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Pavlovís Dog, Anthropomorphized
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Idiotís Delight

Itís back to girls, girls, girls, teen-age girls, amateur girls, etc. for docweaselblog, and out Moms couldnít be happier.

Why? Because there is nothing more lovely than the human body.

Everyone knows this.

So why do people make a big deal about naked amateur teens?

It is a political thing?

The shapely turn of a calf or the smooth roll of a naked hip. The round fullness and firm supplety of a nubile young girl's breast.

Who can deny loving the touch, the smell, the taste and mostly the look of these things.

And why wouldnít they? A young, completely legal and willing amateur teen exposing her titties is a gift from God himself.

So in these fading days of summer 2008, we take a moment to enjoy the most beautiful gift of nature, a young, amateur teen-age girl taking photos of herself, giving the greatest gift a lovely female can give, her own naughty bits.

In return, maybe some of you pay homage to this rite of Summer, and wank in adoration of these amateur goddesses.

While you're at it, wonít you all join our dwf forum while youíre at it? Plenty more amateur teen titties and butts there!

Please wipe your hands before typing. Other people might want to use that keyboard.

Happy young naked teen-age girls, exposing the gifts that make them so wonderful.

Thereís just nothing better. And, not only do they expose their amateur, teen charms, they do so willingly and unexploitedly, because they are photographing themselves!

And, since everyone seems obsessed with amateur naked teens, back to the teens. Some retarded PW commentator mentioned: ďpr0n on docweasel is really crappy photographs and blurry and the girls arenít made up and professional lookingĒ.

I guess Hustler air-brushed, fake titty models are the preference of the moron horde. These are girls taking photos of themselves with digital cams, phones, etc. thatís the fucking charm of them, pinhead.

These are sweet-faced amateurs, not underage but most under 20, some probably virgins doing the first naughty thing in their lives, baring it all for some online boyfriendís eyes only , and somehow they made it out to the world. We get a pretty sweet hit-count on these type posts, so 20 million Frenchmen canít be wrong. You donít find that more appealing and interesting than some jaded pron professional spreading her cooze for the 1000th time and jutting out her fake boobs with the drawn on nipples?

If you are still looking at Penthouse and Playboy models, you have a fetish for photoshopped 3-D computer models, because you see absolutely zero percent of actual, real skin, nipple or clit. Itís all a cartoon, numbnuts. Same with most any professional pr0n. You might as well be looking at a painting of a girl.

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