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Young Dumb & Full of Cum
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Last week's feature: Girls Forced to strip and pose nude on webcams on the internet by Cyber Bullies
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Idiotís Delight

I didn't go to this link to humiliate these stupid kids. I was trying to find the joke Paul Reiser is telling at the end of the film Diner and this was one of pages that came up, God alone knows why, Google is inscrutable at times. Anyway, I glanced at the joke, its an old one with many variations, a favorite of stand-up comedians. Its funnier if you yell something more vulgar at your mother, like "You piece of shit" instead of 'rotton piece of garbage', but I guess this page is mostly for kids and they cleaned it up, but I'm just guessing, it could be a bunch of incredibly stupid adults.

Anyway, if you are bored read these comments, they are quite representative of the entire "Answers" section. Apparently a lot of them are just posting for the 2 pts. you get just for commenting. Someone has to win, and if I hadn't posted my disgusted contribution I guess one of these idiots would have won 10 pts. for being the least moronic.

Its entertaining to me, how stupid kids are today. At least, I hope they are kids. We have a pretty stupid population as a whole, although there are pockets of intelligensia, mostly among conservative bloggers. We've added some illustrations of dumb teenage girls to help you slog through the comments. Enjoy.

Do you like this joke? I was at a birthday party for my elderly mother. At the end of dinner, cake was served by waiters with white gloves. I was about to ask my mother how she liked the dessert, but I made a "faux pas"! I turned to my mother and screamed "You rotton piece of garbage, you ruined my life!!!!!!!!!"

Additional Details:
A faux pas is a blunder. It is a foreign expression used sometimes by people in USA

Member since: July 22, 2008

yea like seriously i don't get it. whats a faux pas?

OMG like i think i get it but idk. Like r u talking to the CAKE sayin u rotten.....u ruined my life? Like that is so funny LOL

Just Smile
Member since: December 04, 2007

i think that was the moment,after you screaming, that your mother start laughing because she already knows that for years
Saved by Grace
Member since: May 07, 2007
It sounds like you have Tourette's Syndrome, & ADHD! Have yourself committed before the bad joke police pick you up!

Me by Me
Member since: February 12, 2008
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Contributing In: Words & Wordplay

I know what a faux pas is, but I don't understand the joke.
[this is supposed to be a "Top Contributor" who is supposedly 'knowlegeable in Words and Wordplay'- Ed]

Member since: July 12, 2008

I don't really get the joke

Member since: April 07, 2008

i dont get it. sorry.
Member since: July 21, 2008
Member since: June 07, 2008
you should just go in the getto and rap

candy lver
Member since: July 25, 2008

this is soooo funney
Member since: July 15, 2008
Member since: April 26, 2008
i like it

jk i just need ten points

Member since: July 15, 2008
it makes no sense

Member since: February 23, 2008

It took a while to get it but once I did I thought it is funny
Member since: October 12, 2006
...i dont get it.
oreo cookie
Member since: June 05, 2007
i dont get it.
Aly is Pro Jonas_H8RS SUCK!
Member since: July 22, 2008
i dont get it.

big mac
Member since: July 05, 2008

wats a faux pas and i didnt get the joke it was stupid
Kim C
Member since: November 01, 2007
Member since: April 12, 2008

Member since:July 26, 2008

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Are you people retarded or humor impaired? The joke uses a time-worn trope, understatement, as a humor device. You can also use overstatement. In this case, the person says, they made a "faux pas", which is commonly a small mistake in etiquette, like using the wrong fork for salad. Instead, the "faux pas" is that she vents a very personal and inappropriate grievance in a very boorish and vulgar way to a close relative on a very special occasion, at a very high-class get-together (as noted by the waiters with white gloves).

Now for god's sake do you get it? Its like, I did a little boo-boo at my sister's wedding, I shot the groom in the head with a shotgun. That's an extreme case of the same type of humor.

Its a somewhat subtle form of wordplay, where you expect one thing (a true, trivial faux pas) and instead you get a big, inappropriate outburst that would, in reality, probably wreck the entire event.

Its also referred to as "meiosis". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meiosis_%28...

You don't necessarily have to know all the technical dissection of a joke to find it funny, these are tropes that have been around for centuries and this is a popular and common form of humor. I was at a loss as to why answer after answer was "I don't get it."

Have you never before heard a joke based on understatement?

Here's more if you still don't understand the type of humor (which seems to be why all of you are missing the humor in the joke, you don't even understand the TYPE of humor employed)


Asker's Rating: 5 out of 5
Asker's Comment: Try to be a little less critical but you are right and it is the best answer. thanks

[and here is the funniest one, after I posted that long-winded, scathing post, I hope they were making a joke and not just stupider than the above contributors)

Member since: June 27, 2008

i still dont get it could u give a little m ore detail
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