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E/N sites, 5 years later
This week's update By: doc     visit DWF
Last week's feature: Power–Pussy Palin: the next Vice-President of the United States of America
Where have all the E/N sites gone?

Back in the 90's, before blogs, there were a plethora of sites that had funny images, satire, games, parody, reviews of movies and music, hacking stuff, warez, free progs and a lot of other stuff. They usually had a forum for their community.

They were, in fact, a lot like this site. But, E/N sites, websites about Everything and Nothing, have fallen out of favor. Some are still around, but since every fuck with an opinion is now blogging, and it takes next to no effort to set up a blog, and since most people are lazy fucks who want to just type their pissant opinion into a blog and not bother to code a unique, functional, interesting site and fill it with massive content and value -- has 20k+ pages of content, not including computer generated pages -- well, E/N sites are an endangered species. revisits some sites that we parodied since 2002. We did take-offs on the design and graphics and weaselized them. Some were cool about it, the assholes at the site we parodied as Weezly filed a DMCA on us: we just waited a week and put it back up, and it's been up every since. Dumbasses. Anyway, let's click the links and see who is still up.

Ain't It Cool :::: Ain't It Weasel
This is a big-time insider movie site, not really an E/N site. We wrote a couple things for them and had some contact years ago so we did their site. They still, surprisingly, have about the same design so our parody still works, although over time we smoothed out all the parody aspects, fake movie reviews and links and etc. so that we just have their design and the name as all that's left of the parody.

Missing Left Socks :::: Missing Doc Weasels
This site, a true E/N site, is now defunct. It looks like they just let the domain go and some scumbag link aggregator snatched it up, the worst way to go. A 404 is a better end than that. Now it's [UPDATE: now this link is dead as well]. There but by the grace of God. Looking at the Wayback Machine (now defunct), MLS had it's salad days in 2002-2003, then became pretty mercenary with a lot of selling of things, especially on EBay. The last incarnation that with the MLS design was 04.05.2005.

Garden of Bad Things :::: Garden of Bad Weasels
This used to be an E/N site, with original blog-type writing in a journal form and a lot of other content, but now it seems to be the showcase for an artist's dark and pretty lame photoshopped "art". Not an improvement. The guy has a fucking mohawk and looks to be in his 40's for Christ's sake. Well, at least it's still up, but the design is radically different, if it's even the same people, they junked the old framesets that were tres chic in the late 90's and have a big, ugly, slow loading graphic for their splash. Still better than framesets, which we retain in our parody version.

Ernie's House of Whip Ass, parodied as Doc's House of Weasel Ass, is still up, although they've redesigned slightly, mostly just the colors and graphics, the basic 3 column design is still there and the same menu items. Good to see another pure E/N site still up and with all it's archives. All that useless work, hopefully someone appreciates it. We know how you feel, Ernie.

Still up, still basically the same design, they junked the small flash logo/header and put in a static image, but the deep purple table treatments remain, so our parody is still valid, however, like the other designs, over the years we shed the little jokes on details of their site and simplified it to the point where the only parody is the name and the pirated design. They are more of a soft-core babe site than E/N but still up and open for business. We'll have to visit that when we get some spare time on our hands.

Crazy Fucked-Up Shit :::: Crazy Weaseled-Up Doc
This was a really cool site, with a lot of hacker and php forum design stuff in their very popular forum. I think that's part of what killed them, bandwidth. And killed they are, the name is still there as a header for a commercial link aggregator. The saddest possible end for an E/N site, once chock full of hundreds of pages of content, now lost to the cyber winds. According to the Wayback Machine they died between 10.13.06 and 10.25.06. If you want to see the design we ripped, you have to go back to 2003, but since the Wayback Machine doesn't seem to cache images the design is fucked. Our parody is very like how it looked CFUS looked in it's heyday. It also had a very popular Webmaster Forum.

Also, looking at one incarnation, they have an E/N FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions About the E/N Scene

Q: What does E/N stand for?
A: Everything/Nothing

Q: So what is the E/N scene all about?
A: Its a group of Websites that are made by people in their spare time, most are non profit.

Q: What content can I find on an E/N site?
A: Anything and everything, from funny pictures, adult content, interesting stories, daily blogs, to completely useless stuff.

Q: Do some of the Webmasters make money?
A: Yes! Some E/N Webmaster have turned their hobbies into their jobs. Some Webmasters who run the larger E/N Websites make tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Q: I'm a Webmaster, where do I go to chat to other E/N Webmasters?
A: The Forum maybe.

Q: Where can I find out about the latest E/N news?
A: Look this way --->

Q: How do I become a part of the E/N Scene? Do I have to pay?
A: The only thing you have to do to become a part of the E/N scene is to make a Website If you want to be a part of the E/N Scene, then that's up to you, no one decides but you.

Q: Why did you ditch your E/N News type front page, I enjoyed that?
A: CFUS is run by 2 people, and the Website & Forum became too time consuming, so one had to go, and as the Forum was doing so well there was only one choice. But the news isn't lost, we just post it in the forum, and plus we now have the "E/N News" section right here on the front page (see right)

Q: Who runs CFUS?
A: Myself Dazza, and Alan helps out every now and again with some amazing articles, which are even better than mine Gawd damn it :(

Q: How do I contact Dazza or Alan?
A: Either via the Forum, or Email Us.

Q: Are there anymore FAQ's?
A: No, I'm starting to get bored now... So I'm going to stop, OK mother?

Mental Ernie :::: Mental Weasel
Completely dead. No one even bothered to snap this puppy up. This was a true E/N site as well. Going to the Wayback Machine we find that the site was active from 09.25.02 and the last working update is 11.09.07, then UK Babes used it for a redirect until 02.05.08, now it appears abandoned.

Ogrish :::: Weaselish
Looks like Ogrish got bought out by LiveLeak, and they put mildly gross stuff on that ogr=1 page, but nothing like the terrors Ogrish used to feature.

Whatever Dude :::: Weaselever Doc
Still remains, still has basically same design we copped from them in around 2003. Still an E/N site, glad to say, with plenty of content and all their archives intact. The splashpage reads "Still Living".

Freak Farm :::: Weasel Farm
Bought out by T-shirt Hell way back in 02.07.2003 (click link for last look at their design, sans images), which is too bad, because it was a really cool design and big site, full of cool content, comics, humor, babes, all the E/N stuff. And T-shirt Hell needs a better splash. Chicks with big tits wearing their t-shirts, not some Ron Jeremy looking motherfucker with his finger in his mouth. Really disgusting. I wouldn't buy their t-shirts just because of that.

Forbidden Compounds :::: Forbidden Weasels
Still around, still an E/N site, still has the exact same design we stole. Still an E/N site with all it's back archives. Another survivor.

RedBrain :::: WeaselBrain
Still up, this guy is a friend of ours so we're glad to see he's still around. He writes a blog-like regular rant, as many of us did before blogs were thought of. All his archives and years of work is there, good for RedBrain. However, Last Site Update 09/8/05 07:39, so looks like it's no longer updates, but he still keeps it active. Maybe he'll return some day.

BadAssMoFo :::: BadAssWeezFo
Still around, but it's been redesigned, still E/N with a forum, a rant, babes and archives.

Portal of Evil :::: Portal of Weasel
Still around, still has a forum and all it's E/N goodness

Project Monkey :::: Project Weasel
Apparently this E/N site ran from 08.15.2000 until the end of 2002. It spent all of 2003 with a placeholder splash saying the proprietor would be back, but he never came back. Then, for all of 2004 the site was vacant. In 2005 he changed it up with an all white page with just the blurb "Catch You Later" with no links, last seen on 03.17.06, when it reverted to GoDaddy. Now it's a goddam link aggregator. [UPDATE: all the web.archive links are now broken, unfortunately.]

Web Shite :::: WeaselShite
Ran from Jan 2002 until July 2002 but you can't see any of it because he utized 3 layers of splash and Wayback didn't archive past the 2nd one, so tough luck. After his short run of 6 months (although he claims 18 months in the letter below, but Wayback shows a German site before that), he was shut down by the RIAA because of mp3 sharing:

The more observant of you may have noticed something slightly amiss with the site recently. Namely; it hasn't been here. Well thanks to the lovely people at the RIAA, someone have leant on various groups and had all my remotely hosted content shut down.

This is very fair, as last year the various recording companies made a collective profit of around 23 billion, which is around £700,000 down on previous years. This means certain rock stars have only been able to afford 12 bags of crack cocaine and 4 cheap whores, instead of the standard seven.

For those of you whose visit here regularly, I'm sorry that you've had you weekly collection of mp3's, roms, vids and incisive comment cruelly snatched away from you.

For those that are visiting here for the first time, you only have yourself to blame. This site has been up and running for 18 months, so where have you been? You've missed out on one of the coolest sites on the net, with unique download able content you couldn't find anywhere else on the net.

The decision to close down the site, is one that I did not take with good humor. I originally sent an e-mail to freeserve (my hosting company) and politely asked them what had happened.

X-From_: Jan 18 21:48:50 2003
Message-ID: <004701c2c3f3$b2d26f80$384a30d5@cats>
From: "Webmaster" <>
To: "Fuckhead" <>
Subject: What the fuck have you done?

Dear Sir / Madame
What the fuck have you done to my site?
Yours Sincerely
Webshite Webmeister.

I got no reply to this e-mail. It was then that a friend who works freeserve, intercepted this e-mail to head office. It confirmed my suspicions about what evil powers where at work.

X-From_: Jan 18 21:48:50 2003
Message-ID: <004701c2c3f3$b2d26f80$384a30d5@cats>
From: "The Management" <>
To: "The Boss of Freeserve" <The>
Subject: Thank You Very Much

Dear Mr Sell Out

I would like to thank you very much for your swift action in closing down the ''. It is thanks to this action that we can afford to give more heroin and crack cocaine to Brittany Spears.

However after speaking to our board members we believe that the matter is not yet closed. We have more concerns over the webmaster of this site, who goes under the alias of Mr P.Beeston. It has come to light not only was he illegally offering mp3's, roms, vids, books, and games on his site, but he is also guilty of the following:

- For one thing he's sarcastic.
- He's abrupt with friends.
- He wears the worst wig in the world.
- His jokes don't make any sense.
- He's always getting Kim Bassingers name wrong.
- There's always a funny smell coming from his room and he looks awful in tweed.
- He reeks of Mexican after shave.
- He doesn't understand how fractions work.
- He runs in the pool area.
- He dots his i's with little hearts.
- He's obsessed with the glamorous ladies of wrestling.
- He has been known to stereotype people of turkish ancestry.
- He buys cut-rate salad dressing.
- He takes takes his national parks for granted.
- It's mean the way he scares the paperboy with his blank pistol.
- Not to mention the way he cuts in line at the bakery.
- He can't pull of the safari look.
- He sometimes starts screaming 'Damn Monkeys' over and over again, for no apparent reason.
- He makes the interns lose to him during karate sparing lessons.
- He always hogs the remote control.
- And finally he always squeezes from the top of the toothbrush.

In short I'm sure you can see that this man is a danger to society and we would be most apperceive if you would begin legal proceedings against him. Hopefully these will result in him being stuffed in a barrel and pushed into the north sea.

If you need any help in this, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my evil minions.

We have tried to curse him via a goat sacrifice in the RIAA boardroom but have so far had no luck, so please do not try this as so far it has proved ineffective.

Yours Devilishly,

The Current ChairPerson of the RIAA

Wow, I knew the RIAA were mean, but that that takes the biscuit and besides I know for a fact that the interns always lose because I am just a better at karate, its a simple fact.

Anyway, since the site has been shut down, I have turned into a depressive wreck who drinks to much and curses at the moon. Friends are very concerned about my well being and I expect to be put on suicide watch any day now.

Hopefully I will pull though this and If you would like to send me a message to help keep my spirits up then you know the address, its

And don't worry the webshite will be back shortly. It may be resurrected in a identical form or may be given a complete facelift. It may even be turned into a commercial site selling make-up to bored Argentina housewife's (although this is unlikely)

Keep checking back for further information on when the shite will return.

Well, it never did, but at least he kept his sense of humor about it all.

Really Nice Jerk :::: Really Nice Weasel
Long defunct, we don't use the skin anymore either. Looks like it ran from 12.04.2000 (really funny design) until 08.08.03. Then, silence. Another E/N site, chock full of content, bites the dust.

We didn't like the design well enough to keep it in the rotation, same with the one for Ogrish, now defunct, bought up by LiveLink, and (Weaslish), CHUD (DWHUD), Stile Proj. (Weezile Project) and Something Awful (Something Weasel). Lastly, we also did Fugly (Weezly), but they are the fucks who DMCA'ed us so we don't link them.

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