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Naked Highschoolers
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Last week's feature: Teen Girls Taking Naked Cell Phone Photos Cause Stir in Highschool

High Schoolers Accused Of Sending Naked Pictures To Each Other

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 – updated: 5:44 pm EST January 13, 2009
GREENSBURG, Pa. — Three teenage girls who allegedly sent nude or semi-nude cell phone pictures of themselves, and three male classmates in a Greensburg Salem High School who received them, are charged with child pornography.

The teen-aged girls sent photos of themselves engaged in amateur lesbian sex. For most of them it was their first lesbian experience.


Naked Highschoolers
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Police said the girls are 14 or 15, and the boys charged with receiving the photos are 16 or 17. None are being identified because most criminal cases in Pennsylvania juvenile courts are not public.

“It was a self portrait taken of a juvenile female taking pictures of her body, nude, and also engaged in oral sex with other girls.” said Capt. George Seranko of the Greensburg Police Department.

The photos depict the girls kissing, or “making out” topless and naked. They also include photos of the teens giving each other cunninglingus, or “eating a teen girl’s pussy out”, in the popular slang. Many of the photos portray pig-tailed teens sucking each other’s clits, tonguing their wet pussies, licking ass and fingering pussy.

Police said school officials learned of the photos in October. That’s when a student was seen using a cell phone during school hours, which violates school rules. The phone was seized, and the photos were found on it, police said. When police investigated, other phones with more pictures were seized.

“Taking nude pictures of yourself, nothing good can come out of it,” said Seranko.

The photos also show girls using sex toys like dildos, buttplugs, vibrators and anal beads on each other. A few of the photos show mature lesbian teachers fucking young innocent virgin teen lesbians.

The Greensburg Salem School District issued a statement on Tuesday saying there was “no evidence of inappropriate activity on school grounds or during the school day other than the violation of the (school’s) electronic devices policy.”

The school district said it only became aware of the arrest of the students on Monday and will continue to work cooperatively with police, as well as continue to enforce its electronic devices policy and educate students on the dangers of inappropriate use of electronic devices.

Police said the girls are being charged with manufacturing, disseminating or possessing child pornography while the boys face charges of possession.

“It’s very dangerous,” said Seranko. “Once it’s on a cell phone, that cell phone can be put on the Internet where everyone in the world can get access to that juvenile picture. You don’t realize what you are doing until it’s already done.”

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