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Why do teenage girls post nude pictures and send them to their boyfriends?
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Why do teenage girls foolishly post their amateur nude photos on the internets? -- click to embiggen

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Why do teenage girls post nude pictures and send them to their boyfriends?
I am hearing about this more and more on the news. Teen kids taking cell phone photos of themselves nude, then sending them out to friends. What is up with it?

Yuck, I hate blanket statements like this. I'm a teenage girl and I don't take nude pictures to send to horny little boys so they can get off. But if you want to point a finger at anyone it should be that Hudgens girl off of High school Musical. I guess girls say..."Oh...she did it and didn't get in trouble [as in she still has her Disney job] I can too!" or they're boyfriends/boys they're flirting with are pressuring them.

Cool Dude
It's a consequence of the technology. The same as teen sex and pregnancy shot up with the invention of the automobile. It's harmless in itself and a safe, healthy outlet for teenage hormones and sexual curiosity in our Puritanical society. Among other benefits, consider that they're seeing pictures of real, average bodies, not the pumped up idealized bodies in commercial pornography. If there had been camera phones when I was a teen, my girlfriend and I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately, teens don't understand that they don't have any control over the distribution of the pictures once they're posted, or that cell phones and cameras get stolen or confiscated. Once the image enters the public domain, there's no way to get it back.

lol sup
i am a young teenage male, but i see nothing wrong with it, it just depends on the person and most of the time it's the person receiving the pictures i'm not trying to say "go send nude pics to anybody that wants them" but if you have a serious relationship, then why not. my girlfriend does not want me to masturbate to porn, as she is very jealous, not her fault, anyway she just sends me a nude pic or two every week or so. and don't blame vanessa hudgens or jonas brothers lol, most people are just pressured like you guys said. most kids that send nude pics don't even "look up to" these people, as they're in their teenage years and those stars are mostly 8-12 year olds look up to. and my answer; they do because they are pressured and want the attention mostly, and guys want them to, obviously, jack off too as guys masturbate to people they know but if they have an actual picture then they will have the closest thing to having sex with that person. hey imagination is better than getting pregnant ;) sorry for the long response. cheers!

It's mostly pressure. Pressure from a guy to send them to him and she doesn't, the girl usually feels guilty and sorry that she couldn't help. Pressure from friends to be daring, VERY open and more premiscuous than the rest of them. And just the thrill of doing it would be be enough. Some girls could be proud of their body, get a sudden whim and take a picture. It's a very common thing, it goes on even more than you see on the news. Some girls do get pressured to do this. ome don't. Most of them do though. It's all for attention; popularity among friends and boys; or the influence of pressure on them, either one way or another. I'm 15 years old too. I haven't done any of it, but I know girls who have.

good times ♥
Well Its starting yonger now because of Disney stars like Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens. They have a large fanbase of kids that look up to them, when they do things like that a good precentage of kids are gonna want to try that too. and boys that are "teen heart throbs" The jonas brothers are an example. If Joe Jonas said Breathing wasn't cool, He doesn't like a girl who breathes. about 85% of all the girls ages 9 - 15 would be dead. (Not say the any of the Jonas Brothers would say that kinda thing though.)

i know some of my friends who do it and i seriously dont know why i mean i guess its to get notice by more guys, and feel sexy or attractive and it usually works but all the guy is gonna do with it is send/show it to other guys... i have older brothers and they're always talking about what they saw on their friend's cell

i havent & would never do something like that! Im a teen & i myself think that is crazy..i believe girls do this type of thing to get attention...maybe they dont feel love at home or arent happy with themselves and so they get others to tell them what they think to make girls happy...

Intense Gamer
simply put, they want the attention to make themselves feel better. no other reason than that. they want to be noticed too. and well showing yourself off is a pretty easy way to do that

hahaha. one of my friends did that & the guy showed them to everyone at school. Luckily she did the same to him. I think it's pretty stupid that they do that though. It'll just end up being a bad situation in the end.

Olivia S
i'm not saying its right, but the pictures are meant for one person, and then crap happens and there all over the place. Kids don't realize what could happen.

it is human nature. grrls like to show themselves and they think it is phunn. It has been going on for a long time, even before the internet.

♥Mrs. Nick Jonas♥
its because they are looking up yo vanessa hugens and miley cyrus if teen stars were not boing that they would not so the jonas brothers are the big thing right now so lest say one of them said some thing was not cool anymore that is what goes

That Girl
It's all part of growing up. Young people make mistakes. Some do this and some don't. Some do this as act of love (or so they think) and some just think they are being rebellious.

Because some teenage girls are stupid and their parents give them too much freedom. Kids get to do a lot more these days than kids did when I was a teen, and that was not very long ago.

Jill D
Why do you think? It's because they want others to see their bodies and have a relationship possibly... you get the point.

cuz they there bfs my gf does it but we dont do it hardcore if we feel those fellins 4 eachother its bettren havin sex i cant ge her prenant

I RECYCLE, (my twin brother)
suprisingly i haven't heard about that.

They feel as if they're pretty, and want to show it off.

Abigail Niner
Bcoz they r sexy.

Mellisa K
cause girls nowadays are mostly sluts

Thats not wrong. Just you have to chose right person to do it

cuz they're mentals.

sarah m cause there sluts and they have nothing else better to do LOL

hannah S
okay only some people do that and i agree its wierd

‚ô•--Bills Personal Bichie--‚ô•
being conceited && peer pressure
all reasons girls do this
honestly its just weird && gross
thank god im not a SLUT!!! like some other girls.
id rather keep my body to myself

idk but I think it's really stupid! =]

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