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Girls Forced to strip and pose nude on webcams on the internet by cyber bullies
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Cyber bullies are pressuring young girls, sometimes , to pose naked on webcams, cell phone cams, digital cams etc, which are then transmitted to the www. -- click to embiggen

Cyberbullies Force Girls to Pose Naked on the Net
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Cyber bullies are a growing threat against teenage girls and boys.

Bullies are now moving from the schoollyard to cyberspace! Targeting girls at home, pressuring them into stripping and posing nude online.

So how does this happen and what can be done about it?

Fay Vishnu from Toronto University conducted this study about Online Bullying of Girls to Pose Nude on Web Cams and do Strip Shows and perform Sex Acts on Cam. Online bullying is getting out of control .

You ask, how can you force someone to strip naked online against their will? Well, its being done mostly by boyfriends. They are being pressured in different ways. What the young girls told is is that they might send it to one friend, not realizing it gets sent to someone else, then someone else, or posted on an online nude girls forum etc., then it gets out of control.

Young girls are also pressured by, if you don't flash your tits for me I'll tell some secret you told me, etc. We found other ways they bully online, spreading online rumors about the girl, getting mad at a friend and stealilng their password, then going on their accounts masquerading as them and causing trouble.

One of the things we found that unlike (or like) some forms of bullying, the victims rarely report the harassment or the fact that their naked photos are online, they are too embarrassed. They don't want their parent to know they took off their clothes or engaged in oral or penatrative sex; anal or vagina, usually with some sort of sex toy, like a dildo or vibrator, on web cam and that the photos are now spread worldwide, basically.

There is more pressure in our society today for young girls to tittlate. We have the case of Miss Nevada, kissing another girl on cam, showing her tits, then the naked pics of her boobs get spread far and wide and come back to haunt her.

It seems like young girls these days see this kind of behaviour and they think that's what they have to do to be attractive to boys, that its expected and normal to flash your breasts or vagina or to kiss another girl, suck her tits, feel each other up, all the silly things the Girls Gone Wild engage in.

I think there is a larger issue in terms of the pressure, but online bullying is a new problem that has come out of the technology age.

This could have long term negative effects on the girls. Psychologically and emotionally. In the past, many parents have felt "let the kids work it out, they have to learn to deal with bullies", but in this case we are dealing with crimes and abuse.

There is a sense in society that its not as bad as it is, but research shows us that it is a big problem. In the past, bullying was not caught on tape and transmitted to the world.

It can be on computer, on a cell phone, texting, etc. There are so many ways to abuse young girls, its just scary.

The best way to prevent cyber bullying and having your girl's nude photo's distributed on the internet is to monitor your child's internet use. Insist on having them use the internet in a common room with others, and not alone in their bedroom. Limit the hours a day your child can access the internet.

If they really love computer play, encourage them to play internal PC games, and buy them for your child. This will occupy them and give the satisfaction and entertainment without having to access the web, which is full of predators who prey on girls.

As with most problems with teenagers and tweens, being attentive, involved and knowing what your child is up to is the key to safe and fun play on the web.

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