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Florida Beach Bikini Girls Are the Best! #2
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Florida Beach Bunnies are undeniably the hottest in the world -- click to embiggen Florida amateur beach bunnies are the loveliest youíll find anywhere in the world.

Check out the photos below if you donít believe it.

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One of those beach bunnies, Rachel K, sent docweasel.com this wonderful story of her beach bunny vacation this, which ended this week.

Hereís part 2 of her experiences from the 4th of July weekend.

A Surprise at the Beach part 2 by rachel k

After all that hot pussy love, we made our way out of the changing rooms and found a sunny spot close to the water. There were so many people already there; it was hard to find a spot. I could feel the warmth between my legs again seeing all those gorgeous tanned bodies.

I especially love to see the girls with the thick legs with a big fat ass!

I canít seem to restrain my eyes. Dark sunglasses are good for hiding my desire. The girls wanted to jump in the water right away but I decided to relax on my belly and watch them for a little while.

They ran into the water and splashed around a bit but I knew what was going on. They acted like they were close and talking to one another but I could see the expression on my sisters face.

Her mouth was open and she kept arching her back.

They tried to discreetly snuck kisses but I didnít miss any of their exhibitions. I wasnít sure what was going on beneath the water I knew that she was enjoying it and I enjoyed watching.

My suit bottoms started to get sticky and moist. I tried to squeeze my legs together to get that familiar feeling. I wanted to feel that stickiness with my fingers.

Better yet, I wanted my sister and her girl to take turns licking me clean. The best way for me to get some pleasure was to sit up and put a towel over my lap.

With a little cover, I slid one hand under the towel and pulled my bottoms to the side. God they were so wet. I made very slow circles with my index finger slightly grazing around my clit, careful not to touch it directly. I need a slow tease.

With each slippery movement, and each look of pleasure from the girls, my pussy grew hotter and wetter. I was so close so many times but continued to hold back.

Just my luck, my sister and her girl began making their way out of the water. My sisterís bikini was white with pink stripes. In-between those stripes I could see her hard nipples and large, pink areolas, begging to be pinched and nibbled on.

The water had plastered her bikini bottoms to her body and the fabric of the suit was pushed tightly into her slit. It was as if I were looking at a bare cunt. I could see that crevice and my mouth began to water. I couldnít tell if this was intentional or not.

She was grinning at me when she realized where my gaze was directed. Maybe she was satisfied but I needed to get mine.

Once they toweled themselves dry, I offered to rub oil on their backs. I must start with my little sis, though. I need to touch that sweet little pus. I ordered her to lie down on the blanket.

I started out squatting in front of her offering her a whiff and a view of my hot cunt lips. She was on her belly and her arms where in front of her. I began dousing her arms and shoulders with oil, gently working in the oil as I continued to thrust my pussy close to her face, knowing it was making her squirm.

She reached one little finger inside my suit and slipped a finger in enough to get some of my sweet juices. She then put it in her mouth and sucked on her finger like it was a little cock, teasing me, making me wish it was my clit.

I proceeded to her back. The best position for me was to squat over her thighs on my knees. I pulled my suit to the side again and let my hot pussy touch the back of her thighs. I untied the back of her bikini top and once again poured more oil on her back.

I reached forward to get the top of her back and rubbed all the way down to her ass. While doing this, I was able to get nice friction on my clit. With each stroke of my hands on her back and my clit on her legs, I kept getting wetter. My clit continued to grow.

I reached around to rub the sides of her sweet little tits, wanting them in my mouth so bad. I was so close to cumming but I held off more. I wanted for her and me to come together. I slid my pussy further down her legs, focusing on humping just the back of her calf.

This way I could put lotion on the back of her legs. She spread those shapely legs so that I could have more access. I rubbed nice, slow circles from the backs of her knees up to her ass. I couldnít control myself; I slip my finger inside and started rubbing her tight little pucker.

I could feel her pushing against my finger, silently begging me to slide that finger inside. All the while, Iím still slowly, furiously humping her leg.

And if anyone notices, they are not doing anything about it. I gently push my thumb inside if her ass and my other fingers find their way to her warm wet pussy. I push my fingers around the outside real slow, occasionally sliding one in to get some juices, then teasing her clit. I pull back a bit and softly touch the outside of her pussy, still feeling the cum pulse out of her. I lick every drop of it from my fingers. Now I need to go take a dip in the cool water after all that!

Hope you liked my story! - Rachel K

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