never been happier. And I’ve already begun introducing our oldest into Sapphic pleasure.

Michelle says:

Well, I’m going to take a completely different approach to this problem that I haven’t seen yet. What really needs to be handled is the fact that you’re daughter is in 10th grade and there are nude pictures of her. A child in 10th grade is a minor, i.e. under the age of 18. I’m surprised the policewoman/mom didn’t bring this up.

Those pictures are child pornography. When I was that young it was illegal to take, pass around, and possess any pictures of any child, boy or girl under the age of 18. Has that law changed? You as her father need to find out who took her picture and how they got passed around. The authorities need to be involved in this. We adults are supposed to be protecting our kids from these ADULT issues.

It is highly inappropriate for a girl that age to be posing nude. This is not an issue of low self esteem, she has a high enough self esteem to consider her body ready for the whole world to see nude. Anyone who has in his/her possession a picture of your minor daughter is now consider by law a sex offender. So, the issue is not her self esteem, but the fact that she broke the law in posing and sending out her nude pictures. So should she be taken out of her private school? She should be in juvenile detention for breaking the law.

Allura says:

So I am a teen. and what she probably more a like needs is a summer away. When i was in the 10th grade I made some pretty big mistakes that caught up with fast socially- I slept with almost all the girls in the Glee Club, I had sex in the lockerroom after gym, I got involved with one of my gym teachers and she developed an obsession with me, I had a lot of emotional issues with girlfriends and jealousy and possessivenss. I had to get away and start over and now I have ONE steady girlfriend, we are both "out" gays and we are very happy and I no longer have oral sex with every girl I am attracted to.

A new environment to find her self in could be really good for her and you. changing schools is ulimately up to her. but no matter which school you go there is drama.

I don’t know what state you’re in but if you have something like a “running start” program like Washington which is where students in the 11th and 12th grade can attend college for credits toward their AA and HS grad, she might just need that. No drama in community colleges. Just an idea.

–just another lesbian teen.

Lindsey says:

Hi. I am a 15 year old girl that is going through some of the same things as your daughter. I didn’t have any pictures but i did lose all of my friends because I had sex with lots of different girls, I skipped school and went to girls' houses and had sex and smoked pot all day. I got drunk all the time and stayed all night or even entire weekends with older women I met online or at gay clubs I got into with a fake ID. I had sex in the restroom of gay bars. I let 4-5 different women go down on me or me on them in one night. I was pretty much a lesbian slut for ages 13-15.

I was very open about my sexuality and talked about having sex with other girls because I thought, hey, talking about having sex with attractive girls at achool and cheerleaders and really popular girls will make me popular.

Well, it didn't work. My friends didn't accept that I was a lesbian, number one, and some of the girls I had sex with were not comfortable coming out. So my friends just decided one day that I wasn’t worthy enough to be their friend. I moved school and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Your daughter made a mistake just like everyone. She doesn’t need to endure all of that crap at school everyday. That will lead to more anger and sadness about it all. Send her to a therapist because she is definitely feeling depressed about being abandoned by all of her friends, as was I. A fresh start is great and public school is great too! She will definitely make friends just because she is new and everyone wants to know the new girl.

The people commenting above may feel like they are saying whats best for your daughter but if she goes on for 2 more years having to face that terror everyday then she’ll be scarred forever.

hope this helped:)

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