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Last week's feature: Naked Highschoolers

Great site called Posted Revenge where you post naked pix of your ex-girlfriend then tell the story of how she fucked you around.

Maybe it won’t heal the wound, but it will at least possibly afflict her with one.

Some of the stories and pix follow:


Naked Highschoolers
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The juicy story:
Simply found some evidence that she was cheating, like phone calls on her cell, SMS’s and just her not talking in general on the phone while I’m near.

So I decided I should confront her, and she said that she did cheat, simply because she got curious about being with other people from other races. Not that I’m a racist or anything, but I don’t share. I will share the pics we took in the bedroom though… check them out at…. (Webmaster – This is not a advertising website boet, but I like them!!)

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
She loves to play with her vibrator in the mornings when she wake up.

The juicy story:
Caught this girl after she said she needs to study. This has been going on for some time, and I decided to check it out. Her mom opened the door and said she went to the movies with some friends.
I phoned her, but her phone was switched off. Then I took a walk through town, and found the two at a local coffee shop kissing each other. I haven’t talked to her since, and I don’t care. I’m leaving for London anyway. People, be aware of this cheater in Stellenbosch!

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
She can cheat, that’s for sure!! But she’s still a virgin, so guys, dont wast your time, or pay her a lot!!

The juicy story:
Well, I went to Gauteng to visit my parents, and while I’m up in GP my phone rings like three in the morning. The caller ID states that it’s my girl phoning me, and I pick up.

Next thing I hear is her asking if “he’s got a condom”??… And this male voice replies yes. So I keep quiet and listen. From her telling this guy what to do to him telling her to suck and all sorts of instructions… halfway through the conversation I switched on my own phone’s recorder, and captured their whole session on my cellular phone.

I heard her scream and shout and just then she either had to have cancelled the call, or she ran out of airtime. The next morning I phoned her, and she told me that she was at home the whole night, watching some DVD’s. I didn’t say anything until I got back to East London.

When I confronted her and played her the recording, she just started crying, told me she was so so sorry, and packed her things. She begged me to take her back in the following weeks, but I don’t like knocking my head on that same spot again…

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
She shouts and screams so loud that she bites on the bed-sheets or her hand when she gets an orgasm…

The juicy story:
Simply found the two of them snogging in the bathroom at our apartment while we were all having a potjie one Saturday afternoon. They both said they are sorry and that it “just happened”.

Grant, your dick doesn’t just accidentally slip into her does it? Fuck you!!

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
She shaves… everywhere… even the nips…

The juicy story:
A colleague of mine simply got this email with some pics of this girl. On closer inspection I realized that it was my wife in the pictures. When I asked her about it, she simply said that she wants a divorce.

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
Hope you are happy!! Since i got everything!!

The juicy story:
Nothing much to tell… I work, she studies. So one day I decide I’ll work half-day, take off work early and treat my woman. Got to my flat, and my key wont unlock the door, cause it’s locked from the inside. I walk around the building, and knock on the back sliding door. As I’m doing that, I spot this half naked dude exiting via the front door of my flat through the sliding door!!! Bad!

Needless to say the confrontation started and my girl, well ex, admitted that she’s been seeing this dude for about 4 months. Then she tells me that she still loves me. As she is begging and pleading with me, and I’m blowing steam like a locomotive, the phone rings and it’s the dude, offering her a place to stay at his posse!! And the bitch accepts!! Needless to say, after a lot of beers and some good mates, I realized that I’m off better without her.

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
She sleeps nude and loves to pose for the camera in bed…

The juicy story:
People always recon that girls never cheat, and that it’s always the men in a relationship that falls around. Well, I found my girlfriend in a JHB club’s ladies- toilets with another guy. And the worst part…. She went home with him!! That after two and a half years of not only seeing each other, but also living together.

All I could do after I saw them making out was to walk to the bar, keeping an eye on the restroom’s door for when they come out. They must have slipped past me, and I had to find out from the bouncer that she left with this other dude… WITH MY CAR-KEYS STILL IN HER HANDBAG!!

By the time I got home all her clothing and personal stuff was gone, and my car-keys where on the table. At least she had the decency to leave it behind.

She loved to pose for the camera, and please post some of the pics I include. (Note from Webmaster: You had to be crazy to let this hunny go Boet… She’s Hot!! And by judging the pics, very open-minded as well… hell, we had to censor these pics over and over). These where taken one night before we had some fun in bed… I have plenty of these photos to go around, and maybe I should start to distribute them on her university campus. Hehehe

I doubt if I will ever find another girl like her, and although I miss her, I wont take her back. For now I will focus on my studies and maybe one day, find myself being interested in a girl again. Friendly warning to all the guys out there… Watch your girl like a hawk… they too cheat!!

Biggest secret he/she shared with you, or anything else you want to add?:
I have plenty of these pictures, watch the campus walls for more!!

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