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Florida Beach Bikini Girls Are the Best! #1
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Florida Beach Bunnies are undeniably the hottest in the world -- click to embiggen Florida amateur beach bunnies are the loveliest youíll find anywhere in the world.

Check out the photos below if you donít believe it.

You can click on any thumb to get a better look.

One of those beach bunnies, Rachel K, sent docweasel.com this wonderful story of her beach bunny vacation this, which ended this week.

Hereís part 1 of her experiences from the 4th of July weekend. Part 2 coming soon!

A Surprise at the Beach part 1 by rachel k

I had a wonderful 4th of July 2008 weekend on the beach at Ana Maria Island, near Bradenton, Florida. Here is the story, only slightly embellished for your enjoyment and mine!

I decided to take a trip to the beach with my sisters. It was a hot, sultry day 4th of July weekend. Nothing seemed to be able to cool me off.

I called my sisters to join me and they were both excited to go too. We arrived at the changing room and they left wickedly telling me to meet them down there. I was excited about laying in the sun fantasizing about all of those beautiful wet, tanned bodies all over the place.

Nothing turns me on like being in the water, no one being able to see what your hands are doing under the water. While I was getting changed, I must have been staring at this young girl quite lustfully without realizing it. She had to be maybe 17 or 18 years old, thick, shoulder length blonde hair, very small but curvy and she had the most beautiful thick lips that I just wanted to suck on.

She came over to me and planted one full on my lips! Right there in the changing room in front of everyone. I was slightly embarrassed and feared my sisters walking in on us.

I pulled back and asked her just what she thought she was doing. She told me that she saw me on the beach and thought that I was beautiful and she wanted to fuck my brains out.

This girl looks so sweet, shy, innocent. What the hell are these words coming out of her mouth? I was already soaking wet from the unexpected kiss she gave me. She could not keep her hands off of me and was begging me to touch her and please her. People were clearing out of the changing rooms so I decided to oblige.

I pushed her down on one of the benches so that she was straddling it. I straddled the bench as I stood above her and brought my lips gently to hers, I took her lower lip into my mouth and sucked and nibbled on it.

I gently tugged at her thick mane of hair which made her moan softly. At this point I didn't care about anyone walking in on us. I just wanted to please this sweet girl. I continued to kiss her and roam her mouth with my tongue as my fingers lazily worked their way around her upper body,

Frequently she would attempt to get my fingers to her pussy but I would not allow it. I wanted to memorize the curve of her sweet, nearly naked shoulder with my finger tips.

My lips left hers with much protest. She wanted them on her pussy already but it was going to take me some time to get there. I wanted her to be begging for my tongue eventually. I started to explore her shoulder with my lips and tongue.

She tasted so salty and sweet form her morning at the beach. I worked my way up to her ear and started tongue fucking her ear. She was so turned on by my tongue in her ears that she started to finger herself.

I allowed her to go at it for a few moment only because I wanted to suck the juices off of her fingers. Finally I yanked her hangs away from her pussy and she groaned loud and angrily. She needed release but I wouldn't allow it yet. I sat down and pulled her on top of my lap. She started grinding her pussy on my belly, I let her do this while I licked those yummy juices from her fingers,

I wanted to give her a little more tease so I turned her around and made her get on all fours with her sweet little ass up in my face. She thought I was going to finally get to her pussy. But I wanted a taste of that ass.

I took each buttock in my hand and kneaded it hard. I sucked on each one and kissed it all over. I could feel her tense up and I assured her that she would enjoy what was about to happen. I told her that if she was a good girl, she might be able to get a little taste of my pussy.

I let my tongue slide down her crack until it reached her anus. She gasped in surprise, still not expecting my tongue there. I gently penetrated her ass with my hot, wet tongue and started to fuck her good with it.

Eventually she was leaning into me trying to get it in further. I reached around and tweaked both of her nipples. Rubbing them roughly in between my fingers, They were so hard and and her tits were just the perfect little handful. I wanted my lips on those too, but I had more pressing matters for now.

As I was tonguing her ass hole I let my hands roam from her tits to her smooth, flat belly. He hot skin felt good to me. My fingers and my pussy was on fire. I needed to bury my fingers soon. But not quite yet. I grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her body closer. My face was buried deep in her ass.

I happened to look up and see my sister in the corner furiously fingering her pussy, My eyes smiled at her and I beckoned her over with my one finger. She sheepishly came over.

I pulled away form my sweetness and asked her what the hell she was doing. She grinned and sat in front of my girl and started making out with her. She then introduced me to Cara, They had both set this up. Little bitches.

So my sister pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and let Cara go to town. I reached up and kissed my sister on the lips while she pulled my tits from my tank top to fondle them.

Finally I went back to Cara's body while my sister was being eaten by her girlfriend. I decided to lay down and pull her pussy down on my tongue. She humped my face so hard I couldn't breathe but I loved each and every stroke of my tongue inside her juicy pussy.

I could feel her clit swelling. I placed my lips gently around it and sucked her until she exploded in my mouth and all over my face. Her cum was in my eyes, I couldn't see but I was lapping it up furiously.

At that time I reached my hands under Cara to get to my sisters tight little ass. I used Cara's cum to lube up my sissies ass and I shoved 2 fingers deep in. Not 10 seconds later she is screaming in pleasure as she cums all over Cara's face. I feel her tighten hard around my fingers. I just slowly massage her until she relaxes and finally needs to sit down.

At this point these two girls are exhausted from cumming so hard but after they rest a little out in the water they know that they will both be taking care of my pussy while I lay back and enjoy every second of it!

Now that I'm done writing this, I am off to pleasure myself because I am so wet and horny I could explode right now. Hope you enjoyed it!

Rachel K

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